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Matters of Death: the
Religious views
AIM: To understand the religious
views on euthanasia.
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• The story of Job
• What do you think this story means?
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Meditate to avoid greed,
hatred and ignorance and
experience joy, love
and kindness
To see things as
they really are
Be aware of
what you do and
how it affects
Show kindness and
feel positive thoughts
towards others
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Decide to follow the
Eightfold Path by
being kind to others
Avoid telling lies,
spreading gossip,
saying hurtful
Have a job that
helps others rather
than harming
Be kind to others not to harm, steal or
be rude but speak
the truth and
respect your body.
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"The Dalai Lama boosted the spirits of supporters of legalised
euthanasia here Wednesday [Sep. 18, 2009], saying mercy killing was
permissable in certain exceptional circumstances under Buddhist
Asked his view on euthanasia, the Dalai Lama said Buddhists believed
every life was precious and none more so than human life, adding: 'I
think it's better to avoid it...
'But at the same time I think with abortion, (which) Buddhism considers
an act of killing... the Buddhist way is to judge the right and wrong or
the pros and cons'...
He cited the case of a person in a coma with no possibility of recovery
or a woman whose pregnancy threatened her life or that of the child or
both where the harm caused by not taking action might be greater.
'These are, I think from the Buddhist viewpoint, exceptional cases,' he
said. So it's best to be judged on a case by case basis."
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