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Improving the health and wellbeing of the people we serve is a key part of the global Cigna story. Our healthy life
strategy supports each of you to help you bring your best self to work, each and every day. And that means focusing
on the whole person — mind, body and soul.
Today, there are many options when it comes to taking care of yourself, but the first step is to get your annual
check-up and validated biometrics. Knowing your numbers gives you an accurate snapshot of your health, and
how you choose to take action on those numbers is what matters most. Living a healthy life is more than eating
well and exercising regularly — it’s a mindset. Cigna truly cares about your wellbeing so be on the lookout for
even more ways to take care of your mental wellness over the course of this year.
Before making your decisions, take some time to look ahead. Now is the time to consider where your story will take
you. Here are a few things to think about:
Having the right doctor is an important part of managing your health.
Find a doctor in your network at
Convenient options are available to fit you and your family. From
added piece of mind if you were to have a hospital stay to increased options for filling
maintenance medication at a participating retail pharmacy, you can choose what works
best, now more than ever.
Healthy actions lead to healthy rewards. Our benefit options have many
opportunities for you to earn up to $800 in Healthy Life incentives, and your
spouse/partner can earn up to $500 in Healthy Life incentives.
You’re committed to supporting our customers, and we’re committed to you. That support
continues all year long, with access to a wide selection of programs and tools to benefit the
whole you. If you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started with a health coach,
experts are available 24/7 at 888.992.4462. You can find everything you need to know at
In good health,
John Murabito | 888.992.4462
Your Benefit Choices
Enroll in your first 30 days if you want coverage. Click on the links and
icons throughout this guide for more information.
You have two options: an HMO
or a PPO. If you live in an area
where dental networks are
limited, you’ll also have the
option to choose Dental Select.
Each plan covers preventive
care. With Dental Care (DHMO)
and the dental PPO options,
you must use a DHMO or PPO
Advantage network provider
for these charges to be paid at
100 percent. Find out what’s
covered and watch a video.
Cigna offers a choice of three medical plans. All plans:
Use either the Open Access Plus or LocalPlus network. LocalPlus is a narrow network with lower payroll
contributions that is available only in certain areas. You will choose a network when you enroll in benefits. Find out if
LocalPlus is available in your area and watch a video to learn more.
Cover prescription drugs. Get the most out of the medical plan by filling your prescriptions in-network, using
generics when possible, and following plan requirements for home delivery and alternative medications through our
Step Therapy program. You can choose to fill your 90-day maintenance medications at a participating retail pharmacy
with Cigna 90 Now or with Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. Watch to learn more about our pharmacy benefits and learn
how our pharmacy plans work.
The Cigna Vision Plan covers
routine eye exams and
eyewear like eyeglasses and
contacts. Remember, you’ll
save more money when you
visit an in-network health
care professional. Watch a
video and learn more online.
You have two options for
saving money with Flexible
Spending Accounts (FSAs).
Should you enroll in one?
Note: You can elect coverage for your dependents up to age 26 for medical, dental and vision.
Find out what it costs.
Compare your options.
Watch the plan video.
See the rates for medical,
dental and vision plans.
Find out which plan is
right for you.
Learn about our accountbased plans.
Learn about the differences
between your plan options. | 888.992.4462
Your Benefit Choices
Here are some more benefits to keep in mind.
Disability Coverage — Cigna provides you with Short- and Long-Term Disability coverage at no extra cost. You can
consider adding additional Long-Term Disability during enrollment.
Additional Voluntary Benefits — Consider enrolling in Accidental Injury Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance or
Hospital Care Insurance for additional peace of mind.
Wellbeing is about more
than your physical health. It’s
about your overall wellbeing.
We offer programs and tools
to support all of you, like:
• The Commuter Transit &
Parking Program
cost to you. If you’re interested in additional coverage for you or a spouse/domestic partner, enroll in Group Universal Life
by following the instructions sent to your home.
• Auto and Home Insurance
• Identity Theft assistance
• Pet Insurance and more!
The Cigna 401(k) Plan — The Plan helps you save for retirement. Both you and Cigna contribute to your Plan
Learn more.
Life Insurance — Cigna provides you with Basic Life Insurance equal to one times your eligible earnings at no extra
account. You can decide how much to save and how your account is invested. Read the Plan Highlights brochure, which
contains general information about the Plan.
Learn the basics.
Explore your options.
Ask questions.
Get the perks.
Check out the definitions of
common terms.
Log on for all your benefit
Talk to a live person if you
have questions.
Call 888.992.4462.
Access exclusive discounts
at your favorite merchants. | 888.992.4462
Your Benefit Choices
Health and wellness go beyond picking your benefits — they mean
taking advantage of the programs and tools that matter most to you
and your family.
Take care of the whole you — Even if you are not covered by the Cigna Medical Plan, you have access to a dedicated
team of health specialists, including nurses, coaches, dietitians, clinicians and counselors. Partner with a health coach to
reach your personal health goals — from managing a chronic condition to identifying stress triggers to maintaining good
eating habits. Call 888.992.4462 24/7 to speak confidentially to a health expert and get free health coaching.
Get money in your paycheck for healthy choices — When you enroll in the Cigna Medical Plan, you can earn
up to $800 — and your covered spouse/domestic partner can earn up to $500 — for completing healthy activities like
knowing your numbers, going to the gym, participating in a lifestyle management program or synching your fitness
device. See all the ways you can earn incentives. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for an incentive,
call 888.992.4462. You and a coach will work together to find a wellness program with the same reward.
Cigna’s Employee Assistance
Program (EAP) is here to help —
and not just with behavioral
health. EAP professionals can
also provide consultations and
referrals for legal and financial
services and elder care.
Call 888.992.4462 (say “EAP”)
or visit the website (log in with
Cigna’s ID: cigna).
It pays to live tobacco-free — You’ll pay an extra $30 per pay period for medical coverage if you or a covered
dependent uses tobacco. The surcharge will increase to $60 per pay period in 2018. Completing Cigna’s QuitToday
program can help you avoid the surcharge. Get started today by calling 888.992.4462.
This guide provides brief descriptions of Cigna’s benefit programs. For more details, consult and applicable plan
documents. For the Cigna Medical Plan, you can access 2017 Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) on SBCs
are required under health care reform. They summarize important information in a standard format to help you compare across medical plan
coverage options. You can access a glossary of certain terms used in the SBCs at
896316 ©2016 | 888.992.4462

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