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Adobe Campaign Solution Overview
Adobe® Campaign: Distributed marketing
Today’s highly mobile and connected economy rewards businesses that deliver
relevant, timely, and personalized customer communication. However, managing this
experience across numerous locations can be a difficult task. Adobe Campaign helps
organizations with large distributed functions localize their marketing efforts, while
ensuring brand and customer engagement consistency.
Business challenges
“The Adobe Campaign
marketing technology
platform stands up to
our specialized and
often rigorous marketing
needs and the company’s
experience working with
global organizations,
especially those with
distributed teams and
diverse localization needs.”
Diane Meador, senior director of
marketing services, Waters
In most organizations, corporate marketing is in charge of sending communications to customers and
prospects, and individual locations control day-to-day client interactions. With this type of business
model, location managers are unable to run marketing campaigns on their own, and they easily miss the
larger corporate marketing vision. Thus, they have few corporate resources on hand to influence the
revenue for which they are accountable.
To initiate direct marketing campaigns, some local organizations make use of their own marketing tool,
raising the risk of creating duplicate customer data inside the organization, mismanaging marketing
pressure, and infringing on communication and consistency rules.
The challenge goes both ways. While local marketing might overlook central marketing standards,
corporate marketing can neglect local specificities. Local opportunities to engage with customers and
prospects might be missed because of a lack of feedback from the field. Communications might be
triggered with no consideration to suitable timeframes and planned events occurring at a specific location.
The solution
Whatever your organizational structure, the Adobe Campaign distributed marketing capability is flexible
and integrates with your environment. The capability creates a functional business framework for
companies organized in a network of central, regional, and remote sites. By empowering local branches
with global strategies and marketing tools, organizations can more effectively initiate consistent dialogue
with customers while following corporate strategy, branding, and messaging rules.
The Adobe Campaign distributed marketing capability helps local entities, such as agents, branches,
points of sale, concessions, franchises, and regional marketing organizations, partake in the marketing
process, giving them operational leverage to reach their objectives and control costs. Local and central
marketers benefit from the same powerful tool, with local entities accessing a streamlined interface to
focus on their core business.
Key benefits of Adobe Campaign
Centralize customer knowledge
• Build a 360-degree marketing profile of your targets by integrating all customer and prospect
interactions across all channels.
• Enable customer and prospect data to be owned and accessed by central marketing, local agents,
or a mix of both.
Unify central and local communications
• Facilitate work and active collaboration of central and local marketing teams with a shared tool.
• Ensure consistency of central and local campaigns with corporate templates and messages and
develop local relevance by enabling personalization.
Improve marketing efficiency
• Power both global and local cross-channel campaigns with a single platform.
• Finely manage users’ rights, and easily configure the solution to meet the organization’s needs.
Key capabilities of Adobe Campaign
Streamlined distributed marketing process
• A campaign catalog aligns central and local marketing teams on the same targeting, content,
budget, message execution, and reporting tools.
• Workflows and automated processes reduce cycle time and ensure that recipients receive timely,
relevant, and personalized offers based on their interests and preferences.
• Validation cycles are optimized so that objectives are met through each cross-channel engagement.
Seamless adaptation to the organizational scheme
• A streamlined interface helps users save time and attend to their particular campaign activities.
• Configuration capabilities make the tool work the way you do business, not the reverse.
• Data access and ownership can be fine-tuned to meet corporate rules.
Optimized marketing management
• Operational reporting facilitates the analysis of global and local campaigns’ impact to improve
future actions.
• Marketing pressure rules prioritize communications and limit their number, lowering the risk of
customer fatigue.
• Comprehensive budget management enables the close monitoring of budgets linked to
­marketing operations.
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