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Curriculum vitae
K. Gunnar Sturfelt
Major awards:
born 1944 05 02
Med. kand. (Bachelor of medicine)
Med. lic.
(Licentiate degree)
Med. dr. examen (Doctoral dissertation)
Thesis: Complement studies in SLE
(Associate professor)
(adj. Professor)
Anna-Greta Crafoord Prize for reumatological research 1988
Pharmacia-Upjohn Prize in Rheumatology (Swedish Society of
Rheumatology) 1996, 1997 och 1998.
Nanna Svartz award 2001
Membership of learned
American College of Rheumatology
Systemic Lupus International Collaborative Clinics (SLICC)
Current position:
Överläkare vid Reumatologiska kliniken, Universitetssjukhuset i
Lund.(Chief physician at Department of Rheumatology University
Hospital of Lund)
Professor (adj) vid Institutionen för rörelseorganens sjukdomar,
avdelningen för reumatologi (Professor, Department of
Rheumatology, University Hospital of Lund)
Research students:
(main supervisor)
Helgi Jonson: On systemic lupus erythematosus: with special
reference to epidemiology, lung function and complement
activation. Dissertation: 9 Nov 1989.
Cecilia Klint: Aspects on immune complex handling and
complement deficiency in relation to pathogenetic mechanisms in
systemic lupus erythematosus. Dissertation: 18 Sept 2000
Anders Bengtsson: On the etiology and pathogenesis of systemic
lupus erythematosus with special reference to environmental
factors. Dissertation: 19 Dec 2000.
Andreas Jönsen: Studies on neuropsychiatric manifestations and
genetic factors in systemic lupus erythematosus. Dissertation:11
Sept 2006.
Christina Ståhl-Hallengren (dissertation planned 2008)
Christine Bengtsson (dissertation planned 2008)
Post doc positions:
Mats Lindeskog , 2000
Anders Bengtsson, 2001 – ongoing
Andreas Jönsen 2006- ongoing
Opponent at doctoral thesises:
Dr Kristjan Steinsson, Rejkjavik, 1998. Thesis : Systemisk Lupus
Erythematosus - epidemiological, clinical and immunological
Dr Iva Gunnarsson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1999 Thesis:
SLE: Pathogenetic mechanisms in nephritis and sulphasalazineinduced lupus reactions.
Dr Estelle Trysberg, Göteborg University: Inflammation and
degeneration in neuropsychiatric SLE, 2004.
Invited speaker:
Seminar at Dept medicine at Stony Brook University, New York :
SLE in Sweden, 1989.
Chairman/invited speaker at II:a Internationella SLE konferensen i
Singapore 1989 and III:e International SLE konference, London
1992 (Complement in SLE)
Moderator SLE symposium Riksstämman 1995.
Lecturer at Reumatology on the move, Berlin, 1995.
Scand. Reumatolog kongressen i Rejkjavik 1996
Karolinska Institute, 1997: Estrogens and SLE.
Invited speaker , Riksstämman 1998: Komplement systemet en
kärnfråga vid SLE.
Riksstämman 1999 (sektionen Klinisk Immunologi): New aspects
on the complement system in SLE
Dept of Medicine, SUNY health Service center at Brooklyn, New
York, 2000: SLE in Sweden.
Svensk Internmedicinsk Förenings fortbildningsvecka, 4 – 8
september, 2000: SLE.
British Society of Rheumatology, Edinburgh, 2002: SLE –
cytokines in neuropsychiatric SLE.
Scand Congress of Rheumatology, Tromsö, 2002:Chairman, SLE
and autoantibodies.,
European Congress of Rheumatology, 2003 Chairman SLE
Scand Congress of Rheumatology, Gothenburg, 2004: The kidney
in SLE..
European Congress of SLE London, 2005: The complement
system in SLE.,
Scandinavian congress of Rheumatology, Finland, 2008.
Complement genetics and SLE
Referee of scientific journals
Arthritis Rheumatism, Rheumatology, Annals of Rheumatic
Diseases, Clin Exp Immunol, Scand J Rheumatology, J Internal
Medicine, Acta Pediatrica, J Rheumatology

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