Sports Physiotherapists: are qualified physiotherapists who have

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Tuesday 19 May 2015
Sports Physiotherapists: are qualified
physiotherapists who have undertaken further
specialised training and education. They assess
and diagnose sports related injuries and develop a
treatment plan, which may include hands-on
therapies and exercise plans.
Clinical Exercise Physiologists: develop
exercise plans and services for people living with
or being at risk of illnesses such as cancer, mental
illness, cardiovascular disease, neuromuscular/
neurological disease, respiratory disease, chronic
pain and musculoskeletal pain.
Where can I study undergraduate
physiotherapy in Victoria?
From Exercise and Sports Science Australia
(ESSA): Exercise Physiologists are the most
qualified health professional to prescribe exercise
for people with chronic disease.
Monash University, Bachelor of
Physiotherapy, Peninsula Campus. EntryATAR, interview + prerequisite subjects.
La Trobe University, integrated Bachelor of
Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy
Practice, across all campuses (only Bundoora
and Bendigo have the four year program),
entry- ATAR (about 95) + prerequisite subjects
Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of
Physiotherapy, Albury-Wodonga Campus,
entry- ATAR (about 98), no prerequisite
If you are concerned you won’t achieve the
ATAR to gain entry into an undergraduate
program, you can study physiotherapy as a
graduate degree in Victoria at:
University of Melbourne, Doctor of
Physiotherapy, 3-year program.
La Trobe University, Master of Physiotherapy
Practice, Melbourne and Bendigo, 2-year
Video about clinical exercise physiology
developed by Deakin
How do I become qualified in Victoria?
§ You must first complete an ESSA approved
undergraduate degree followed by an
ESSA approved graduate qualification.
§ Undergraduate degrees currently
accredited: Bachelor of Exercise and Sports
Science at Deakin University, Australian
Catholic University and RMIT.
You must then complete an ESSA
approved Graduate Diploma or Master of
Clinical Exercise Physiology, meet all of
the required knowledge and skills criteria
and have completed the required 500
hours of approved practicum, as outlined
by ESSA.
The following universities have approved
programs: Deakin University, Australian
Catholic University, Federation University
and Victoria University.
You will need to complete an undergraduate
degree in an area such as exercise science,
biomedical science or general science. You
should pick a degree that will have subjects in
human anatomy and physiology.
There are two ways to become a fully qualified
sports physiotherapist- via an academic pathway
or an experiential pathway. For information, go to
Master of Clinical
Sport Management: is for students who have an
interest in both sport and business (including
management, marketing, elite athlete
management, events, facilities management,
tourism, accounting etc.). Different institutions
offer different majors or specialisations, so make
sure you do your research.
Sports Engineers: design and develop sports
equipment and apparel; design products and
develop solutions to enhance the performance of
athletes; and are at the forefront of designing new
sports technologies for elite athletes. Students
typically study human movement sciences, and
electronic, mechanical and software engineering.
Are you eager to learn about other countries
and cultures? If you want to undertake a
university degree with a truly global focus, the
following courses may suit you:
Bachelor of Global Studies, Australian
Catholic University: you will undertake a
semester of studies overseas in the third year
of your degree, and combine the degree with
either Arts, Business Administration, Theology,
Law, or Applied Public Health,
Bachelor of Arts (Global), Monash
University: you will spend between one to
three semesters on overseas exchange at an
international Monash campus or partner
university. You can combine the degree with
Commerce or Science or complete it as a
single degree,
Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies (Year in
Asia), Australia National University: you will
undertake a major or minor in one of 13 AsiaPacific languages and undertake a year of
studies overseas at an Asia-Pacific partner
Bachelor of European Studies, Australia
National University: you will undertake a
major or minor in one of 6 European
languages and undertake a semester of
studies overseas at a European partner
Bachelor of International Studies, Deakin
University: you can undertake a professional
internship with an international organization
overseas or in Australia, study an in country
language program, and/or complete a global
student exchange,
Bachelor of International Business, RMIT:
you can undertake 2 – 3 week study tours to
Europe, North America or Asia, undertake part
of your degree at RMIT’s Vietnam campus,
complete a language major, and/or undertake
a semester of exchange at an overseas
partner university,
Sport and Recreation Management: students
can typically specialise in areas such as outdoor
recreation, recreation management, tourism,
facilities management, policy development and
events management.
Sports Development: students learn how to
promote sport in the community and increase the
level of participation in sports for different cohorts
such as young people and people with disabilities.
Sports development officers create new and
innovative sports programs or work for existing
organisations to run their programs in the
community (i.e., AusKick)
Sports Journalists: undertake research on
sporting events and issues and report on them via
various media mediums (e.g., print, broadcast,
radio). Students generally have to complete a
journalism degree with a sports specialisation
within the degree or as a graduate program.
Other sports careers include Sports Psychology,
Exercise Rehabilitation, Sports Coaching, Physical
Education Teaching, Fitness and Personal
Training, Sports Science etc.
To search for sports related courses and
university prerequisites, go to Hobson’s Course
Finder at-
Or the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC)
archived search at
of Clinical
Exercise Physiology
Did you know that you can undertake technical
trades and apprenticeships in the Army, Air Force
and Navy?
Navy Trades,
An Electronics Technician Marine
Submariner will operate, maintain and repair
all torpedoes, missiles, radar, sonar,
navigation, combat data, communications,
surveillance equipment and other electronic
systems on board the sophisticated Collins
Class submarines.
A Marine Technician will operate, maintain
and repair the ship’s machinery, gas turbines,
diesels, ventilation, as well as power
generation and distribution, and electrical
control systems.
The following are some examples (all information
has been taken from the websites listed below):
Army Trades,
An Aircraft Technician is a multi-skilled
soldier who is responsible for inspecting,
testing, repairing, rebuilding, refurbishing,
modifying and recovering Army aircraft
airframes, engines and ancillary equipment.
They also conduct limited inspections and
repairs on aircraft safety equipment and
An Electronics Technician will inspect,
diagnose, repair and maintain radios, optical
instruments, navigational aids, laser range
finding equipment, electronic surveillance
equipment, medical and dental equipment,
electro-hydraulic systems and electromechanical systems.
What next? If you are interested in undertaking a
trade in the Defence Force, you could do the
Explore the weblinks provided, read the job
descriptions and watch the videos.
Ensure you pick the right school subjects to
ensure you are eligible to apply for the trade
you are interested in.
Call into your local Defence Force Recruiting
Centre and speak to a military career
Book a Your Options Unlimited (YOU) session
to start the application process.
Join the Defence Jobs Facebook page to stay
up to date with upcoming events and
Air Force Trades,
An Aeronautical Life Support Fitter: ensures
that aeronautical life support equipment
utilised within the Defence environment is
correctly fitted and maintained to ensure
operational airworthiness and mission
capability. Fitters are also responsible for
conducting aircrew and passenger training on
the application of aeronautical life support
Motor Mechanic (Ground Support
Equipment Technicians): are involved in the
maintenance of motor vehicles, aircraft ground
support systems, aircraft arrester systems,
materials handling equipment (forklifts/aircraft
loaders), refuelling equipment and
installations, diagnosis and rectification of
faults in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic
systems and the testing and servicing of
ground support equipment, workshop plant
and machinery.
Interested in classical music AND music
technology? Monash University has introduced a
new Creative Music Technology major into their
Bachelor of Music degree. The major focuses on
the creative application of technology within
professional music, sound, broadcast, multimedia
and performance. For information about this
exciting major and to join the student blog, go to
National Youth Science Forum (NYSF): Are you
in Year 11 and have a passion for all things
science? You should consider applying for the
NYSF. This is a two week residential program
where students are immersed in hands-on science
activities, lab experiments, field trips and meet
professors who are leaders in their field.
Monash University Information Evenings:
Monash staff will be travelling to select locations
around Victoria in June and August, and will be
speaking to prospective students and their parents
about courses, scholarships, accommodation,
pathway programs, and student services etc. For
upcoming dates and venues, go to
New apprenticeship mentoring program at
RMIT: all students undertaking a preapprenticeship, traineeship or apprenticeship
through RMIT will now receive mentoring by RMIT
staff. With about 50% of students not completing
apprenticeships, mentoring can often make a
huge difference in completion rates. For
information, contact Debbie Reynolds,
Apprenticeships and Traineeships Manager,
RMIT, [email protected]
Guaranteed ATARs for University of
Melbourne courses have just been released:
Oral Health
Fine Arts and Music have other selection criteria
besides just the ATAR. Guaranteed ATARs for
Access Melbourne students are yet to be
released. ATARs are generally lower. For
information on Access Melbourne and to find out if
you are eligible, go to
Online applications are due by 31 May and your
application must be endorsed by your local Rotary
club. The two-week program will be held at
Canberra during January 2016. For more
information, go to
Shifting Gear with RMIT Design Workshops:
Enjoy a day of hands-on design at the National
Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and a tour of the Shifting
Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Car
exhibition. RMIT has teamed up with the NGV to
deliver workshops for year 10 – 12 students and is
recommended for those studying Visual
Communication and Design and Product Design
and Technology subjects.
Option 1: After Auto Mobility – Design a
sustainable transportation vehicle for a post
car world: In this workshop you will design a
sustainable transportation vehicle for a post
car world.
Option 2: Automotive Engineering - Crash
Testing for Dummies and Crashworthy Vehicle
Design. In this crashworthy vehicle design
activity you will explore the ideas used to
design cars that better protect drivers and
passengers and put these ideas to the test.
The events will be held Monday 1 June until
Friday 12 June. For information, go to
RMIT Experience Days: Many of the seminars
are now full. The following events still have places
Engineering (City)
Engineering (Bundoora)
Health & Medical Sciences
Music, Sound & Live Production
Sustainability & Environment
Project Management
29 June
29 June
2 July
30 June
1 July
1 July
2 July
3 July
Upcoming Events: May
Focus on Melbourne University Seminars,
various dates,
At Monash University Seminars, various
27: Careers in Sports Medicine, Olympic
Park Sports Medicine Centre, AAMI Park
31: Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health
Showcase, University of Adelaide,
To book your place, go to,
UniExperience Melbourne: If you are in Year 11
you may have the opportunity to apply for the twoday UniExperience Program being held at the
Parkville Campus on Thursday 9 – Friday 10 July.
Cost is $100 and the program includes:
One night accommodation and meals
A guided campus tour
Information on Melbourne courses
Social activities organized by current
University of Melbourne students
Workshops on the transition to university,
student support, accommodation,
scholarships, and study tips.
To find out if you are eligible and to apply, fill out
the online application form by Friday 19 June at
Career Discovery program in Fashion and
Textiles at RMIT: This course, running in the July
school holidays, will assist you in selecting the
most appropriate RMIT Fashion and Textiles
program and career option. This two day
workshop for year 11 and 12 students will include
hands-on workshops and discussion topics that
may include: Trend Forecasting, Fashion Creative
Processes and Ideas Generation, Developing a
Visual Diary, Digital Technologies and Textile
Design. The event will be held Wednesday 8 July
– Thursday 9 July. To register, go to
Picture below- RMIT Fashion Hub
Upcoming Events: June
MyDays, Charles Sturt University:
Agriculture (12), Communication & Creative
Industries (23), Policing & Criminal Justice
Information Evenings, Monash University,
various dates and locations,
2: Information Night, Deakin University,
Geelong Waterfront,
19: Experience Day, La Trobe University,
19, 20: Open Day, Whitehouse Institute of
Design, Melbourne,
24: 2015 Environmental and Marine Careers
Expo, Melbourne Aquarium,
27: High School Workshops, JMC Academy,
29: Science in the City & Laboratory Tour,
RMIT, Melbourne,
29, 30: Experience Days, Australian Catholic
University, Melbourne (29) and Ballarat (30),
30: Discover Deakin, Melbourne Campus,

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