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Semester Review
Chapter 1
1. “survival of the fittest,” was coined by:
2. Who influence Herbert Spencer?
3. Anthropology studies:
4. Sociologists tend to focus on:
5. According to _________________, society is divided into two classes—the
bourgeoisie and the capitalists.
6. __________________________ is a negative consequence an element has for the
stability of society.
7. Theoretical perspective that follows the tradition of Karl Marx:
8. Social science that examines the choices people make to satisfy their wants
and needs:
9. ___________________________ is the founder of sociology.
10. What is the ability to see the connection between the larger social world
and our personal lives?
11. The _______________________ perspective focuses on how individuals interact
with one another in society.
Feminist theorists argue that gender inequality is not the result of
biology, but instead caused by _______________________.
Chapter 2
1. What is an example of non-material culture?
2. Purpose of the family is:
3. Ethnocentrism is the belief that who is superior?
4. What are norms?
5. Morality is based on….
6. Cultural traits include:
7. ____________________ are subcultures that challenge the values of a larger
8. group that shares values, norms, and behaviors that are not shared by the
entire population
9. _____________________ is the belief that cultures should be judged by their
own standards
1. ____________________ is any group that a person does not belong to or
identify with
2. What is status?
3. ____________________________ is a small group of people who interact over a
relatively long period of time on a direct and personal basis
4. ___________________________________ occurs when two or more people or
groups oppose each other to achieve a goal that only one can attain.
5. What is exchange?
6. What are examples of an community?
7. Going through a divorce is an example of what?
8. Ascribed status:
9. Achieved status:
1. Looking-glass self:
2. People that include parents, siblings, relatives, and others who have a direct
influence on our socialization: ___________________________________
3. Feral children are:
4. __________________ are behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values that are
characteristic of an individual.
5. _____________________ is the part of ourselves that is aware of the
expectations and attitudes of society; the socialized self
6. What is the primary agent of socialization in the United States?
7. What is an example of role-taking?
8. Rene Spitz; what was studied?
1. How is puberty & adolescence different?
2. Willard Waller believed what about dating? (who do people date & why do
people date)
3. What is the highest level of commitment on the dating continuum?
4. The meeting of people as a romantic engagement is known as:
5. _________________________ a behavior that prepares an individual for future
roles in society
6. A social interaction with the express purpose of eventual marriage is
Chapter 7
1. To be labeled a deviant, what needs to occur?
2. A stigma is:
3. Conflict theorists believe that __________________________ &
____________________ leads to deviance.
4. ___________________________ theorists explain deviance as a learned behavior.
5. We study criminal behavior:
6. Control theorists explain deviance as a _________________________________.
7. What is social control?
8. Behavior that violate significant social norms:
9. The theory that focuses on how individuals come to be identified as deviant:
***Looking glass self***
***Police discrection***

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