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Tom Sawyer Perspectives
Combining the power of advanced data relationship visualization
and analysis for faster insights into your complex data
Tom Sawyer Perspectives is graphics-
Reference Architecture
based software for building enterprise-class
Tom Sawyer Perspectives
• Faster Time to Value
graph and data visualization and analysis
is designed to build graph
Achieve lower cost and reduce the time
applications. It is a complete Software
to develop sophisticated applications
Development Kit (SDK) with a graphics-
through project-based application design.
and data visualization
and analysis applications
requiring high levels of
based design and preview environment.
• Lower Management Risks
performance, quality, and
Reduce the risks of developing
and managing enterprise-class
The Tom Sawyer Software
applications through design sharing,
reference architecture
reuse, and software platform-agnostic
simplifies the development
implementations, decoupled from
of web and desktop
changes in the data sources.
• Increased Flexibility and Agility
Deploy a single application design
to multiple software architectures.
Tom Sawyer Perspectives enables
teams to quickly develop production-quality,
data-oriented applications. Developers use
two graphical modules—the Designer and
Previewer—to build applications around the
specific types of data that drive each project.
Using the Designer, they define schema,
data sources, bindings, rules, views, filters,
and searches.
Developers can also use the Designer to
specify custom toolbars, tooltips, context
menus, and graphical viewing and editing
behaviors. With the Previewer, developers
can iteratively view the application design
without needing to recompile. When used
together, the Designer and Previewer
provide an efficient round-trip process
that dramatically speeds up application
• Market Leading Quality, Performance,
and Scalability
Take advantage of the software industry’s
best graph visualization, layout, and
analysis for unmatched drawing
quality, performance, and scalability.
Data Sources
• Graphics-based Software
An easy-to-use design environment simplifies development
tasks, such as schema definition, data integration, view
definition, and filter and search design. Extensive APIs are
provided for additional customization.
• Integration with Application Data Models
Model integration APIs allow developers to populate a
Tom Sawyer Perspectives data model from an existing inmemory application data model. Tom Sawyer Perspectives
also offers a model event system that enables customer
applications to listen to changes in the data model as they
• Data Integration
Data integration for structured, semi-structured, and
unstructured data, with federated update and commit
facilities, support using disparate and distributed data types.
Product integration is provided for Microsoft Excel, Oracle
Big Data Spatial and Graph, Neo4j, SAP HANA, Datastax
Enterprise Graph, OrientDB, AllegroGraph, and Oracle
12.2c. Data integration is provided for TinkerPop, REST,
JSON, XML, Text, SQL, and RDF.
Product Data Integration
Platforms and Technologies
Server Operating Systems
macOS 10.12
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows 7, 10
Microsoft Windows 7, 10
Oracle Linux 7.2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3
Application Servers
Apache Tomcat 8.5
Eclipse Jetty 9.2.19
• Several Drawing Layout Styles
Circular, hierarchical, orthogonal, and symmetric layout
enable dynamic exploration of prominent data relationships.
Red Hat WildFly 9
• Advanced Navigation, Filters, and Search
Viewing techniques include flexible filtering, attribute-driven
search, synchronized selection and highlighting, overviews,
panning and link navigation, and marquee, focal, and
interactive zooming.
• Persistence
Drawings can be stored and restored across user sessions.
• Printing and Exporting
Includes print preview, multi-page printing, and image
• Multiple Data Views
Available views include drawings, maps, charts, timelines,
tables, trees, and inspectors to facilitate visual analysis from
different perspectives.
• Advanced Graph Analysis
Graph analysis enables applications to address analytic
problems. Methods include clustering and partitioning,
dependency, impact and root-cause analysis, path finding,
traversals, network flow, and social network analysis.
Data Integration
Microsoft IIS 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 10.0
IBM WebSphere 8.5.5
Oracle WebLogic 12c
Red Hat JBoss 7.1
Web Browsers
Apple Safari
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
Web Technologies
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Dojo, Ext JS,
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Dojo,
GWT, jQuery
Ext JS, jQuery
Target Applications
Eclipse SWT, Swing
Direct2D, WPF, Windows Forms
HTML5, Image Map
HTML5, Image Map, ASP.NET,
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