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Michael J. Fucci, MD
Specializing in Diseases
Of the Ear, Hearing,
Balance & Skull Base:
Adult & Pediatric
Fellowship Trained In
Neurotology & Skull Base
Board Certified in
Subspecialty of Neurotology
by American Board
of Otolaryngology
Board Certified in
Otolaryngology by
American Board of
American Academy of
Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery
American Medical Assoc.
American Neurotology Soc.
Ashleigh Lewkowitz, Au.D.
CCC- Audiology
Beth Gautereaux, Au.D.
Lindsay Shroyer, Au.D.
Arizona Hearing & Balance Center
Your physician has found that the cause of your hearing loss is
otosclerosis in the inner ear, or cochlea, as the cause of your hearing loss.
This condition can be treated with a medication, which may prevent or
minimize further loss of hearing due to damage to the hearing nerve.
Occasionally, otosclerosis is treatable by surgery if it involves the stapes
bone. If this is true in your situation, your physician will discuss it with
you. Often otosclerosis of the inner ear and otosclerosis of the stapes bone
are present simultaneously.
Florical is a medication which is available over-the-counter (no
prescription is needed). You should take two (2) capsules of the Florical
twice a day with meals plus a multi-vitamin with Vitamin D once a day.
You may take any brand of multiple vitamin as long as it contains 400
units of Vitamin D. This means that you will be taking a total of five pills
a day. Continue the medicines until we tell you to stop (treatment usually
lasts two years).
While you are taking this medication, your hearing will need to be reevaluated periodically. Therefore, we will want to see you six months
after you begin taking the medicine. Please schedule an appointment for
this six-month follow-up.
If you must take Tetracycline, please stop the Florical during that time.
The Florical may be resumed after the completion this medication.
If you cannot find the Florical at your own drugstore, it is available at:
Professional Compounding Pharmacy of Arizona, LLC.
2405 E. Southern Ave.
Suite #10
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 456-1210
(800) 456-1210

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