Specifying de-rating factors.

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Emergency lighting - Specifying de-rating factors.
De-rating factors can be applied by the user in 2 screens:
Configure luminaire
for emergency lighting
Calculation manager –
Room X - Emergency lighting
This screen is used to define all
factors to be applied to the luminaire.
This screen is used to define all factors to
be applied to the room.
It is left to the user to apply factors appropriately.
Examples of factors:
BLF = Ballast Lumen Factor
is a luminaire factor.
MLF = Minimum Lumen Factor (sometimes referred to as K factor)
is a luminaire factor derived from:
F5 = The light output at 5 sec
F60 = The light output at 1 minute
Fnom = The light output when supplied at the nominal emergency supply voltage
Fend = The light output at the end of rated duration
ELIFE = Maintained Ratio to allow for lamp lumen depreciation
is a luminaire factor.
Typical values are:
1.00 for Non Maintained operation
0.85 for Maintained operation
SF = Emergency Luminaire Service Factor, to allow for the effects of dirt and ageing
is either a luminaire factor or a room factor.
Typical value is 0.8

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