Adil Hassan Habish 1-Address:- Al Khuwair Mobile: Oman – 00968

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Adil Hassan Habish
1-Address:Al Khuwair
Road 4104 H 367
Mobile: Oman – 00968 95634328
Sudan - 00249 905213224
Email: [email protected]
2- Education and Qualifications:
1991 – 1996
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Honours).
Khartoum University – Sudan
Diploma Business and English at Sheffield Business School
Sheffield Hallam University – UK
 Marketing.
 Strategic Management.
 Global Business.
 International Business Finance.
 Business Skills in Context.
2003 – 2004
ASME Membership
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
3- Professional Training:
21 July 2010
Lubricant Oil Technology, PETRONAS Marketing Sudan.
02- 07 January 2010 First Aid Course, Sudanese Red Crescent Society.
27- 28 May 2009
25- 26 May 2009
Coaching for Performance, PETRONAS PERMATA - INSTEP.
04- 05 March 2009
Accident Investigation (Tripod- M), PETRONAS PERMATA INSTEP.
01- 03 March 2009
Hazards and Effects Management Process, PETRONAS PERMATA
01- 03 March 2009
Fire Fighting Rescue and Safety, Civil Defense General
Administration .
20- 24 August 2008
Permit to Work & Confined Space Training, PETRONAS
20July – 07August 2008 Aviation Depot Field Training on Operation, Maintenance and
HSE, PETRONAS Aviation Group.
06- 08 May 2008
Seven Communication Tools, Focus Learning Corporation SDN.
22 July- 17August 2007 Maintenance and Safety in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry,
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program.
 24- 26 June 2003
Time Management, Petroleum Training Center, Sudan.
 16- 17 November 2002
Environmental Considerations in the Petroleum Industry,
Petroleum Training Center, Sudan.
4- Work Experience :a- Nov.2006 - Dec.2010
-Sales Engineer - Lubricants Department
Contributing in developing lubricants sales strategies.
Implementing plans to maximize sales volume and to achieve targeted margin.
Supervising the implementation of action plans to increase lubricant sales through
service stations.
Expanding lubricants distributors network (market penetration).
Conducting customer’s promotion programs.
Carrying out regular market survey.
Preparing monthly sales report.
Maintaining and developing good relationships with customers.
Enhancing customer’s satisfaction by managing customer complaints.
-Senior Executive - Aviation department
Managing the Aviation Upcountry depots (6 depots).
Ensuring that JIG & PETRONAS Aviation Operation manual guidelines are followed.
Reviewing the performance of subordinates.
Identifying subordinates development training needs.
Developing and controlling Aviation Department budget (OPEX and CAPEX).
Managing and monitoring the implementation of HSE MS System (Member in the company
HSE steering committee, leading incident investigation teams and develop petroleum depots
HSE case).
Reviewing and designing work permit documents.
Reviewing and developing the company business process (member of the company business
process team and leading one of the sub team).
-Maintenance Engineer - Operations Department
Designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods.
Executing depots equipment maintenance programs.
Managing maintenance contractors.
Arranging for spare parts procurement.
Supervising maintenance contractors.
b- July 2002 – Oct.2006 Petroleum products Co. Ltd (AMAN Gas)
- July 02 – Feb. 04 Mechanical Engineer – LPG Section
Designing, installing and commissioning of LPG bottling plant.
Planning and scheduling planned and unplanned maintenance.
Arranging for bottling plant spare parts procurement.
Providing technical support for commercial and industrial LPG customers.
Designing and installing of LPG piping network for industrial customers.
- March 04 – Oct. 06 Acting Technical Manager
Leading and managing the LPG team.
Managing Retail Service Stations operation.
Supervising Petroleum storage depots operations.
Planning and preparing of the technical department annual budget.
Evaluating technical department annual performance.
Contributing in the company development strategy shaping.
c- Oct. 1998 – June 2002
Halfa Company for Agriculture Services
Supervising of farm machinery maintenance.
Supervising of small Flour mills operation.
Supervising of Oil mills operation.
d- Oct. 1997 – June 1998 Elie Group of Industries
1/ Elie Pharmaceutical Factory.
 Installing of Pharmaceutical machinery.
 Arranging for spare parts procurement.
2/ Cosmetics and Household Factory.
 Installing of LPG cosmetics equipments (10-ton storage tanks, gas house, hot bath container
inspection, dual-stage gas detector, alarm system).
5-Skills:Effective communication
• Able to communicate effectively with a wide range of clients and colleagues, by showing interest,
carefully listening to needs and appropriately adjusting my message, as demonstrated during my
time at PETRONAS – Superintendent position.
• Strong presentation skills and confidence demonstrated by experience of delivering presentations
in different languages (English and Arabic).
Customer service
• Ability to quickly build rapport with customers and calmly deal with any problems as shown
during my sales experience in high challenging environments at AMAN GAS and PETRONAS
• At PETRRONAS and AMAN GAS demonstrated excellent teamwork skills, such as an ability to
lead and coach teams to a achieve objectives, listen to clients and managers, perform my role to a
high level and support colleagues.
6- References:1-Tilahun Mekonnen
- Senior Lecturer Business – Economics, Sheffield Business School
Mobile: +44 (0) 7957 151835 E-mail [email protected]
2-Eng. Abdelmutal M Osman
- PETRONAS Marketing Sudan General Manager
Mobile: +249 912306440 Email: [email protected]
3-Eng. Mahmud Hassan Ahmed - HOD Aviation
PETRONAS Marketing Sudan, Mobile: +249 912305247
4-Eng. Ali Mohamed Osman - HOD Supply & distribution
PETRONAS Marketing Sudan, Mobile: +249 912391063
5-Eng. El Agib Taha
Petroleum products Co. Ltd General Manager
Mobile: +249 912391783 Email: [email protected]

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