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Power Standard; Chapter 10:The Muslim World 600­1250 AD Power State Standard : Describe the rise and significance of Islam in Southwest Asia and its expansion and institutionalization into other regions. (Post‐ Classical and Medieval Civilizations and Expanding Zones of Exchange:600‐ 1450) Learning Targets ­ Give examples of the rise and significance of Islam in Southwest Asia and its expansion and institutionalization into other region Objectives A. Describe Arabia before the rise of Islam. Section 1, Pg. 264­265 B. Explain how Muhammad began to unify the Arabian Peninsula under Islam. Section 1, Pg. 265­266 C. Identify Islamic beliefs and practices. Section 1, Pg. 267­268. D. Describe how Muhammad’s successors spread Islam. Section 2, Pg. 269­270 E. List conflicts within the Umayyad state. Section 2, Pg. 270­271. F. Explain how rivalries split Islam. Section 2, Pg. 271­272. G. Describe society under the Abbasids. Section 3, Pg. 273­274. H. Identify Muslim accomplishments in Art and Science. Section 3, Pg. 274­276. I. Describe Muslims attitudes toward philosophy and religion. Section 3, Pg. 278­279 CHAPTER 10 ASSIGNMENTS SECTION AND PAGE #
DATE ASSIGNED SQ3R Section 1 page 263
Obj A-C
SQ3R Section 2 page 269
Obj. D-F
___________ SQ3R Section 3 page 273
Obj G-I
Chapter 10
worksheets___________________________________________ Chapter 10 test_____________________________________________________ Power Standard; Chapter 10: The Muslim World 600­1250 AD CORE LIST Top Ten (most important Tier 1) Muhammad (B,C,D)
Qur’an (C) Muslim (C)
hijrah(B,C) Sunni (F)
Shi’ah (D) Caliph (D,E,F)
Islam (A,B,C) Five Pillars of Faith(C)
Mecca (B,C) ****************************************************************************************** Tier 2
Jihad (C) Bedouins (A)
Abu­Bakr (D) Umar (D)
Mosques (C,H) Imams (D)
Allah (C) Ka’aba(C)
Calligraphy (H)
Umayyads (D,E)
al Khasarizini (A)
Abbasids (F,G)
Moors (D) Fatimid (D,F)
House of Wisdom (H) Medina (A)
Cordoba (D,G) Cairo (D, G)
Damascus (D,G) Baghdad (D,G)
Shari’a © Solar Calendar (H) ******************************************************************************************** Tier 3 The Thousand & One Nights (H) Uthman (D)
Astrolabe (H)
hijj ©
al­Andalus (D,G)
ISIS/ISIL Osama bin Laden
Saddam Hussein al Qaeda 

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