The WONDERFUL Regions of North Carolina

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August 27
Warm Up
Take out your notebook and binder.
Complete the last question on the back page of
the Think, Pair, Share from yesterday. Remember
to answer the question in complete sentences and
to the best of your ability.
The WONDERFUL Regions of
North Carolina
The Tidewater
• the Tidewater in the East (located next to
Atlantic Ocean)
• Algonquian speaking tribes: Roanoke and
• Topography - sandy, flat, sounds, beach, and
Barrier Islands/Outer Banks
• this is the region first reached by Europeans by boat colonization was difficult because of barrier islands
(Outer Banks)
• Roanoke Settlement - Lost Colony - failed
The Coastal Plain
• the Coastal Plain east of Piedmont, west of
• Tuscarora Tribe
• Topography - best soil in the state - lots of
• Sandhills leftover from ancient shoreline
The Piedmont
• the Piedmont in the East of Mountain Region
• Catawba Tribe
• Topography - hills and red clay
– not good for growing crops
– dairy farms and pig farms
• central location with large cities: Charlotte (biggest city)
Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro
The Mountains
• the Mountains in the West (located next to TN)
• Cherokee Tribe
• Topography is mountainous
– Appalachian Mountain range
– Blue Ridge Mountains, Smoky Mountains, Black Mountains
– much of the land is covered in mountains - can
only farm in coves or valleys
– Biggest economic industries:
• tourism
• Christmas tree farms

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