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Your National Solutions Provider
For the Entire IT Lifecycle
Enhances growth
Elevates productivity
Empowers innovation
Why Connection?
› We are a financially stable, Fortune 1000 company
in 1982, Connection has set the standard for
› We offer complete solutions and services designed
customer service in the IT industry. We strive to
create a foundation for long-lasting and rewarding
partnerships. We offer expert guidance, exceptional
service, and innovative strategies to empower you
to improve operations and increase the value of IT
› We employ the most highly trained,
experienced IT professionals in the industry
to make informed IT investment decisions.
› We strive to understand your needs and
A collaborative approach to the design, deployment,
to create solutions that adhere to your
and support of technology has fueled Connection’s
requirements and budget
growth and earned us the reputation of trusted
advisor to our customers.
› We serve as a trusted extension of your IT staff
› We are relentless in our commitment
to exceeding your expectations
Business Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
Public Sector Solutions
Complete IT Lifecycle
As a leading National Solutions Provider, we connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity,
and empowers innovation. Our Technology Solutions Group will partner as an extension of your team to:
We help our customers leverage technology
to gain a competitive advantage in their
industry. Our Assess, Design, Implement,
and Manage (ADIM) approach to solution
design ensures we fit the best solutions for
your unique requirements.
The work we do helps our customers
improve their data centers and IT operations.
We enable IT teams to deploy innovative,
time‑saving solutions to increase
productivity, increase agility, and move
quickly to better serve constituents.
With our guidance, customers break free
of the paradigm where 70% of IT budgets
go to maintenance. We deploy innovative
approaches to IT challenges—flash storage,
hyper-converged infrastructure, and cloud
computing—that optimize IT operations.
Let us customize your solution,
and then help you extract the
full value from your IT investments.
Leverage the know-how of our
team, so you can implement IT
that improves your service levels.
Partner with us and discover
new ways to increase the ROI
of your investments.
A Solutions Approach, Focused on Your Needs
Every successful engagement begins with trust. Our teams engage
customers with a solutions approach that fosters deep relationships
based on trust and exceptional service. We help customers navigate the
technology landscape and address their changing needs and challenges,
on time and on budget. Everything we do is geared toward meeting
your needs today and planning for your needs tomorrow.
The Power of Our Practice Expertise
Our technology practices work in concert to create proven
implementations. We have seen countless customer environments
and have the experience to selectively employ the most appropriate
solutions for your needs. We deliver robust professional IT services
and support to ensure the successful delivery of every project—
no matter how big or how small.
Results through Quality ADIM Methodology
Our teams are trained to assess, design, implement, and
manage technology with industry-leading methodologies.
This comprehensive approach ensures your technology solutions:
• Maximize your efficiency and cost savings
• Are tailored to the exact needs of your environment,
users, and goals
• Leverage the latest technologies available
• Continue to deliver the results you want
day after day, month after month
Converged Data Center practice
Our Expertise
Connection has qualified experts and experience implementing a breadth of data center
solutions for customers of all sizes across diverse industries. Our Converged Data Center
Services make it easy to adopt and implement the industry’s highest performing
infrastructure technologies to keep data centers running efficiently and effectively.
Resources can be allocated and used based on analytics whereby workflows and
workloads are directed to best serve the organization at any particular point in time.
When optimized, organizations can attain new levels of agility and flexibility across all
domains of the data center including servers, virtualization, and storage. This is the era
of the software-defined data center, and our team can help you realize both the vision
and the benefits.
Private and Hybrid Cloud
An on-premises virtualized data center,
built by your organization and run by your
organization, can be upgraded into a private
cloud environment. A true private cloud
environment builds from traditional server
virtualization and offers distinct attributes of
cloud models: pools of compute resources, broad
access to data, rapid scalability, self‑service
provisioning, and the ability to measure usage.
Integrate that capability with an off-premises,
hosted cloud solution, and organizations can
benefit from expanded resource pools for burst,
proximity, and budgetary benefit.
Converged Infrastructure
Integrated server, storage, networking, and
virtualization platforms are emerging as the
modern option for maximum performance and
cost efficiency to address today’s demanding
workloads. Let our team lead you through
the planning, integration, and guide the
implementation of one of these high-performance
platforms to better serve your organization.
Data Protection and
Business Continuity
Insulate your operations and your partners
from technology failures, natural disasters, and
unplanned outages before you have to recover
from an unexpected event. Our experts will
design a world‑class business continuity plan
Data Center Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
to keep your most critical systems and workloads
available—even when disaster occurs. Our team
can help you assess the factors to consider
how to design your plan and the best technology
to implement to achieve continuity in your
systems and more importantly, across your
entire infrastructure.
Enterprise Disk Arrays
and Storage Networking
An organization’s data is one of its most valuable
assets. The need for efficient, reliable, and costeffective storage solutions has never been
greater. Our team of experts can ensure that you
leverage the right storage tiering, classification,
and investments to fuel your infrastructure with
the data it needs to operate. Whether you want
to build a new storage environment or add to
an existing one, we can help.
Server and Desktop Virtualization
To develop and roll out a virtualization strategy
that helps you maximize data center efficiency
and user satisfaction simultaneously is a
monumental challenge. Our team of experts
has implemented virtualized data centers for
customers of all sizes and with widely varied
requirements. Whether you start with our
virtualization workload assessment, adopt
end user computing virtualization, or pursue
a software-defined data center vision, let our
experts lead you with strategies proven to
maximize your investment.
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
Cloud practice
Our Expertise
Cloud Solutions
Connection has qualified experts with years of experience who provide a personalized
engagement with customers to build the right hybrid and public cloud solutions. Our
team helps you discern the factors that should drive the identification and prioritization
of providers that can best host your workloads. Combine the attributes of public cloud
capacity with high-performing network connectivity and the option to co‑locate legacy
or proprietary hardware, and optimal possibilities evolve. That’s where our team excels—
we give you options for delivering a next-generation IT strategy.
Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery
With an on-premises data center connected to
the storage pools or replication services of a
public cloud provider, you get a tiered and resilient
data protection strategy. Whether your goal is
redundancy, primary off-site storage, or a new
storage pool for the delivery of a new application,
our team will design a solution to accomplish
every facet with one of our many public cloud
storage partners.
Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
Don’t be intimidated by the idea of mobile
workforce computing solutions powered by
VDI technology. We will simplify it for you. Our
team can help you identify the best platforms,
approach, and implementation strategy to put the
power of hosted desktops to work for your users.
Unified Communications
as a Service (UCaaS)
Any technology adopted over the past two
decades is now obsolete or will be very soon.
The traditional PBX phone system is a perfect
example. As organizations seek to replace their
aged communication infrastructures, they
quickly realize that new ways of delivering
telecommunication technology can enhance
employee productivity and the customer
experience. Our cloud team can guide you
through the transition. Let us guide the process
to evaluate and implement a hosted UCaaS
solution that will meet your unique needs.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Any organization on a path to fully migrate
to the cloud or a new platform to build their
next application must make critical decisions.
It begins with consideration of the SMAC
stack (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud).
Our team is well versed in this area and
prepared to help navigate the factors that will
lead to proper selection—the right architecture
and the most appropriate provider.
To develop and implement a connectivity strategy
that provides your organization’s users and
applications with the bandwidth and redundancy
to keep your organization running is a daunting
task. Couple that challenge with the ability to
keep costs under control and manage the network
interface effectively, and you face a substantial
challenge. Our team has helped customers design
resilient, cost-effective networks regardless
of environment size or requirements. Put our
knowledge to work for your organization.
Colocation can provide you with additional or
alternate space in which to run your most critical
workloads. Our tier 3 colocation data center
providers can deliver high fidelity data center
capacity through managed data center services
for your equipment. Need a better, safer, and
more resilient environment? We can help you
find the right facility in the right location to
meet your needs.
Digital Realty
Level 3
Peak 10
Thinking Phone Networks
Verizon Terremark
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
Security practice
Our Expertise
Security Solutions
With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, organizations face
cyberattacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication
every day. Our Security Practice offers solutions and services to counteract increased
risk proliferation. Based on your organization’s needs, environment, processes, and
security goals, our experts will provide insights to help you implement the right solutions
to address your critical risks and protect your operations. As an extension of your
IT team, we’re committed to keeping your organization operating safely and securely.
Security Assessment and Audit
Our Security Assessment and Penetration Testing
Services help prioritize where you should focus
resources to reduce overall risk. We will help you
better understand today’s real‑world threats
and how they could affect your organization.
A Penetration Test can uncover a myriad of
vulnerabilities in any environment. It helps
highlight which vulnerabilities are exploitable,
which risks are critical and therefore need to
be addressed with a high priority, and which
items must be remediated over time. Our team
identifies and understands the vulnerabilities
that exist in your environment, then works with
you to develop a prioritized plan to bring that risk
in line with acceptable levels in accordance with
compliance-based security requirements such as
Security Suite Optimization
Industry data shows that more than 30% of all
software security solutions are acquired in suites
to aid in the unification and implementation
of security policies. In other words, where one
mechanism leaves off—another one immediately
picks up. Since security can often be a mix of
investments from multiple vendors, we frequently
see areas where coverage cannot be extended
and also examples where integration between
vendors’ products is less than ideal.
In this engagement, our team works with you
to determine and document your security risks,
outlines gaps in security coverage and protection,
and advises you on the correct steps to take to
address these risks. Our team can help ensure
that whether you’re using one or multiple security
AirWatch by VMware
providers, your environment is adequately
configured and provides the protection, visibility,
and oversight that your organization, users,
and data require. This “Unified Security Stack”
is the goal based on principles of uniform
policy implementation, complete coverage
and seamless security protection.
Check Point
Security Governance, Risk,
and Compliance
A multi-step process is needed to develop
and implement a comprehensive security
management plan. The first step is to have a solid
understanding of your environment’s security
risk level. Let our experts help you identify and
document all policies and controls. Then we will
help validate an ongoing process to maintain
compliance with those policies over time. Our
team draws on years of experience and stays
abreast of current threats in order to help you
develop a well-documented, well-defined security
program from investigation to implementation.
Managed Security Services
Does your organization know where it stands
in relation to company policies and compliance
controls, 24 × 7 × 365? Does your security
infrastructure provide you the protection,
visibility, and oversight to manage security
events? Our Security Practice utilizes a
proven process and industry-leading tools
to continuously monitor and manage your
environment. Our team will give you an accurate
picture of your risk and a solid foundation
to continuously protect, detect, and react to
today’s sophisticated and constantly evolving
security threats.
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
Cisco ISE
Dell Software
Intel Security
Ping Identity
Trend Micro
Mobility practice
Our Expertise
Mobility Solutions
Connection works with customers to extend their on-premises and on-campus
IT infrastructures to the mobile experiences that today’s organizations require. Our
team can work with you to ensure that the necessary network infrastructure is in
place all the way through to securing the data on each device to prohibit unnecessary
or unacceptable risk.
Whether your requirements are small or large, we can help you develop the right
solution with products and services best suited for your mobile device environment.
We support the mobile computing needs of a workforce increasingly on the go.
We offer custom configuration, imaging, delivery, and enhanced security solutions
for mobile data and devices.
Mobile Readiness Survey
Mobile Device Security
A successful on-campus mobile project is reliant
on the wireless network that will support it. Let
our team perform a full site survey to help you
map out where you have the coverage necessary
to succeed and where upgrade or extension
of that network will be necessary to achieve
success. Our team will architect a solution for
you based on our findings and can deliver the full
implementation for you to ensure that you don’t
under or overestimate what’s required.
The first step in any mobility initiative is to ensure
proper security, protect data, and comply with
regulations. With so many different devices,
products, and methods available the choices can
seem complex. Our team of specialists can also
help you deliver Mobile Content Management
(MCM) solutions, which allow organizations to
secure document distribution and mobile access
to files through a native mobile app. Let us help
you sort through the complexity with our diverse
knowledge of today’s market and products, so
your employees can securely access the resources
they need to stay productive.
Mobile Device Management
Whether you are going with an organizationowned device strategy or an employee-owned
device strategy, you will need to ensure that the
registration process and security policies properly
govern those devices as they traverse yours and
other host networks. Ranging from application
delivery and device management policy all the
way to user-level restrictions, our team can ensure
that your MDM project is a success from day one.
Mobile Deployment Services
Deploying a large number of mobile devices
over a large territory can stress the limits of your
IT organization and be very costly. Our warehouse
and configuration center can make this a
budget‑friendly and simple exercise and provide
you with an ongoing solution.
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
AirWatch by VMware
Good Technology
JAMF Software
Windows Mobile
Networking practice
Our Expertise
Networking Solutions
Connection has qualified experts with experience building the right networking
solutions for thousands of customers. Let our in-house experts help you build a
complete IT infrastructure with a solid foundation. Our services address network
efficiencies, collaboration requirements, increased speed, and greater productivity.
In-depth assessment, documentation, consultation, design, planning, installation,
and management services are available for all networking solutions.
Network Architecture
A secure, reliable and resilient network is crucial
for any entity operating in today’s technologydriven world. Our Network Practice can help
you develop a clear understanding of the
capabilities and shortcomings of your existing
infrastructure and chart a plan for remediation.
Engagement goals include:
• Understand existing network infrastructure
• Find new ways to expand capabilities
• Leverage current investments
Rapid network expansion, newly acquired or
merged networks, may leave you with uncertainty
about your overall environment. We can dig deep
into your infrastructure with a comprehensive
discovery of your IT network, document its
current state, and conduct a performance
analysis for each appliance for a holistic view.
We help identify the equipment that should
be upgraded and review performance issues,
such as bottlenecks.
Once issues are uncovered or known issues are
identified, we provide remediation plans to fix the
problems, optimize your network’s performance,
and increase your network capabilities. Let our
experts help you define the right network
architecture for your organization, implement
it according to proven practices, and tune it for
the applications and traffic patterns that exist
in your environment.
Network Access
Network access can be simplified and secured
that provides wireless access that performs
like wired, and effectively supports the policies
that enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
Our Networking Practice works closely with
our Security Practice to create policy‑driven,
on‑demand access solutions with built‑in security
layers and will help you not only optimize your
environment and resolve capacity issues but also
include security measures across all domains.
The social, mobile, collaborative world is upon
us. Regardless of job function, organization,
or industry, technologies to maximize your
efficiency and ability to remain engaged are
essential. Our team has guided organizations
through the careful selection of the right unified
communication and collaboration technologies
that drive innovative efficiencies. Take the journey
with us to find new ways to uncover and act
on information that is often scattered across
your organization.
We will work together with you to unify voice
and video across your organization and build
upon the existing foundation of your network
infrastructure. We can also help you understand
how to expand your existing network footprint
to support the use of video and determine if your
network is ready to support the real-time traffic
and Quality of Service (QoS) necessary for these
types of applications. With network weaknesses
identified and remediated, we’ll help ensure your
IT dollars produce maximum ROI while delivering
high levels of performance.
with one network, one policy, and one
management architecture. Our experts will
take a holistic approach to design a network
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Software practice
Our Expertise
Software Solutions
Connection has qualified experts and decades of experience to help customers build the
right solution stack for their organizations. Our team helps you discern the factors that
should drive the architectural considerations that in turn should drive your investment.
Today’s IT strategy is focused on outcomes, and there’s no greater source than the
software that manages the data and yields the insights that drive our daily work.
Messaging Platform Services
Application and Database Services
A secure, reliable, and resilient messaging
architecture is an essential asset for any entity
to operate in today’s technology-dependent
world. Let our experts help you choose the
right messaging platform for your needs and
implement it according to proven practices.
Today’s information architectures are built
off of the applications that users navigate to
create and manage data. That data then fuels
decision-making, personalization possibilities,
and ultimately the customer experience. From
higher education institutions that want to
deliver a great new admissions application to
growing commercial entities that need to reach
more consumers, the database is at the core
of applications.
Whether you’re migrating to Office 365,
upgrading your on-premises Microsoft Exchange
infrastructure, or moving from a legacy to a
modern messaging platform, our team can
help. Once you’re up and running, we will
further integrate and performance-tune it for
the applications and traffic patterns that exist
or may change in your environment.
Infrastructure Software Services
Software versions change often. With every
passing launch, upgrade, and end of support there
is opportunity, from reconfiguration to redesign.
Let our team of experts show you where your
infrastructure would benefit from re‑architecting
the design and deployment of your Windows and
Active Directory services.
Our team of experts will ensure that you’ve
implemented your database platform in the
most scalable and proven pattern. If you need
performance improvements, let us perform a
healthcheck to ascertain what optimization is
required. For example, if resiliency and failover are
your priorities, let us design and build the solution
that meets those specs.
Once new versions of the core services are in
place, continuing to leverage an old Microsoft
services design is a missed opportunity. Leverage
our team to show you how to get the most from
your investment.
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
AirWatch by VMware
Intel Security
Red Hat
Lifecycle practice
Our Expertise
Connection offers a contemporary IT Service Management (ITSM) model, which
includes service desk offerings, IT staffing, remote infrastructure management, and
lifecycle services. Technology deployments, refresh/upgrades, move/add/change,
maintenance, management, and disposal services are available as projects or as ongoing
managed services. We also maintain configuration and depot services for network and
end‑user assets. Our robust Project Management Office and IT Infrastructure Library
(ITIL) foundation ensures operational excellence throughout every engagement. With
more than 97% of U.S. zip codes available for field services, support locations, and service
desk operations nationwide, we are ready to provide service anytime, anywhere.
IT Service Management
Relevant forces such as aggressive application
adoption, rapidly evolving infrastructure,
end‑user sophistication, and IT functions at the
department level increase constraints on IT.
The resulting adverse effects include the inability
to sustain governance, difficulties safeguarding
infrastructure, and challenges to maintain service
level agreements. However, if you evolve service
desk operations to an ITSM framework—including
remote infrastructure management, provisioning,
and asset management solutions—you gain a
first line of defense to reclaim consistent support
and visibility. Our single point of contact ITSM
framework has proven successful for many
IT leaders. As a national IT solutions provider,
Connection will function as an extension of your IT
department to deliver the ITSM Solutions that give
you a measurable advantage.
Our team offers decades of experience through
comprehensive, yet flexible, services:
• Service Desk
• Maintenance
• Asset Management
• Remote Management
Technology Deployments
As a qualified extension of your IT department,
we deliver lifecycle services from the
data center to the desktop, nationwide.
Solutions range from complete ITSM services
to modular lifecycle functions, as required.
or as an ongoing managed service in a very
customizable and agile framework.
Services span:
• Configuration
• Logistics
• Refreshes
• Upgrades
• Installation
• Maintenance • Disposal
• Device as a Service
IT Staffing Services
Hiring top IT talent is a crucial ingredient in your
organization’s success. Finding those individuals
quickly saves time and money. Connection offers
a full range of Technology Staffing Services to
fit every organization and environment. Our
experienced staffing experts can help you recruit
the best candidates for any project and any
timeline. With our Contract-to-Hire Staffing
Service, organizations gain the freedom to make
hiring decisions with confidence. Our recruitment
team works with your hiring managers to
identify the skills, traits, and experience your
organization requires, and then we find the
best candidates for the job.
Our offerings include:
• Contract
• Contract-to-Hire
• Direct Hire
• Payrolling Services
We can provide the expertise you need to remain
productive, and focused on your job—without the
wait, costs, or risks of traditional hiring.
Services can be executed on a per project basis
For more information, visit
Business Solutions 1.800.800.0014 J Enterprise Solutions 1.800.369.1047 J Public Sector Solutions 1.800.800.0019
Our Lifecycle Services
Delivery Model Is Your
Foundation for Success:
Proven Solutions—Reliable,
measurable, and flexible
services throughout the
engagement process
Win-Win Approach—The most
flexible approach to solving IT
needs and ensuring ongoing
operational excellence
Fully Integrated Offerings—
From discrete lifecycle projects
to ongoing deliverables to
managed service level agreements
including service desk, asset
management, refresh cycles, and
remote infrastructure management
Project Management—
Onboarding support, lifecycle
implementation, and steady state
operations in conjunction with
service delivery teams
Service Delivery Support—Highly
effective service accountability,
ongoing service execution, and
continuous improvement
Full Suite of Services—Extensive
consulting, engineering, process
improvement resources, and
customer advocacy to leverage
optimal client outcomes and
customer satisfaction
WebSPOC™—This ITIL certified
incident management system
includes asset management,
problem management,
contract management,
configuration management
database, and overall
ITSM framework
Optimize IT
Advanced Technology Solutions
Rapid Response Times
We transform technology, turning trusted brands into
complete IT solutions, by adding a unique combination
of IT services, expertise, and support.
Within hours of an order, we can have items picked,
configured, packed, and in-flight to any nationwide location—
well past typical cut‑off times—for next-day delivery.
Dedicated Account Teams
Custom Configuration
Our sales force is the most tenured in the industry,
and they understand your environment and the
external forces that affect it.
Our technicians perform a broad range of services at
our ISO 9001:2008 certified lab, and we can deliver the
next business day.
Industry-Leading Expertise
Support Throughout the IT Lifecycle
Our team of experts can support the assessment, design,
implementation, and management of all your IT projects.
We provide a full line of IT services to maintain your
infrastructure throughout the technology lifecycle, as well
as customizable professional services to support the unique
needs of your organization.
Software Licensing
Our experienced licensing team is ready to help you find
licensing programs that will stretch your software budget
and protect you from liability.
Efficient Procurement Tools
We hold premier certifications with top vendors that allow
us to offer in-demand products and expert technical
service and support.
Our website offers an efficient procurement channel with
benefits that include purchasing authorization control
and the ability to connect eProcurement systems, ERPs,
marketplaces, and more. We also offer flexible payment
options like credit card, P-Card, Net Terms Account, and
leasing programs.
Product Authorizations
Vendor-Agnostic Design
We hold authorizations with top OEM partners. This keeps
us in‑tune with advances in technology and enables us
to offer the most sought‑after products.
We offer recommendations that reflect the best possible
outcome for your needs, regardless of vendor or brand.
Premier Technology Certifications
Strong Industry Partnerships
Convenient Availability
We have priority access to the biggest IT brands
in the industry—granting us the ability to maximize
product availability.
Our award-winning service and deep partnerships with
leading industry suppliers ensure you have access to the
latest technologies and resources.
Visit to learn more.
Solve Your IT Challenges with a
Trusted Technology Partner
With a reliable IT partner on your side, you can turn challenges
into opportunities. A partnership with Connection will deliver value
through in‑depth expertise, savings, and outstanding service.
The IT marketplace is full of companies who claim to be different.
Our experts can show you the Connection difference.
Account Managers
10 Years
Average Tenure
Services, and
Technical Staff
Hours of Training
of Training Hours
Per Engineer
Every Year
IT Products
Completed Every
Year and Growing
» To learn more about our services available to support your IT projects,
contact an Account Manager or visit
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Public Sector Solutions
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