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Adrian J. Moreno
Irving, TX – (214) 280-6676 – [email protected] –
Enterprise web software architect experienced in application design and development, data
modeling, cross-browser user interface design and programming, translating business
requirements to technical specifications, project management and team building seeks a Senior
position which will leverage current and emerging technologies in order to pursue company goals.
Programming: ColdFusion (4-8), Flex 3, OOP, J2EE, iText, XML, Internationalization (i18n), PHP
Database: SQL Server, DB2 (iSeries), MySQL, Oracle, Access
Client-Side: xHTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Ext, YUI), AJAX
Frameworks: Mach-II, Struts
OS: Linux, Unix, Windows
Application Servers: ColdFusion, JBoss, JRun
Software: Eclipse (primary IDE), Flex Builder, Adobe DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Photoshop,
ImageReady, Illustrator, Flash, Acrobat; MS Office Suite
Dallas / Fort Worth ColdFusion User Group
July 2008 – Present
Co-ordinate monthly meeting topics and presentations with group manager. Work with local user
groups to cross-train related technologies.
Study Island
Senior Web Developer
June 2008 – August 2009
Environment: Windows XP/Vista, ColdFusion 8.0.1 Standard on IIS, SQL Server 2005
Implemented object oriented programming concepts and advanced SQL in order to rapidly
develop new features for the public website and the internal CMS. Re-factored legacy application
code, implemented JavaScript libraries to enhance user interface and user experience, mentored
coworkers in order to address software, database and infrastructure issues.
Unitrin Specialty
Senior Web Developer
April 2006 – June 2008
Environment: Windows 2000/2003, Multi-instance ColdFusion 7 J2EE on IIS, DB/2 (iSeries)
Developed object oriented software architecture using object-relational mappings, implemented
resource bundles, introduced other advanced concepts and mentored coworkers in order to
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develop more maintainable and scalable web applications catering to the Insured, their Agents
and other Unitrin partners.
Technical and Team lead on Online Payments Rewrite project.
o ~80% of all insurance payments are processed through this application
o Mach-II framework
o Advanced Rules Engine
o Ajax-enhanced User Interface
o Robust payment tracking system
o Streamlined and modular payment processing
o Support for multiple vendors
Technical lead on Site Rewrite Project.
o Complete update of User Interface using CSS
o Update of server-side code in multiple traditional and Mach-II applications
 Inline queries and business logic moved to Components (CFC files)
 Queries were updated and optimized.
 Majority of inline Javascript and CSS moved to external files.
 Created Javascript libraries
 Site prepared for translation to other languages
RIA Services, Inc. / Nationwide Financial
Specialist, IT Applications Development
June 2004 – March 2006
Environment: 64-bit Red Hat Ent. Server 3.0, ColdFusionMX J2EE on Jboss 3.2.5 with MySQL 4.0
Developed the Contract Management System for RIA Services, Inc., Nationwide Financial and
associated Money Managers & Third-Party Plan Administrators. Based on plan attributes, contract
documents are determined and populated with company and employee data. They are then
converted into secure PDF documents that can be downloaded and printed.
This application turned a 4-hour on average manual process into a 4-minute automatic process.
Rather than waiting for requests to be processed by RIA Services staff, end-users can now
securely log into a website to produce documents, upload employee data and generate reports on
managed investments and other data.
Developed a custom MVC application framework and data abstraction layer in order to rapidly add
new features and transparently manage data from multiple sources.
Web Applications Developer
January 2004 – June 2004
Environment: Windows XP and Windows 2000
Developed Contact Management Application for Lincoln Property Company using ColdFusion 5.
Also designed and developed the associated SQL Server 2000 database. The application imports
contact data from public and internal websites, filters contacts by property to associated real
estate agents and allows agents to manage sales leads efficiently.
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Senior Software Applications Engineer
October 2000 - October 2003
Environment: Proprietary system, JBoss and Oracle8i on Unix (Sun). Windows 2000 desktop.
Developed, Designed and Maintained Features and Tools for GetThere Products using Java, JSP,
ColdFusion MX and proprietary programming language. As Internationalization (i18n) Team
Leader, developed solutions to bring down translation costs and enable text of target language
sites to be easily updated. Along with normal duties, developed product specifications, developed
data models and databases, designed prototype User Interfaces and mentored junior developers.
Translation Management Tool
o Saved company ~$300,000 USD in Translation Costs.
o Manages all user readable text in JSP templates via XML Resource Bundles.
Struts/Tiles Management User Interface
o Maintains "tiles-def.xml" resource files for Struts applications using Tiles.
o Supports multiple Struts applications and multi-developer environment.
o Supports Parent / Child site layout and page inheritance.
Internationalization (i18n) Team Lead
o Streamlined processes for managing translated web products.
o Decreased translation “time to live” by 80%.
o Increased translation reusability by 50%.
WebConnect Flight Availability
o Display 3rd party data using XML, SOAP, JSP and JavaScript
US Airways Off-Line Discount Tool
o Web interface for Oracle database built with Cold Fusion.
Factors of i, Inc.
Web Hosting and Application Development
May 1998 – Present
Environment: CentOS Linux, Apache, ColdFusionMX, MySQL 4.x
Factors of i, Inc. provides Web Hosting on Linux with Apache, ColdFusion or PHP and MySQL. The
company also develops Web Applications, provides Server Management and other Business
Services. Development and consulting is available for ColdFusionMX, J2EE and PHP as well as
Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
 OnlineDisclosure –
o Financial document management system
o Developed to allow client branding of application.
 Metamor Documentation Solutions, Inc.
o CD-ROM Flash interface for software installation and PDF documentation.
 DiamondTrade, LLC -
 Island Publishing
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SWS Technologies
Web Developer
October 1999 - October 2000
Environment: Windows NT desktop. Code developed and deployed on Windows NT.
Developed and maintained internal and public client websites using Cold Fusion and SQL Server.
DiamondTrade, LLC -
Offers high quality, affordable diamonds to the public.
 Secure, web-based Administrative section
 Automated Inventory update and pricing application
 Dynamic product catalog
 Client of Factors of i, Inc. as of Q2 2000
Island Publishing
Financial Document Publisher
 Secure, web-based Administrative section
 Database interface to manage document meta-data and file upload.
 Island Publishing is at the top of the list of companies offering this type of service.
 Client of Factors of i, Inc. as of Q2 2000
University or North Texas
- School of Visual Arts
- School of Library & Information Sciences
- Continuing Education Department
- Campus Bookstore
Part-time Web Developer
August 1997 – October 1999
Taught separate HTML and JavaScript classes.
Maintained multiple websites for the School of Visual Arts.
Developed first online classrooms for SLIS Master’s Degree programs.
Built class websites for various faculty members.
Maintained original UNT Bookstore site.
References provided upon request.
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