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Experienced JavaScript programmer
Source Defense created a SAAS solution to a problem website owners have
been struggling with for over 15 years; and we are the first ever real
solution there is for this problem. As expected market response to our
product is amazing, websites can't wait to start testing this platform.
We invite you to be part of the core team that brings this product from
Alpha status to GA and help us change the internet.
More details will be provided to applicants during the interview.
Job Description
Infrastructural, algorithms-rich, non-GUI, complex JavaScript programmer is needed.
The JavaScript is executed in browsers (not Node), and involves extensive usage of all
the JavaScript API.
Emphasis on performance (CPU, memory) and elegant writing.
Team-up to debug, extend, and maintain a medium-sized, modular, yet complex
Hunt in thick 3rd-party obfuscated unfamiliar code.
Conduct war-games with skilled hackers as either the defense or the offense.
Collaborate with other team members.
Skills and Qualifications
Strong understanding of the JavaScript language and API.
Strong understanding of HTML and CSS.
Nice to have
Experience with C++
Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work
around such issues
[email protected]

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