Roman Achievements

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Roman Achievements
1. Art
Roman sculptors adopted realistic style of Hellenistic works; also developed portraits on stone or coin that showed individual's character. 2. Architecture
Romans borrowed Greek ideas for building, but made it their own grander style; improved on the arch and dome and created building with large vaulted roofs supported by arches.
3. Engineering
Romans built a vast network of roads, some still in use today; built enormous aqueducts, used to carry fresh water into cities.
4. Literature
Strongly influenced by Greek writers; Virgil wrote Aeneid (a story of Rome's past); Ovid wrote about Greek and Roman gods.
5. History
Livy was famous historian who wrote about Rome's historic past in his History of Rome.
6. Law
Developed a civil law that applied to all citizens; also developed the law of nations which covered non­citizens living under Roman rule; many basic principles of Roman law are still in use today.

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