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Herbal Organic Concentrate
Pride product of Mindanao, Philippines
For Natural Organic Farming
HERBAL ORGANIC SPRAY has been formulated by chemist for easy use of farmers practicing organic
farming without using synthetic toxic chemicals that pose danger to man and environment. HOC, is
environment friendly, formulated for safe to use and not harmful to man and animals.
HOC (Herbal Organic Concentrate) is prepared from 100% herbal organic extracts and marine
products for Total Plant Care. It is use for Natural Organic and Biological Farming and
improves crop production. We have several formulations to meet specific requirements and need
of plants.
The solution contains the essential plant food nutrients both macro and micro elements.
HOC is basically a foliar and root fertilizer with added properties as pest repellent, insecticide
and fungicide with bio-enzyme. It is a foliar spray that can also be applied as drench on soil at
the base of plants and root zone. It helps control nematodes and other soil borne pests and
diseases. It generally gives health and vigor to the plant and makes it resistant or tolerant to
adverse environment conditions.
Another added feature of HOC is it also contains amino acid that enhances plant growth and
beneficial microorganism that helps enrich the soil and fight pests and diseases.
HOC - can replace many toxic poison chemicals used in conventional farming. It is environment friendly.
CROPS: Plants found to respond well with HOC are rice, corn, vegetables, banana, papaya, fruit
trees, mango, durian, orchids, ornamental flowering plants and seedlings.
DOSAGE: One half to One percent solution. Mix 1-2 tbsp HOC per gallon of clean water or 4-8
tbsp per 16 liters knapsack sprayer, or 1 liter per 200 liter dram. One liter is enough to cover one
hectare of rice, corn, vegetables and short row crops. For trees like mango and oranges, it will
depend on size of trees.
SPRAY FREQUENCY: Intervals of 3-7 days during critical stage of growth (flushing, flowering,
fruiting), 15-30 days for maintenance, vegetative growth and rejuvenation. Best to apply when
plants are young and during flowering and fruit and grain development. Spray late in the
afternoon and evening or during cloudy days to avoid intense heat of the sun that will dry HOC.
BEST SPRAYING: Shake well HOC before mixing with water. Adjust your spray nuzzle to fine
mist for leaves, flower and fruits and fine for trunk, branches and the soil surrounding the base or
root zone.. It is advisable to spray the soil, trunk, branches and foliage of the crop for total
coverage and maximum efficacy.
STORAGE AND HANDLING: HOC is an organic compound with live beneficial microorganism. It
is best to store it in clean, dry, dark and cool place away form exposure to heat and light. Keep
cap loose in storage and tighten in handling and transport. Keep away from reach of children.
Agriculture Products made in Mindanao, Philippines
HOC (Herbal Organic Concentrate) is an Organic Liquid
Fertilizer and Plant Booster for Total Plant Care. Plant food
that comes from plants and marine product extracts 100%
Analysis of HOC-4n1 (Herbal Organic Concentrate)
Total Nitrogen (N)
Total Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O)
Total Magnesium (Mg)
Total Calcium (Ca)
Copper (Cu) ppm
Zinc (Zn) ppm.
15 ppm
Iron (Fe) ppm.
69 ppm
Manganese (Mn) ppm.
Date Finished:
May 30, 2008
Laboratory No.
Sp A 103490
Analysed by:
Dr. Edilberta A del Mundo PhD
Noted by:
Dominador C. Diza Reg. Chief
Analysis conducted at the SOILS LABORATORY,
DA-RFU-12, Bangoy St., Davao City.
Active Ingredients.
Extracts from organic ingredients of herbs, palms and
marine products. It also contains BMO (Beneficial Micro
HOC increases yields, promotes healthy rapid growth and
robustness of plants, fruits, trees, vegetables, flowers, lawn
grasses, shrubs, and commercial crops.
How to use HOC:
Dosage 1:100 to 1:200. Apply every 3 - 7 – 15 - 30 days
interval as a foliar spray and drench thru the root system.
Easy to apply, handle and use
It is user and environmentally friendly.
Guide on application:
Applying HOC on tree leaves, branches and roots would
allow systemic uptake of both plant food nutrients and bioenzyme to the whole tree. Be sure that there is sufficient
amount of solution being drenched onto the plant and soil to
reach the root zone of the tree especially the root hairs.
Since the 'waxy cuticle layer' underside of leaves is thinner
than their topside, they tend to be attacked by spider mites,
aphids and numerous other insect pests. Hence, HOC should
also be sprayed on the underside of leaves where insect
pests pose as a significant problem. Adding sticker and
spreader or plain organic soap like PERLA coco-oil base will
enhance its efficacy.
We also recommend applying HOC in the late afternoon or
during cloudy days to give more time for the plants to
absorb the solution through the night, and give the BMO
enough space and time to set in the environment (Plant and
soil) and multiply. Adding 1 tbsp. sugar or molasses per
gallon of the spray solution will provide food for the BMO for
faster multiplication.
Plants or Crop
Dilution Application and Frequency
Leafy vegetables such as
peachy, cabbage, kangkong, lettuce, alogbate,
1:300 to Spray leaves and soil every 5-7
days or weekly during late
afternoon and early evening to
avoid the intense hot sun rays.
Grains and beans like Rice 1:100 to Spray rice (paddy) field from
(paddy or upland) culture 1:200
base, stem and leaves at 15, 30,
Corn, Sorghum and Beans
60 DAP, booting and grain
Root crops, like carrot,
ginger, garlic, onion,
potato, peanuts, etc.
1:100 or Spray fruit, soil, stem and leaves
every (7-15) days intervals.
Grapes, honeydew,
pepper, strawberries,
tomatoes, eggplant, etc.
1:100 or Spray fruit, stem, branches, soil
and leaves every (7-15) days
Oil palm, etc.
Spray leaves, trunk and soil every
(15-30) days intervals.
Grass turf and lawns
Spray soil every 15-30 days
Mango, Fruit trees
For young trees spray whole plant
and drench soil every 15-30 days.
For big bearing trees rejuvenation
period spray every 30 days.
For flowering to fruit formation
spray as often as 3-7-10 days
interval as the case may be.
Schedule of HOC Spraying
(Shake well HOC before mixing with water)
1. Seedling stage in seedbed
2. 15-30-60 days after planting or
3. During booting (flowering) stage
4. During grain formation period.
1. Soak seeds in HOC (1% solution)
2. 15-30 days after planting
3. During tussling (flowering) stage
4. During grain formation period.
1. 5-7 days after planting
2. Weekly spray during growth,
flowering and fruit development.
3. Drench the soil once a month.
1. Spray at 7-15 days interval
2. Drench whole plant and soil after
pruning and every 30 days.
1. Spray at 15 days after planting
2. 15-30 days interval for maintenance
3. During flowering and fruit dev.
4. Drench trunk and soil every 60 days
1. Spray 15 days after planting
2. 15-30 days interval for maintenance
3. Flower bud injection
4. Drench stem and soil every 60 days
1. Spray 15 days after planting
2. 15-30 days interval for maintenance
3. During flowering and fruit dev.
4. Drench stem and soil every 60 days
1. Spray at 15 days after planting
2. 30 days interval.for maintenance
3. During Flower induction
4. Spray at 7-14-20-DAFI - Flowering
5. 40-60-90 DAFI.- Fruit development
1. Spray once a week
2. Drench plant and soil once a month. PAPAYA
1. At seedling stage
2. 15-30 days interval during growth
and fruiting period.
1. Spray at 15-30 days interval
3. Drench stem and soil every 60 days
2. Drench soil every 60 days.
1. Spray at seedling stage
2. 15 days after planting
1. Spray 15 -30 days interval during
3. 30 days interval at maintenance period
maintenance (vegetative growth).
4. During Flowering and fruit dev.
2. During flowering and fruit dev.
5. Drench trees and soil every 60 days
3. Drench plant and soil every 60 days
More info on HOC:
The HOC Formulations comprise a unique range of leading
edge organic liquid fertilizers. Formulated from natural
botanical extracts, HOC can enhance the health, growth and
yields of plants, trees and vegetables. It can even help
reduce or control some pests and diseases and keep your
plants healthy, vigorous and tolerant to adverse climate and
environmental conditions.
Our HOC will compliment the Organic fertilizer and Farm
compost in augmenting the nutrient requirements of your
plants. It will help replenish the lost nutrient from the soil as
a result of extracted harvest from the field.
HOC shows anti-pathogenic properties such as antifungal,
antecedent, etc. although it contains BMO (Beneficial
microorganisms) – Pro Biotic and Bio-enzyme. The right
applications reduce the vulnerability of plants to damage
from fungal disease, insect and other pests. This
phenomenon, witnessed to a small extent in chemical
fertilizers, is greatly enhanced by the organic components of
HOC. It will restrict the growth of harmful fungi without
killing the organism, thus boosting the host plant's ability to
deploy its own natural defenses to contain and eliminate the
spread of the disease. In addition, the anti-feed ant
properties in HOC, when applied on the affected plant, will
suppress the appetite of gustatory larvae and adult pests
when they eat the plants. This will result in the death of
these pests due to starvation. (Indirectly acts as insecticide)
HOC acts in a nonspecific way against the pests, thus
reduces the possibility of these pests developing pathogenic
resistance. In this way HOC can extend the shelf life of the
produce from harvest to the market stalls and consumers
homes. This is especially beneficial for high-value soft berry
fruits to minimize loss of income due to post-harvest rot
HOC has positive effects on plant vitality by promoting
vegetative growth and robustness, increases fruit yields and
shortens growth cycle. This is due in part to the presence of
residual lipid-soluble extracts in HOC that stimulate the
intake of micronutrients from the fertilizer and the soil. In
some instances, there is even evidence of a shortening in
growth cycle. This results in a more robust plant, one that is
more tolerant to changes in the environment.
Environmental Impact:
- Biodegradable. Decomposes and enrich the soil.
- Non-toxic and improve bio-diversity.
Many Synthetic Chemicals give rise to non-biodegradable
residues that accumulate to contaminate soils and groundwater. Excessive concentrations of these toxic synthetic
compounds in the long run will build up and present a
severe and deleterious impact on the ecosystem. This
results in a drastic decrease in crop productivity of the land
and even result to crop damage.
HOC is completely and efficiently biodegradable, its
environmental impact is negligible and hence, more
predictable. Being non-toxic in nature, leaching of HOC from
soils into water catchments basins and the water table is not
harmful. Unlike chemical fertilizers, HOC in runoff water
does not encourage the proliferation of algae.
Other Properties of HOC:
- Safety to applicators and spray-men with diligent care.
- Ease to use and handle.
- Can be integrated in Natural Farming System.
HOC is miscible with water in all proportions, and are easy
to apply: as a surface foliar spray, as well as drench thru the
plant root system. It is simple to integrate into existing and
prevailing cultural practices. HOC is one of our organic
products that offer the most economical solution to
sustaining and increasing crop yields. The increase in
quantity and quality of harvest increases farm income.
Try using HOC. The product will show its performance. Your
plants do not tell a lie. Remember your objective is better
crop quality and productivity at lower production cost. Will
HOC Help? Try it and see for yourself.
For more information, contact:
Address: 30 Laspu Lapu St., General Santos City
[email protected]
Tel. No. 083-301-0117
For plants growth & protection:
Fruits, grains, vegetables, Flowers, garden
plants, ornamentals and plantation crops.
Herbal Organic Concentrate
For Natural Farming
Foliar / soil fertilizer
Pest repellant
Insecticide &
One product for all – (Total Plant Care).
Total Nitrogen(N)
Total Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O)
Total Magnesium (Mg)
Total Calcium (Ca)
Copper (Cu) ppm
Zinc (Zn) ppm
Iron (Fe) ppm
Manganese (Mn) ppm
Shake well before using.
1-2 tbsp per gallon, or 4-6 tbsp per 16 liters
spray tank, 500 ml per 100 liters water,
1liter per 200 liter dram.
Apply every 3-5-7 days during critical
stages of growth (flushing, flowering, fruit
development), 7-15-30 days interval as
maintenance treatment and rejuvenation.
Distributed by:
Gen. Santos City, 9500 Mindanao, Philippines
Tel. No.6383-301-0117 Mobile: 0905-242-2691
Email: [email protected]
100% Herbal Organic extracts from
Philippine tropical herbs, biological and
Marine products.
Environment friendly.
Product developed, formulated & tested
Made in Mindanao, Philippines
(To see is to believe. Plants do not tell a lie.
Plants feed plants in Natural Farming.)
Store in clean, dry, dark place at ambient
room temperature. Keep away from reach of
children and house pets.
15 ppm
69 ppm
Date Finished:
May 30, 2008
Laboratory No. Sp A 103490
Analysis conducted at the SOILS
LABORATORY, DA-RFU-12, Bangoy St.,
Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines
FPA Reg.
Batch #
Net. Content:

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