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2010 Second APA Council of Representatives Speech
Presented by Robert “Bob” Woody, PhD, ScD, JD
Marriott Hotel and Marina, San Diego, CA –August 10,
The evolution of psychology has reached a point when APA must
take immediate action to assure benefits for society and APA
The lessening of public priority for funding mental health services,
the impending national health care reforms, and the floundering
economy create a sense of urgency.
Fortunately, APA has crafted an astute strategic plan that can
achieve critical objectives. The strategic plan provides a priceless
roadmap to success.
First, I applaud the APA administration and governance, like our
Council of Representatives, for maximizing organizational
When it comes to finances, I too support authoritative, transparent,
and persuasive communications to the total membership. I will
solicit members' ideas about solutions for improved cost control
and increased revenues. I live by fiscal prudence.
Second, in order to assure quality care to ALL people,
psychology is needed in all aspects of our current and future
health care system.
Psychological research encompasses physical factors, which
means that psychology should be a mainstay in the education
and training of all health care providers.
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In health care, I advocate new roles for psychologists.
Certainly primary care, neuropsychology,
psychopharmacology, empirically-derived assessment, and
interdisciplinary interventions should be prominent.
To be specific, I propose that an effort be made to imprint
psychological consultation in every health-related issue; that
is, the knowledge derived from psychological research and
practice wisdom should inform every health care service.
Also, there must be no deference to or tolerance for quasi
professionalism, such as those who would like to rest on their
historical laurels or delude society with dubious credentials
or pseudo competency.
Third, it is not enough to applaud the scientist-practitioner
model—that has been done for over sixty years.
Now is the time for every psychologist to embrace science,
coupled with the wisdom that comes from practice and
As an independent practitioner and professor, I endorse
humanistic contributions to behavioral science, but do not
accept that psychology can achieve its ultimate professional
status without a wholehearted commitment to advancing and
relying on science.
The issue of diversity has been confronted, and any
opposition to accepting and serving ALL people is merely an
ignoble vestige of bias, prejudice, and discrimination.
On the home front, there continue to be numerous
underserved populations, be it in rural or urban areas.
Psychological knowledge and interventions should better
address the effects of natural disasters, trauma, chronic
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illnesses, infectious diseases, disabilities, hunger, poverty,
unemployment, terrorism, war, and crime.
Moreover, APA is poised to advance into education, training,
and research for global health care. Multicultural influences
impact U. S. public policies and laws. APA must bridge
The international psychology community must become
relevant and influential through collaborative activity in
research, education, and social/health service programs.
For every APA member, I will model leadership in
teamwork, open-mindedness, critical analysis, strategic
planning, and effective communication.
Relying on my interdisciplinary training and experience in
both the “ivory tower” and the “practice world” and high
energy and fortitude that do not waiver in the face of
adversity, as your APA President, I will pursue and
accomplish initiatives that promote science, scholarship,
ethics, and quality services for modern psychology.
I will appreciate your support.

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