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Shared Research Resources
The following shared resources are available to include in your project plan. If you have a
specific need that you do not see listed, please email the Research Help Desk for
Behavioral Sciences Facility Core - Service to scientists performing animal and
human behavioral testing
CTSI Biomedical Informatics - The CTSI Biomedical Informatics Team can help you use
data of all kinds to further your research
Available research spaces and related resources, including the CTSI Clinical Research
Coordinators - UR Connected is a web-based application that connects research
coordinators with projects
Data Management - The following list represents some of the available data-management
resources and services:
Academic IT provides information technology support for the research and education
missions of the institution including application development and information security.
Please email the Research Help Desk for assistance.
REDCap - A secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and
Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics (CHET) - Database design and management
Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) - Provides researchers across the
University with hardware, software, training, and support
UR Research - A digital repository for the management, dissemination and stewardship of
digital materials, including Research Data
Data Management Plan Tool
Data are available from University information systems for use in research.
Conducting research in the Emergency Department including the use of the Emergency
Department Research Associate Program for screening, consenting and enrolling
eRecord for Researchers - Educational materials for the eRecord for Researchers initiative
are available, along with the guiding principles for use and configuration of eRecord for
research purposes.
Rochester Human Immunology Center Core Laboratory- The RHIC Core lab works
collaboratively with investigators to design and develop immunological methods for clinical
studies and translational research.
Rochester Informatics - UR has a spectrum of informatics resources for researchers.
Physical Exercise Activity Kinesiology Laboratory (PEAK Lab) - Support for research related
to all forms of human movement
Reference Resources - Miner Library provides a broad range of resources including
research-specific resources
Research-specific Software
Molecular Biology Analytic Software - Software for genomic and proteomic data analysis
Study Material Management including storage, repackaging and distribution:
Clinical Material Services Unit (CMSU) - Distribution of investigational drugs, devices and
overall supply chain management for multi-center studies and large University studies
requiring significant volumes
Investigational Drug Services (IDS) - Support to assure compliance with requirements
regarding control of investigational Drugs
Shared Resource Laboratories & Facilities
Templates and forms:
Office of Human Subject Protection (OHSP) provides Protocol, Document (logs, source
documents, notes to file and regulatory files) and Consent Form templates.
Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA) provides University Forms.
Office of Regulatory Support (ORS) provides templates for Investigational New Drug (IND)
and Investigational Device Exemptions (IDE) Applications
URMC Central Lab Services - Laboratory assays and support for researchers
UR Ventures assists with protection of intellectual property, technology commercialization
and identifying existing materials available for use.

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