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Daniel Silberwasser
353 Kirkland House Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138
[email protected]
(305) 773-8725
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
A.B in Statistics, Secondary in Computer Science. GPA: 3.78.
May 2016
Coursework in Probability, Statistical Inference, Modeling, Quantitative Finance, Data Structures and Algorithms, Macro and
Micro Economics, Data Science, and Time-Series Analysis.
Ransom Everglades School
Miami, FL
Graduated Cum Laude. SAT I: M: 790 V: 760. President of student body of 640 Students.
May 2012
Recipient of Robert Segall Leadership Award.
Kensho Technologies
Cambridge, MA
Analytics/Research Intern
June—August 2015
• Performed a cross-validated metrics analysis to determine which market metrics are consistent over an event's impact
and which events have consistent impacts over time, resulting in a proof of concept for new product.
• Developed R Shiny application to assist and automate market research by visualizing paired asset movements in
response to events and technical indicator cross dates.
• Analyzed macro-level historical market trends pairing R with Kensho investment research technology to generate
market research sent to clients weekly.
BTG Pactual (Investment Bank)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Technology Intern
May—August 2014
• Utilized X_Trader to program a futures trading algorithm for the proprietary trading desk.
• Designed and developed an API in Java that leveraged RabbitMQ and FIX messaging to connect multiple clients to
the market, allowing them to both send and manage orders.
Harvard Sports Analytics Collective
Cambridge, MA
September 2014—Present
• Modeled English Premier League spatial corner kick data using logistic regression techniques to optimize corner
kick success and published “Spatial Analysis of Corners.”
• Compared and visualized home and away team foul and bookings data suggesting foul bias against away teams in
the English Premier League and published “Foul Play in the EPL.”
Strongest to weakest: R (dplyr, ggplot2, rvest), Python (Pandas), SQL, HTML, Java, RabbitMQ, FIX messaging, ArcGIS.
Harvard University Dorm Crew
Cambridge, MA
Spring Clean Up Captain
May—June 2013
• Prepared 2 Harvard Student Dormitories for alumni before reunion week.
• Organized, managed, and directed crew of 12 Harvard College students to clean 2 Harvard Dormitories with over 50
Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Cambridge, MA
January 2015—Present
• Oversaw distribution, implementation, and management of $36,000 budget among various programming boards.
• Spearheaded campaign to successfully acquire new, larger property for fraternity.
• Led board of 12 elected programming chairs.
Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (full working proficiency), Hebrew (beginner).
Harvard Crimson Design Board, Harvard Ballroom Dance Team, Ping-Pong, Stand-Up Comedy.

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