Infectious Diseases and Immunity Ph.D. Program UC Berkeley

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Infectious Diseases and Immunity Ph.D. Program
UC Berkeley
Ph.D. Degree Program
Ph.D. Curriculum Requirements
The Graduate Group in Infectious Diseases and Immunity
provides the opportunity for the study of the biology of
infectious agents, their interaction with human and other
hosts, and their relationship with the environment. The PhD
program is an interdepartmental doctoral degree program
that provides students with the opportunity for research in
the area of infectious diseases. The degree program is unique
in emphasizing integrated, multidisciplinary training in hostpathogen-environmental interactions including the biology of
host-pathogen interactions, molecular and cellular aspects of
pathogenesis, the ecology and evolution of disease agents,
environmental factors in transmission, intermediate hosts
and vectors, the biology of surveillance and epidemiological
analysis, vaccine and drug development, and public health
practices for disease prevention and control.
Core requirements include courses from Infectious Diseases,
Molecular Biology, Immunology, Epidemiology & Biostatistics,
Research Seminars, and Ethics in Research & Practice.
The objective of this program is to provide students with
research-oriented pursuits that will train them to design and
implement independent investigations. The goal is to
promote health by integration of basic research and applied
technologies for the development of new approaches for the
diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of infectious
disease in humans.
Holders of a Bachelor’s degree must have:
 GPA of 3.0 (minimum)
 GRE or TOEFL scores (if applicable)
 Demonstrated competence in English
Final selection will depend on the faculty’s ranking of all
applicants based on academic record, intellectual potential,
preparation, letters of recommendation, research interests,
and overall promise.
Students matriculating through this program will acquire
expertise in fundamental infectious disease research and thus
are well prepared for careers in academia, governmental
agencies, and biotechnology.
Financial Support
The Division offers full funding to admitted doctoral students
with a combination of state and Division funds and faculty
research grants. Funding support will include fees and tuition
as well as a monthly stipend. Appointment as Graduate
Student Instructor (GSI) for two semesters and Graduate
Student Researcher (GSR) are part of the funding
arrangement. The current annual stipend for IDI preQualifying Exam (QE) and post QE students are approx.
$25,000 and $29,500 respectively.
Further Information
Please visit our website to learn more:
To apply:

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