Impact of Marketing Mix in the Product Distribution with Reference to

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Philip Kotler
Philip Kotler

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ISSN - 2250-1991
Volume : 2 | Issue : 4 | April 2013
Research Paper
Impact of Marketing Mix in the Product
Distribution with Reference to Maaza
* Mrs. M. Kowsalyadevi ** Renugadevi. S
* Department of Management, Hindusthan College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore
** Research Scholar, Hindusthan College of Arts & Science, 66, Mariamman
koil street, Peelamedu, Coimbatore-641004
In This Article Seven factors contributing marketing mix for maaza cool drinks are analysed with ample illustrations, 7Ps
of marketing mix are product, place, price, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence. The main purpose of this
evaluation is to measure the effectiveness of marketing mix in the maaza cool drinks and then to identify which factors induce
product distribution. The empirical analysis estimates the impact of marketing mix variables with maaza cool drinks. As a part
of this evaluation maaza recognized that it needs to concentrate in promotions to attain the next level.
Keywords : 7Ps, Product distribution, promotions.
Marketing mix is combination of several elements to marketing. These elements include what is commonly referred to as
“The four 4Ps”which are product, price, place and promotion.
When these elements combined it is possible to see the target audience .This is considered the result of carefully mixing
the other elements. A different mixture can be created. This
is used by business to formulate a marketing strategy for the
products or services that they offer. The “four Ps” are important during all stages of production. From early development
to final production, by adhering to a good marketing strategy
is used. A marketing mix is also used to cater the product to
the intended would be adjusted to focus on promotion while
comprising on other elements in the mix. Extended marketing
mixes have included three more elements to the existing mix
people, process and physical evidence have been added to
create a more depth in marketing mix, while others may prefer
to add additional elements the type business and business
their goals determine type of marketing mix and is complexity
that must be used.
1) To measure the effectiveness of marketing mix.
2) To identify which factors that induces product distribution.
Marketing mix effectiveness
It’s the quality of how marketers go to the market with the goal
of optimizing their spending to achieve good results for the
short term and long term. The term marketing effectives first
came to prominence in the year 1990.
Marketing effectiveness has four dimensions:
Each company operates with different bounds. These are determined by their size, budget and their ability to make organisational change.
Each company in a category operates with in similar framework as described below. In idle world marketers would have
perfect information on how they act as well as how their competitors act.
Understanding and taking advantage of how customers make
purchasing can help marketers improve their marketing effectiveness group of customers act in a similar ways leading
to the need to segment them. Based on how they value the
attributes of a product.
Exogenous factors:
There are many factors outside of our immediate control
that can impact the effectiveness of our marketing activities.
These can include the weather, interest rates, government
regulations and many others.
Product is anything that is made available for sale. Maaza
drink positioned as calcium fortified drink. Maaza concentrated all segments of people. But mostly preferred by teenagers.
Maaza concentrated diabetic patient’s low calcium and sugar
free. The packing is a silent salesman, bottle shape be more
attractive and colourful. Mini packs can serve a multipurpose
of being a drink as well as ice – lollies (for kids).
Pricing policy is the course of action or guiding philosophy
Volume : 2 | Issue : 4 | April 2013
ISSN - 2250-1991
that helps a business firm to make pricing decisions smoothly
and perfectly. The current prices of maaza are reasonable but
additional offerings should be made along with the product,
consumers of all ages are attracted by price. The current markets for mango drinks are becoming highly price sensitive and
extremely competitive.
Place in case of services determine where is the product going
to be located Philip kotler (2007) describes the place. Maaza
uses existing distribution network under its parent company
Cocola India pvt ltd. company identified variety of marketing
channel efficiencies for marketing activities and sets up an
optimal distribution mix for different wholesaler and retailer.
Promotions have become a critical factor in the marketing
mix. Promotion mix consists of the specific blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and
direct marketing tools that company uses to pursue it advertising and marketing objective. Maaza promotes as a health
drink in rural as well as in urban area. The advertisements
should be catchy and funny. Eventually maaza should obtain
more brand recognition. Additional offerings should be made
along with the Product (stickers, cookies).
People are other elements of service marketing mix. People
define a service. People mean human resource in the organi-
sation. It plays a significant role in behaving, quality control
and personal selling in the service sector (kotler)
Process denotes the way in which a particular course action
is carried out. Marketing should take care of all the procedure,
schedules, mechanisms, which are practiced when the drink
is necessary. The process followed forma part of the service
delivery system and the customers often do not differentiate
process and the product. The process in cool drinks include
a) Requirement planning
C) Mode of communication.
Physical evidence:
Physical evidence is that which can be easily associated the
product by the customer. As maaza product is highly tangible,
the quality, smart, comfort, and facilities may be related to the
experience in store. Physical evidence depends on comfort,
facilities, maaza most loved beverage brand in India. It provides the most authentic experience of rich, juicy anytime and
On the basis of this study we concluded that expect price of
drink have play a significant role. So price sensitivity for the
cost of cool drinks can be determined competitive factors for
the organization.
Principles of marketing – Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Prafulla Y.Agnihotri | | |

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