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Martin Luther
Martin Luther

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Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden

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AP European History Unit 2 Terms and Names
The Church in the Renaissance, pp. 370-373
John Wyclif
Pope Alexander VI
John Hus
What were the policies of the Renaissance popes? What impact did those policies have on
the Catholic Church?
Church and Religion on the Eve of the Reformation, pp. 379-380
What role did corruption in the Catholic Church play in bringing about the Protestant
Martin Luther and the Reformation in Germany, pp. 380-389
Martin Luther
Peasants’ War (German Peasants’ Revolt)
Justification by faith
Bible as sole authority
Johann Tetzel
Priesthood of all believers
Ninety-Five Theses
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
Johann Eck
Francis I of France
Leipzig Debate
Habsburg-Valois Wars
Diet of Worms
Schmalkaldic League
Edict of Worms
Schmalkaldic War
Peace of Augsburg
What were Martin Luther’s main disagreements with the Catholic Church?
What political, economic, and social conditions help explain why the movement he began
spread so quickly across Europe?
What changes took place in religious services and practice as a result of Luther’s ideas?
The Spread of the Protestant Reformation pp. 389-395
Ulrich Zwingli
Act of Supremacy
Thomas More
Edward VI of England
Henry VIII of England
Queen Mary of England
Catherine of Aragon
John Calvin
Anne Boleyn
Institutes of the Christian Religion
Thomas Cranmer
Thomas Cromwell
John Knox
Compare and contrast the teachings of the various Protestant teachings (Zwinglism,
Calvinism, Anabaptism) and understand how they differed with Roman Catholicism.
What impact did political, economic, and social conditions have on the development of
these reform movements?
How did the religious ideas of Calvinism impact the politics of places such as Geneva?
What role did Calvinism play in the regulation of morality?
Be familiar with the events that led to the Reformation in England and the changes that
occurred in the English church as a result. How did it differ from Luther’s movement?
The Social Impact of the Protestant Reformation, pp. 396-398
What impact did the Reformation have on women? Families? Society in general?
The Catholic Reformation (Counter Reformation) pp. 398-402
St. Teresa of Avila
Index of Forbidden Books
Jesuits (Society of Jesus)
Council of Trent
Ignatius of Loyola
In what ways did the Catholic Church attempt to reform itself and combat Protestantism in
the sixteenth century? How successful were they?
Politics and the Wars of Religion in the Sixteenth Century pp. 402-410
Philip II of Spain
William of Orange
Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
Queen Elizabeth I of England
Henry of Navarre
War of the Three Henries
Spanish Armada
Edict of Nantes
What role did religion play in the politics of the sixteenth century?
Be familiar with the causes and outcome of the French wars of religion, including the
development of religious pluralism.
Compare and contrast the methods of ruling and foreign policy practiced by Elizabeth I of
England and Philip II of Spain.
Social Crises, War, and Rebellions, pp. 447-454
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden
Thirty Years’ War
Treaty (Peace) of Westphalia
What were the causes for the witchcraft craze of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?
What helped bring it to an end?
What were the causes of the Thirty Years’ War?
What impact did the Thirty Years’ War have on Europe?
To what degree was there a “military revolution” in the 17th century? What were the
elements of this change?
Big Idea Questions
What connections can be seen between the ideas and ideals of the Renaissance and the
Protestant Reformation? How did Renaissance ideas affect the Catholic Church?
What were the political and social consequences of the Protestant Reformation in the first
half of the sixteenth century?
In what ways did political authorities influence the course of the Protestant Reformation?
How successful were their religious policies?
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