Physics Exam Review Fall

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Physics Exam Review Fall 2013
1. Compare and contrast an electric motor with an electric generator;
Determine the total resistance in the above circuit
3. Determine the voltage and Current flowing through each resistor in the above circuit:
4. What would happen to each of the other resistors current if one of the 5 Ω resistors was
unplugged and the current stopped at that point. In other words if it were a light bulb and it was
What is the voltage across the 2Ω resistor?
6. A student connects six 5-ohm light bulbs in series to a 24-volt battery. What is the total circuit
7. An object is located 8 centimeters in front of a thin converging lens with a focal length of 4
centimeters. How far is the image located on the far side of the lens?
Describe the above Image
9. When looking in a pool of water an object appears to be in a different location than it actually is,
why is this true?
Label the following on the above diagram: angle of incident, angle of reflection, normal line,
reflected ray and incident ray
11. What determines the different colors of light?
12. What are the three primary colors of light?
Physics Exam Review Fall 2013
13. What happens when red and green light mix? Blue and Green? Red and blue? Red , blue and
green? ( use the terms learned in physics)
14. How does a filter work?
15. Why do we see lightning before we hear it?
16. Distinguish between longitudinal and Transverse waves:
17. What type of waves are sound? Light? Compare the speeds of both of these.
18. How do you determine wavelength?
19. If a 600N boy and a 450N boy are sitting on a seesaw, where must the fulcrum be if the seesaw is
4 meters long and they are balanced?
20. Why does the heavier boy have to sit closer to the fulcrum?
21. If an airplane is flying due north at 230 km/hr and the wind is blowing from the west at 45 km/hr,
What is the planes actual velocity and direction?
22. A piston, moving through a distance of 10 cm, pushes a box weighing 7.0 kg onto a
conveyor belt with a force of 30 N. How much work is done by the piston on the box?
23. If you pump 3000 kg of water to a height of 75m, How much work is done by the pump?
24. A soccer ball was launched horizontally with a velocity of 120 m/s, 5.86 m above the
ground. How long did it take the projectile to hit the ground?
25. A 76 kg student on roller skates stands at rest, the student throws a 35 kg medicine ball
with a velocity of 16 m/s, what is the students resulting velocity after he throws the ball?
(Assume that friction is negligible)
26. If you throw a 0.6 kg ball vertically in the air with a velocity of 30 m/s . How high above
the ground will the ball be after 3.3 seconds?
27. If an elephant and a ball are dropped from the same height, which one hits the ground
first? What if the ball is thrown horizontally?
28. How many Radians are there in 40 degrees?
29. At an appleid force of 670 N, a Large Box just begins to slide. Assuming a coefficient of friction
of 0.35, how nuch did the box weigh?
30. If a rubber stopper is swing around in a circle on a string, what is the direction of the
velocity? The acceleration? What about the force? What do we call this force?
31. Two planets each have an identical mass of 6.0 x 1021 kg and are 9.4 x 1030 km apart,
what is their gravitational force between them?
32. If Santa has a mass of 110 kg and is headed up the Macy’s Elevator at an acceleration of
3.1 m/s2, What is his weight? What is his mass?
33. If a bicycle is given a force of 300N, what is its mass if it accelerates at 4 m/s2?
34. An elephant is 400N and stands on a circus circle, what force does the circle exert on the
35. What happens to the motion of a spaceship if its engines fire for five seconds? Describe
the motion of the spaceship after you cut off the engine.
Physics Exam Review Fall 2013
Describe the motion of the above graph, when is it accelerating? Decelerating? When is there a
force acting on the object in the above graph?
38. What is the acceleration of a boat if it starts at 30 m/s and speeds up to 50m/s in 5 seconds?
39. What is constantly changing when a motorcycle maintains a constant speed around circle?
40. A student walks 60 m in 15 s. The Student stops for 20 s and then walks 110 m farther in
140 s. What is the average speed of the entire walk?
41. A car travels at a constant speed on a flat, circular track. Which factor, when doubled,
will decrease the centripetal force on the car? ( mass, weight, radius,velocity)
What is the acceleration of the car after 5 seconds? What is the velocity of the car after 8 seconds
if it started from rest? What if it had an initial velocity of 20 m/s?
43. An object is launched across a room. How can a student determine the average horizontal
velocity of the object using a meter stick and a calculator?

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