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Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1983
Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL 2000.
Data Mining, Financial Engineering, and Intelligent Agents
Second International Conference Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong, China, December 13-15, 2000. Proceedings
Bearbeitet von
Kwong S Leung, Lai-wan Chan, Helen Meng
1. Auflage 2000. Taschenbuch. xvi, 580 S. Paperback
ISBN 978 3 540 41450 6
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The goal of establishing an international conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL) is to provide a forum for researchers
and engineers from academia and industry to meet and to exchange ideas on the
latest developments in an emerging eld, that brings theories and techniques
from database, data mining and knowledge discovery, statistical and computational learning together for intelligent data processing. The eorts towards this
goal have been supported greatly from colleagues both in the Asia Pacic region
and all over the world, and further encouraged by the success of IDEAL98. A
signicant development was achieved in IDEAL 2000 this year, which is evidenced not only by an expansion of the major tracks from two to three, namely,
Financial Engineering, Data Mining, and Intelligent Agents, but also by a considerable increase in the number of submissions and a high quality technical
program. This achievement comes from the eorts of the program and organizing committee, with a large number of supporters all over the world. It was
their hard work, often over sleepless nights, that brought about the successful
conference. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. Their
names and aliations are shown in the symposium program.
We especially want to express our appreciation to the sta of The Chinese
University of Hong Kong for their boundless contributions to this conference,
particularly to Prof. Lai-wan Chan and Prof. Kwong Sak Leung as the Program
Co-chairs and Prof. Jimmy Lee as the Organizing Chair. We thank the members
of the International Program Committee, without whom we could not guarantee the high quality of the papers. Members of the Organizing Committee are
instrumental behind the scene. Prof. Irwin King and Prof. Evangeline Young
did a superb job in local arrangement, Prof. Wai Lam took care of the registration process, and, last but not least, Prof. Helen Meng ensured the smooth
publication of the conference proceedings.
Moreover, we would like to thank Prof. Michael Dempster, Prof. Nick Jennings, Prof. Wei Li, and Heikki Mannila for their support as keynote speakers,
bringing us the latest developments and future trends in the emerging elds,
and also Prof. Zhenya He and Prof. Weixin Xie for organizing a special panel
session, providing an insight into recent advances in the eld in China,
Lastly, we hope you enjoyed your stay in Hong Kong and at The Chinese
October 2000
Pak-Chung Ching and Lei Xu
General Co-chairs
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Data Mining, Financial Engineering, and Intelligent Agents are emerging elds in
modern Intelligent Data Engineering. In IDEAL 2000, these elds were selected
as the major tracks. IDEAL 2000 was the Second International Conference on
Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning, a series of biennial conferences. This year, we received over one hundred regular submissions and each
paper was vigorously reviewed by experts in the eld. We truly appreciate the
work done by the reviewers. Some reviewers wrote lengthy and constructive comments to the authors for improving their papers. The overall program covered
various topics in data mining, nancial engineering, and agents. We also had
a number of papers applying the above techniques to internet and multimedia
We would like to thank our keynote speakers and the organizers of the special
sessions and panel session. For Keynote talks,
Professor M.A.H. Dempster, University of Cambridge, UK, gave a keynote
talk on \Wavelet-Based Valuation of Derivative",
Professor Nick Jennings, University of Southampton, UK, gave a keynote
talk on \Automated Haggling: Building Articial Negotiators",
Professor Wei Li, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
China, gave a keynote talk on \A Computational Framework for Convergent Agents", and
Professor Heikki Mannila, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, gave
a keynote talk on \Data Mining: Past and Future".
Apart from the regular submissions, we also had two special sessions and a panel
session at the conference.
Professor Shu-Heng Chen of the National Chengchi University and Professor K.Y. Szeto of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
organized the special session on \Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming in Agent-Based Computational Finance".
Dr. Yiu-Ming Cheung of The Chinese University of Hong Kong organized
the special session on \Data Analysis and Financial Modeling".
Professor Zhenya He of the Southeast University and Professor Weixin Xie
of the Shenzhou University organized a panel session on \Intelligent Data
Engineering Automated Learning : Recent Advances in China".
We would like to express our gratitude to our general chairs, Professors PakChung Ching and Lei Xu for their leadership and support. We appreciate and
thank the Organizing and Program Committee members, for their devotion in
the organization of the conference, and the reviewing of the papers; in particular,
Professor Jimmy Lee, the Organizing Chair of IDEAL 2000, for his great eort in
the organization of the conference throughout, and Professors Irwin King, Helen
Meng, Wai Lam, and Evan F. Y. Young for their time, eort, and constructive
suggestions. We would also like to thank the supporting sta of the Department
of Computer Science and Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
for various help. Last but not the least, we thank Chung Chi College for the
sponsorship of the conference.
October 2000
Kwong-Sak Leung and Lai-Wan Chan
Program Co-chairs
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
International Advisory Committee
Yaser Abu-Mostafa
Shun-ichi Amari
Usama M. Fayyad
Nick Jennings
Erkki Oja
General Co-chairs
Pak-Chung Ching
Lei Xu
Organizing Committee
Jimmy H.M. Lee (Chair)
Laiwan Chan
Irwin King
Wai Lam
Kwong Sak Leung
Helen M.L. Meng
Evangeline F.Y. Young
Laiwan Chan (Co-chair)
Kwong Sak Leung (Co-chair)
Amir Atiya
Neil Burgess
Shu-Heng Chen
Sungzoon Cho
Keith Clark
Colin Fyfe
Joydeep Ghosh
Sami Kaski
Irwin King
Wai Lam
Jimmy H.M. Lee
Jiming Liu
Helen M.L. Meng
Ralph Neuneier
Mahesan Niranjan
Takashi Okada
Liz Sonenberg
Ron Sun
Roland Yap
Yiming Ye
Evangeline F.Y. Young
Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Program Committee
List of Reviewers
Esa Alhoniemi
Amir Atiya
Shu-Heng Chen
Sungzoon Cho
Samuel P. M. Choi
Keith Clark
Colin Fyfe
Xiaoying Gao
Joydeep Ghosh
Minghua He
Theodore Hong
Sami Kaski
Irwin King
Markus Koskela
Krista Lagus
Wai Lam
Ho-fung Leung
Bing Liu
Jiming Liu
Hongen Lu
Helen M.L. Meng
Ralph Neuneier
Takashi Okada
Liz Sonenberg
Leon Sterling
Vincent Tam
K.C. Tsui
G. Uchyigit
Juha Vesanto
Roland Yap
Yiming Ye
Evangeline F.Y. Young
Y. Zhang

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