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Customer Due Diligence /
Know your Customer
Protecting your
Enhance your CDD/KYC
obligations in a cost-effective
way from initial onboarding to
on-going due diligence.
The challenges
Key features
Financial institutions need to screen new
applicants and existing customers effectively
against restricted entities, negative lists and
high-risk parties to identify high-risk customers
in line with evolving industry regulations and
best practices. You also need to identify high-risk
customers to facilitate the enhanced due diligence
processes by continuously risk rating customers
and lifecycle management.
Customer information capture - with the flexibility
to handle a wide range of customer and data types
required in different jurisdictions.
Validation - conducting watch list checks and reviewing both internal and external information to
create a detailed view of the customer. It also supports flexible call-outs to external data and service
providers to obtain additional data points.
Risk rating - automatic compilation of a risk score
using an open and flexible model. This automatically evaluates the associated exposure using risk
characteristics such as customer type, geographic
profile or product usage.
Investigation - a range of investigative tools help
you to manage CDD/KYC cases more effectively,
including specific approval workflows for high-risk
customers and a manual override of the system
calculated risk.
Regulatory reporting - automatically filing pre-populated reports to regulators saving vital investigative time and effort.
Continuous monitoring - changes to customer data
trigger a re-evaluation of customer risk and highlight any deviation in customer risk profile.
As part of the regulatory requirements you need
to provide evidence of the processes and solutions
in place and meet evolving industry best practice
with respect to due diligence requirements.
Your systems need to store and retrieve all risk
rate calculations, decisions, acceptance process
and all user interventions.
The solution
Solution benefits
Our NetReveal® solution for CDD/KYC comes with a
range of predefined and editable processes, workflows
and investigative paths, resulting in a lowered total cost
of ownership.
Manages the overall customer risk exposure to
your organisation using the industry standard
risk-based approach.
Implements automated risk-scoring and the
periodic riskbased review process for your
organisation’s customer base, throughout the
customer life cycle.
Targets the investigation effort to highrisk cases and streamlines the subsequent
investigation and decision processes.
Auditable, repeatable processes with tailored
workflow and reporting functions to maintain
regulatory compliance.
Ease-of-use and lower total cost of ownership
due to the flexibility and adaptability of
the solution, enabling you to easily address
changing domestic and international
Sophisticated investigation and search
Highly scalable and adaptable, proven end-toend solution.
Flexibility to handle the wide range of
customer types for both the commercial and
retail banks.
Governance – supporting fully auditable
processes, policies and workflows enabling
managers and supervisors to control and
monitor the system and take corrective
Implementation of an enterprise-wide
consistent risk-based approach.
NetReveal offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution
for managing your CDD/KYC requirements – from
initial applicant onboarding to enhanced customer
due diligence. The solution is flexible and enables you
to add new countries or additional business units and
can be adapted to integrate with third-party tools. In
addition, the solution facilitates regulatory compliance
at a reduced cost and with minimal effort.
The CDD/KYC module can act as a standalone solution
or as part of the NetReveal suite of compliance
solutions, offering you the flexibility to address
other regulatory requirements, such as Anti-Money
Laundering (AML), establishing an Intended Use Profile
(IUP) for your customer(s), within your organisation
or enabling the automatic checking of applicants,
customer names and transactions against a range of
sanction and watch lists.
This solution goes beyond traditional case
management, as it enables your investigators to focus
on high-risk cases by preprocessing and automatically
triaging CDD/KYC alerts. This riskbased approach
highlights applicants or existing customers that are
deemed high-risk and require manual intervention for
acceptance or during relationship management, making
your investigative process more efficient and effective.
In addition, NetReveal can consolidate relevant
information from disparate systems, enabling your
analysts to make better decisions, while providing you
with a unique view into the entire investigation unit.
The result, better resource allocation.
Application information
On-going due diligence
• Enrichment
• ID validation and
Risk rating
Applicant accepted
/ customer
relationship continues
• Screening
Applicant not
accepted / customer
relationship terminated
Enhanced due diligence
Figure 1. The NetReveal solution for applicant due diligence
and on-going customer due diligence
Report to regulator
add to watch list
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