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1) Plot your potato core data on the graph discussed earlier. Use a best line fit approach to show the trend of
the data. Based on the graph, discuss the molarity of the potato cells.
2) If a .1 molar solution is separated from a .8 molar solution by a selectively permeable membrane, discuss
in what direction will there be a net movement of water.
3) Plant fertilizer consists of numerous different solutes. A small dose of fertilizer can enhance plant growth,
but over fertilizing can kill the plant. Explain why over fertilization could kill a plant.
4) If one were to identify the most important compound for sustenance of life, it would probably be
a) NaCl
b) BaCl2
c) H2O
d) I2KI
5) Dialysis membrane is
a) Selectively permeable
b) Used in these experiments to simulate cellular membranes
c) Contains tiny pores to allow water movement
d) All of the above
6) A solvent is
a) The substance in which solutes are dissolved
b) A salt or sugar
c) One component of a cell membrane
d) Is none of the above
7) Cellular membranes
a) Consist of a phospholipid bilayer and embedded proteins
b) Control the movement of substances into and out of cells
c) Are selectively permeable
d) Are all of the above
8) An example of a solute would be
a) 1M sucrose
b) Water
c) 5% albunum
d) Both A and c
9) Diffusion
a) Is a process that requires cellular energy
b) Is the movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to one of lower
c) Occurs only across selectively permeable membranes
d) Is none of the above
10) Specifically, osmosis
a) Requires energy
b) Is the diffusion of water from one region to another
c) Is diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane
d) Is none of the above
11) When the cytoplasm of a plant cell is pressed against the cell wall, the cell is said to be
a) Turgid
b) Plasmolyzed
c) Hemolyzed
d) Crenate
12) If one solution contains .2 M NaCl and another contains 1 M, the 1 M solution is
a) Isotonic
b) Hypotonic
c) Hypertonic
d) Plasmolyzed with respect to the .2 M solution

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