Things Fall Apart – PART III Highlights

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Things Fall Apart – PART III Highlights
Use your novel and your study guide notes to complete the following BIG PICTURE questions with your group. One
person needs to write the answers on this paper, so that I can collect them. However, all group members should add
the notes to their study guide as needed.
1. How has Umuofia changed during Okonkwo’s exile. Focus on how the following three points are described in
Chapters 20-21. (We may add these point to the “Changes” chart)
 Religion (p. 174)
 Government (p. 175)
 Trade (p. 176)
2. How are Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown different? (review Chapters 21-22, p. 178, 171, 184)
3. Trace the events that lead up to the climax of Okonkwo’s story. (We may add this points to our plot diagram.)
1. Enoch (the python killer) also unmasks an egwugwu (ancestral spirit)
4. In the last paragraph of the novel, the point of view shifts although the narrative is still third-person. Whose point
of view is shown in this paragraph? Why do you think Achebe makes this shift?
Achebe adopts an ironic tone in the final paragraph. Irony means that there are unexpected or contradictory
actions or statements. List at least three examples of irony in the last paragraph:

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