Busbar trunking system

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Busbar Trunking System
Busbar trunking system
The busbar trunking system is used as connection between switchboards constructed
in the CUBIC modular system or between
power supply and a CUBIC switchboard.
The busbar trunking system is based on
CUBIC's internationally recognized modular
system in sizes from 1600 amps to 6500A,
and the construction is thus made in accordance with IEC 60439-2. The design is the
same as for the CUBIC modular system, and
also the busbar trunking system is available
with a degree of protection up to IP54.
The busbar trunking system is designed to a
rated voltage up to 1000 V, 50 and 60 Hz.
The system is very versatile and can be added
to existing CUBIC switchboards as well as it
can be extended and changed as needed.
Busbar trunking system
Degree of protection
A system constructed of standard parts
from the modular system, which can
be adjusted to individual needs. The
system is well documented and is of
course included in the CUBIC design
software and manuals.
Degree of protection up to IP30. Here
you fit standard cover plates CXxX without sealing list. Degree of protection
up to IP54, where cover plates CXxX are
fitted with sealing list.
The busbar can be led
through the wall as a
firesafe penetration
by using approved
Maintenancefree busbar
CUBIC's well tested connection methods are also used for the busbar trunking system. This means that connections need not be retightened after they
have been tightened to correct torque.
The busbars are standard 10 mm
copper bars.
CUBIC's standard
busbar connections
are used for angular
joining of the busbar
The busbar trunking
system is constructed
with large openings
in top and bottom, so
that easy and safe fitting is ensured.
CUBIC's popular and
well-tested Cu-flex
bars are very suitable
to use as connections.
Busbar joints with
compensators for
extension are placed
for every 20 modules
Norms and standards
Technical data
IP54 IP30 Rated peak Rated short-time
current Ipk
current Icw
S2000 2-10x60
1600 A 1800 A Up to 105 kA Up to 50 kA 1S
S2000 2-10x80
2000 A 2850 A Up to 105 kA Up to 50 kA 1S
5200 A 6500 A
Up to 264 kA
CUBIC-Modulsystem A/S
Skjoldborgsgade 21
9700 Broenderslev
Tel +45 9882 2400
Fax +45 9882 3530
E-mail: [email protected]
Up to 120 kA 1S
1311 500 ENG 523
Tests and documentation are at the
same high level as for switchboards
based on the CUBIC modular system,
as well as the system is contructed in
full compliance with the requirements
in force in IEC/EN 60439-2.

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