Pax Romana

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Chapter 15 section 2
Pax Romana
What changes did the Pax Romana bring to
Pax Romana
The peace that Augustus brought to Rome
was called the Pax Romana.
It lasted for 200 years (27 B.C. to A.D. 180)
During this time, Rome and its people
prospered, civilization spread, and cultures
Pax Romana
TradeWith peace came increased trade.
The same coins were used throughout the
There were no tariffs or taxes placed on
goods brought into the country or imports.
Pax Romana
Money and goods moved freely around the
The area was cleared of pirates and shipping
was a big business
Luxury items were carried through the empire
from China via roads (famous Roman Road
was called the Appian Way)
Pax Romana
Increased trade meant more business for
Italy became a manufacturing center for
pottery, bronze, and woolen cloth
New Rules for all CDSD
Middle Schools
No high fives or fist bumps in middle school: Reasoning: Safety hazard and people
feel left out.
No laughing: Reasoning you are here to learn not to play around.
No Gum/Candy: Reasoning: Destruction of school property/Safety issue.
Bathroom breaks are limited to two times per week: Reasoning: Too many students
are roaming the halls.
All materials such as paper, pencils, use of an extra text book must be paid for:
Paper will be $1.00 a sheet, Pencils will be $1.00 and text book rentals will be $ 0.50.
The money collected will be used to purchase more material for the class. Reasoning:
Budget concerns.
Questions to ask yourself
1. Why did the Romans change the laws set down on the Twelve
2. Why is it important that Roman juris prudentes make the
laws that are fair to everyone in the Roman Empire?
3. Why was it important to make Roman law standardized across
the empire?
Pax Romana
Roman laws went through major changes.
Because times were different the 12 Tables
were changed or reformed.
Roman judges had to write new laws that
were fair to both Romans and non-Romans.
They empire was so large and growing
everyday so laws had be standardized.
Special lawyers and legal writers called juris
prudentes helped the Roman judges do this.
Pax Romana
New principles developed with the laws:
Laws were reasonable
Everyone was equal before the law
A person was innocent until proven guilty
Roman legal principles formed the basis of
the laws of most western countries in modern
times and the Christian church.
Table XII
• Twelve Tables
• Whatever the People has last ordained (established) shall be held as binding as binding
(secure) by law.
• What does it mean?
• Roman people have the final say on what the laws are.
• Reworded to make it fair
• Citizen of Rome will have the power to determine laws.
• Justification
• We wrote this because it gives a voice in lawmaking to all citizens of Rome, including
people from newly conquered territory.
Table I
• Twelve Tables
• If the plaintiff summons the defendant into court he has to go. If the defendant does not go the
plaintiff shall call witnesses. Then only he shall take him by force. If he refuses or flees, he plaintiff
shall lay hands on him.
• What does it mean?
• If the defendant doesn’t show up to court he could get beat up by the plaintiff and forced to go.
• Reworded to make it fair
• Have the police apprehend the defendant
• Justification
• The police are a neutral entity.
To Summarize:
The Pax Romana was a _____________that
started when ____________________
became Emperor.
2 important things that came out of it were
• 3-Identify the 3 laws you think are the most unfair
• 2- tell two reasons why they have to be changed
• 1 – What’s one rule/law today that you think should
be changed?

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