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Multifaceted Compatibility
Working time "flexible, fair, family-friendly"
Flexible working time for parents
 Part-time jobs also for men and managers
 Jobsharing
 Telework
Statutory protected period and return management
Planned statutory protected period since early pregnancy
 Qualification during the statutory protected period
 Cooperation upon projects and stand-in during holiday leave
 Mentoring for women returning to work
Multifaceted Compatibility
Culture and management principles
Integration of “family“ in the corporate model
Consideration for family-friendly management in corporate targets
Sense of family as a constituting element of qualification
Asistance to employees with care obligations upon management tasks
Childcare results in effective reduction of the parent's burden
Corporate kindergartens
 Daily mothers in a company
 Flexible leisure time, adventure programmes and care schemes
 Support to care in urgent cases
Because Compatibility Pays
Good Practice: Count it
Compensation of staff and IT with 80 employees
Family and work compatibility constitutes a corporate principle
• top-down felt
• and supported
Family and work compatibility pays
• 100 % return rate within statutory protected period
• in average 2 sick-leave days/year
Create It Together
General family-friendly conditions are tailored not for but
with the employees.
An ideal management tool in this case:
berufundfamilie audit (work and family audit).
The basis - historical development
 the 80's - family friendly index, USA
 1995 development in Germany
 1998 adaptation in Austria
 2001 application throughout Europe
"european work & family audit"
berufundfamilie audit
The “berufundfamilie“ audit (work and family audit) is a
management tool to optimize family-friendly corporate
policies in order to balance corporate interests and
employees' concerns upon development and implementation
of family-friendly measures
There is no generally applicable concept of the family-work compatibility!
 The key factor consists in individual corporate strategies
Burden variations may result from professional, as well as from private situations
 Both parties are required to be flexible
Transparency creates confidence, understanding and acceptable solutions even
in complicated situations
 Any occurring needs are discussed in a team as required, which enables
innovative solutions
Win-Win-Win Situation
Achievement of set business targets and support to employees with care
 Measures and solutions must be balanced and may not be adopted at expense
of a single group of employees
Topics in the work & family audit
Fields of Action
 corporate culture
 working time
 parenthood, protected period and return to work (reemployment)
 work organisation
 working place
 information and communication policy
 management culture
 staff development
 remuneration components/financial benefits
 family services
Course of the process
Effects of berufundfamilie audit
Internal effects:
specification of employees' needs –
feedback on current general conditions and measures
increased motivation and satisfaction of employees
increased loyalty and stronger relation to the company
- reduction of unwanted turnover rate
positive effects on the return rate after statutory protective period
for mothers and parental statutory protected period
career even with a family thanks to clear planning
reduction of (family-related) stress burden
reduction of absence and sick-leave rates
in general: efficiency increase
Effects of berufundfamilie audit
External effects:
positive impact on the corporate image
strengthened position of an attractive employer
increased competitiveness
The sense of family always proves to be the key regional
The more employers involved in family and work
reconciliation, the more attractive competitive advantage of
the entire region.
The berufundfamilie audit not only helps companies to
develop family-friendly HR policies but also makes this
issue visible for all due to the quality brand.

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