The Rufus City Council met for a Council Meeting, Wednesday, June

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City of Rufus
City Council Minutes
June 11, 2014
The Rufus City Council met for a Council Meeting, Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 7:00
PM, at the Rufus City Hall. The following were present Mayor Cliff Jett; Councilors
Sharon Nolan, Dan Pehlke, John Jensen and Scott Holliday. Jaclyn McCurdy-City
Administrator (CA), and Ron Jensen- Director of Public Works (DPW).
Visitors: Alan Van Gilder, Lola Sandberg, Dan and Carole Ruise, Linda and Hank
Brown, Michael Elli, Hazel Holiday, Sue Jensen, and Steve Simpson.
Public Input: Michael Elli stated a concerned about the old Smith property and what the
new owners are going to do with it. He has heard that the new owners would like to do a
dog breeding facility and Michael is concerned about the smell, flies and waste removal.
Mayor Jett suggested to Mr. Elli that he put his concerns in writing to City Council and
so it could be put on the agenda.
Minutes: There was a motion (Nolan/Pehlke) to approve the May 14ths minutes from
the regular city council meeting and the public hearing minutes. The motion was also for
the Budget Committee meeting minutes for May 12, 2014 and May 19th, 2014. Motion
Carried unanimously.
Financial Report: There was a motion (Nolan/Holliday) to accept the financial
statement as presented. Motion Carried Unanimously. It was suggested to put the
financial statement on a power point and project it onto the screen.
Auscrete Update/Clean-up of 504 W 1st Street: CA McCurdy stated that the auction
was held on May 27th and those present were Dan Pehlke, Andrew (from Tom
Peachey’s office) and herself. The City mad a bid to purchase everything that was left.
CA McCurdy stated that the locks have been changed and asked the Council if they
would like to take Auscrete to small claims court. CA McCurdy also stated that she has
made contact with Darrell Yarbrough to see what he would charge to clean up the
property. The City can add the clean-up costs to what is owed by Auscrete. The Council
would like to wait on a decision about small claims court until they find out what the
approximate cost will be for cleaning up the area.
Tyee Motel/Visitors Center: It was suggested that the City put together a informational
pamphlet on the City of Rufus and things to do in and around the City and offer this to
every business so all the businesses have the same information. It was discussed about
printing and design costs and it was suggested to talk to Jessica Metta with MCEDD to
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see what the costs of the County’s was. It was also suggested that we could provide a
county informational package for the businesses. Mayor Jett asked Councilor Pehlke if
he could talk with the other businesses and get some feedback from them on what they
would like to see in this informational pamphlet. Major Jett also asked for a letter to be
drafted to Marilyn Gregg and the Tyee.
Ordinances: The Peddler/Short-term ordinance and the Business registration
ordinance were tabled until after our lawyer looks them over and see’s if he provides
any recommendations.
Water and Sewer Rate Increase: Councilor Holliday suggested that we explain to the
public on why the water and sewer rates were having to be increased. CA McCurdy
explained that the Water and Sewer fund were not sustaining themselves and that the
City’s General Fund could no longer support the funds. It was also explained that due to
the increase in Power costs, testing costs and being required to have a reserve amount
of a payment for our loan. There was a motion (Holliday/Nolan) to increase water and
sewer rates to the rates that were proposed to the residents. Motion Carried
Special City Allotment Program: CA McCurdy stated she had received the application
of the 2015 Special City Allotment Program for $50,000 for street paving from ODOT.
She asked the Council if the roads that are still there top priority are Fowler street, West
2nd street and the intersection of Wallace and 2nd street. The Council agreed that Fowler
and West 2nd street are the ones we need to apply for. Major Jett asked that a meeting
be setup Gary Farnsworth and Brad DeHart from ODOT. CA McCurdy will schedule this
meeting. There was a motion (Nolan/Jensen) to pass a Resolution to apply for the
2015 Special City Allotment Program. Motion Carried Unanimously.
Resolution for working group: CA McCurdy stated that she had made contact with
Special Districts of Oregon and specifically George Dunkel about what the process
would be for the consolidation of the fire department with North Sherman Fire. George
stated the first step is for each group to pass a working group resolution. CA McCurdy
stated she was at North Sherman Fire’s meeting last night and they passed the
resolution and appointed Doug Southward and Rod Asher to the working group. CA
McCurdy stated the only concern’s North had was getting enough information out to the
public to make them understand why this is a good idea. There was a motion (Holliday
Pehlke) to adopt the working group Resolution. Motion Carried Unanimously. It was
then determined the Ron Jensen, John Jensen will serve on the working group and Cliff
Jett will be an alternate.
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Resolution 2014-15-06-11: There was motion (Nolan/Jensen) to adopt Resolution
2014-15-06-11 in the matter of adopting the Rufus City Budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal
year in the total sum of $926,577.00 and imposing taxes provided for in the adopted
budget at the rate of $2.8447 per $1,000.00 of assessed value for operations and that
these taxes are hereby imposed and categorized for tax year 2014-2015 upon the
assessed value of all taxable property within the City of Rufus as of July 1, 2014.
Motion Carried Unanimously.
Resolution 2014-15-06-11-01: There was a motion (Jensen/Nolan) to adopt
Resolution 2014-15-06-11-01 combining of funds. Motion Carried Unanimously.
Resolution 2013-14-06-11: There was a motion (Nolan/Jensen) to adopt Resolution
2013-14-06-11 to transfer of funds. Motion Carried Unanimously.
Employee Resignation: There was a motion (Holliday/Pehlke) to accept the
resignation of Jessica Hall as City Administrator Assistant. Motion Carried
A1 Tax Service Contract: There was a motion (Holliday/Nolan) to enter into an
agreement with A1 Tax Service for the service of payroll and all related services to
payroll for the fiscal year 2014-2015. Motion Carried Unanimously.
League of Oregon Cities: CA McCurdy suggested the council take home and look
over the priorities list and come back in July with their list and then the council can
decide which priorities they want to suggest to the league.
Elections: CA McCurdy stated that in the November 2014 general election the City will
be electing a Mayor and Council Positions #1 and #2. She stated if interested in filing for
a position come by the office and pick up the form, you can file until August 26th, 2014.
Welcome to Rufus Signs: CA McCurdy handed out some suggestions on City of
Rufus limit signs, since the City does not seem to have any but on the freeway. It was
suggested to send out some information in the next water bills and get the citizens input
on what they would like to see. CA McCurdy also stated we need to do some more
signage about RV’s coming down Second Street past the Community Center and into
Gorge Vista Subdivision. It was suggested to ask Ed’s RV Park and Gorge Vista what
they would like to see and then report back to July’s meeting.
Community Center Report: CA McCurdy stated that planning for the 4th of July is
moving forward. Linda Brown was asked if she still wanted to Sign the National Anthem
at the Parade and she stated she would. Received some local donations for the Sports
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Court and received a $2,500 grant from the Oregon Community Foundation. Will be
applying for more grants. Also it was suggested to setup a fund at CA
McCurdy also stated that after the 4th of July need to setup a work day to put the
basketball hoops up at the tennis court. CA McCurdy stated there is some maintenance
issues at the Community Center that need fixed before the 4th of July.
Public Works Director Report: DPW Jensen stated things are good. CA McCurdy
asked if need to order goat head bugs and DPW Jensen stated not this year. It was
suggested from the council to put it in the newsletter and see if any citizens would like to
order some. I was asked about the County road sign that has been removed and is now
laying on the ground. DPW Jensen stated he called the county but has not had a
response. It was asked that the City send a letter to the county about the sign needing
to be replaced. It was also asked the CA McCurdy investigate what the county court
decided to do about the improvements to Scott Canyon.
Fire Department: DPW Jensen there was a fire today in Biggs. There is also effect
immediately a burn ban for the whole county.
Mayor Report: Mayor Jett reported that the City is receiving a grant from the County to
do improvements to the Industrial Park.
DWP Jensen stated he would like to see Gorge Vista pave the part of second street
they tore up when putting in the subdivision, the manhole is going to have issues if it is
not pave soon and people still drive over it. It was suggested from the Council to send a
letter to Gorge Vista and have them come to either the July or August meeting to
discuss this.
There was a motion (Holliday/Pehlke) to go into executive session under ORS
192.660(2)(a) at 8:40 p.m. Motion Carried Unanimously.
Returned to regular meeting at 8:55 p.m.
There was a motion (Holliday/Jensen) to adjourn the meeting at 9:06 p.m.
Next regular Council Meeting is scheduled for either July 7th or July 15th, 2014 at 7
Cliff Jett, Mayor
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Jaclyn McCurdy, City Administrator

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