The Mongol Empire Chapter 12 Section 3 Setting the Stage In theory

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Kublai Khan
Kublai Khan

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The Mongol Empire
Chapter 12 Section 3
Setting the Stage
1. In theory the Great Khan would rule the entire Mongol Empire, but what
happened after Kublai Khan took the title?
 The empire is divided into four areas
2. What areas did Kublai Khan control?
 Mongolia, Tibet, Korea and North China
Kublai Khan Becomes Emperor
3. What happened in 1279?
 The Mongols conquered China
Beginning a New Dynasty
4. What dynasty did Kublai Khan form?
 Yuan dynasty
5. What important things happened during this dynasty’s rule?
 Kublai Khan united China
 The door opened for more trade with foreign nations
6. How was Kublai different from his ancestors?
 He made a settled life rather than the nomadic life
 Abandoned Mongol land and went into China
 Moved the capital to modern Beijing
7. Where was the new capital located and why was this important?
 In what is now modern day Beijing
 It shows that he’s serious as a leader
 The capital is now in between China and Mongol territory and he brings it
Failure to Conquer Japan
8. Describe the attempts by Kublai to conquer Japan. Was he successful?
 No he’s not successful
 Second time weather wasn’t in his favor
 He built a giant fleet of ships
9. What was the Kamikaze?
 “divine wind” that saved the Japanese
 it’s the weather pattern that saved Japan from the Mongols
Mongol Rule in China
10. What was the issue Kublai had with governing China?
 The Mongol’s nomadic uncivilized lifestyle that won’t work in a civilized
 Too much land to be a nomadic ruler
The Mongols and the Chinese
11. Describe the relationship between the Mongols and the Chinese
 The were very different and kept their identities and culture separate
 Not a lot of blending or interaction
12. What positive contributions did Kublai make to China?
 Rebuilt the Grand Canal
 Expanded highways and roadways
 Welcomed traders
Foreign Trade
13. Explain why/how trade increased under Kublai Khan’s rule
 They protected traders
 It was the time of Mongol peace
14. What were some of the products being traded? Who were they trading with?
 Gunpowder, paper money, playing cards, silk and porcelain
 Europe, Muslims in India, Asia
Marco Polo at the Mongol Court
15. Who was Marco Polo?
 Italian explorer from Venice and trader who went into Asia
16. Describe Marco Polo’s relationship with Kublai Khan
 They worked together
 He did government missions for him
 He became part of the Mongol culture
17. What happened to Marco Polo?
 He was captured and sent to prison
 While in prison he talks about his experiences and what he saw in the
Mongol empire
The End of Mongol Rule
18. Describe the decline of Mongol Rule
 Military and rulers become weak
 Rebellions occur
 Spending too much money
 People were over taxed
Yuan Dynasty Overthrown
19. When did Kublai Khan die? What happened after his death?
 1294
 Family fought and the dynasty ends
20. What happened in 1368?
 It’s the end of the Mongol rule
 Lose control of China
 Chinese rebel under Mongol rule

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