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The 2003 International Building Code (IBC)
The printed document, three (3) copies of which are on file in the office of the village
clerk, being marked and designated as the International building code (IBC) 2003, as
published by the International Code Council (ICC), Inc, (herein sometimes referred to as
"building code") is hereby adopted as the building code of the village; for the control of
buildings and structures as herein provided; and each and all of the regulations,
provisions, penalties, conditions and terms of said International building code are hereby
referred to, adopted and made a part hereof, as if fully set out in this chapter, with the
additions, insertions and changes, if any, prescribed in section 9-1-2 of this chapter.
The hereinafter designated sections or portions of said ICC International Building Code
2003 shall be revised, modified, added to, or changed as follows:
Section 101.1 insert: Village of Monee, Will County, Illinois.
Section 101.4.1 Electrical – Change “ICC Electrical Code” to “National Electric Code”
Section 101.4.4 Plumbing- Change “International Plumbing Code” to “Illinois State
Plumbing Code”
Section 105.2 Work exempt from permit.
#1 Replace “120” with “60”.
#2 Delete entire sentence.
#3 Delete entire sentence.
#5 Delete entire sentence.
#6 Delete entire sentence.
Section 105.5, Expiration:
After “work has commence,” Add “If work is suspended or abandoned for a period of six
(6) months after the time of commencing work, the site shall be cleared, cleaned, graded
for drainage, and seeded.”
Add Section 106.2.1 Grading Survey. At the time of application for any new
construction, the applicant shall furnish the Village, a plat of survey, signed and surveyed
by an Illinois Licensed land Surveyor containing and/or portraying the following
1. The elevation of and the four (4) corners of the lot;
2. The footprint of the structure in relation to all property lines;
3. Proposed elevation of top of foundation and actual elevation of curb, if any;
4. All drainage swales and direction of surface water flow on the property;
5. Location of all public utilities, including telephone and electrical pedestals;
6. Utility service routing lines which should be run parallel with and at least two
(2) feet within side property line;
7. Proposed finished grade.
Add Section 106.2.2 Certification of Top of Foundation Wall Elevation.
After installation of foundation, drain tile, Damp-proofing and Back fill but before any
further work, the applicant, shall submit to the Village, a current plat of survey
certification from an Illinois Licensed Surveyor that the Top of Foundation elevation and
the structure footprint conforms with all applicable Village ordinances and an approved
grading survey with a tolerance of plus or minus six (6) inches from the top of
Add Section 106.2.3 Final Plat of Survey.
Within four (4) months after issuance of a Temporary Occupancy Certificate, the
Building Permit applicant shall deliver to the Village a current plat of survey signed by
an Illinois Licensed Surveyor or engineer.
1. Conforms to all applicable ordinances and regulations of the Village.
2. Conforms to all Village approved final engineering plans and specifications;
3. Conforms to the grading survey showing grade contour lines, including the
final grade.
No building permit shall be issued for an intended building unless the proposed drawings,
earthwork and other improvements are in conformance with the site development plan
approved previously as part of the application for a building permit.
Following completion of the building, and prior to issuance of an occupancy permit, a
final grading survey, as well as a Final Grading Certification, shall be required after the
lot has been final graded and topsoil is in place. This survey shall be a topographic survey
by a registered land surveyor of the state of Illinois depicting final grade spot elevations
at all lot corners, at twenty-five (25) foot intervals along the perimeter of the lot, and at
all locations of spot elevations shown on the approved grading plan. These elevations
shall be referenced to U.S.G.S. datum.
A copy of the survey and the Final Grading Certification shall be furnished to the
Village prior to occupancy permit being issued.
Add Section 106.7 Review by Village Engineer:
In addition to complying with all Village and other requirements, no building
permit shall be issued for any commercial development or commercial property, or
industrial development or industrial property, until all of the proposed development plans
have been reviewed and approved by the Village Engineer.
(Ord. 1025, 9-23-1998)
Add Section 107.2.1 All Weather Road Requirements:
In addition to complying with all Village and other requirements, an all weather
road must be in existence in each new phase of a subdivision development, before any
building permits may be issued.
(Ord. 1006, 2-25-1998)
Add Section 108.2.1 Table I - Schedule of Permit Fees
New Residential StructuresNew construction – Includes Electric, Plumbing, and HVAC
(1) Residential -Single Family
(2) Townhouses- Each dwelling Unit
(3) Apartments- Each dwelling Unit
$ 500.00
- Each Floor Common Area
$ 300.00
(4) Condominiums- Each dwelling Unit
$ 500.00
- Each Floor Common Area
$ 300.00
*Early start for footing/foundation
$ 300.00
(5) Clubhouse/ Shared Accessory Structures
0.35 psf
(6) Parking Shelters- Per Covered Stall
$ 50.00
New construction - Additions – Accessory- Renovations- $50.00 minimum
Cost per square foot
Square footage
Up to 200,000
200,001 - 300,000 =
300,001 - 400,000 =
400,001 - 500,000 =
500,001 – 600,000 =
600,001 - 700,000 =
700,001 - 800,000 =
800,001 and up =
New construction - Additions - Accessory
$0.30 per sq ft for all areas, but not less than $50.00 minimum
(1) Replacing of roof shingles.
(2) Replacing existing blacktop driveway.
(3) Changing of windows & Doors per house.
(Unless headers are altered or any structural changes are made).
(4) Siding replacement.
(5) Decks/ sunroom.
(6) Patios, Concrete flat work, and Handicapped ramps.
(7) Detached Garage
(8) Above ground Pools w/Electric
$ 85.00
(9) In ground Pool w/ Electric & Plumbing
(10) Sheds w/o electric
(12) Additions & Remodels
$ 50.00
$50.00 + $0.05 per linear foot
Over 1000 linear foot
0.35 psf for all
areas, but not less
than $50.00 minimum
(1) Residential - New Service –
- Remodeling/Addition
$ 75.00
$ 75.00
(2) Commercial- New construction –
- Remodeling
Less than 500sq ft
(1) Residential – Installation of cleanout –
- Remodeling/Addition
$ 50.00
$ 75.00
(2) Commercial- New construction –
- Remodeling
Less than 500sq ft
(1) Residential - Replacement –
- Remodeling/Addition
$ 50.00
$ 75.00
(2) Commercial- New construction –
- Remodeling
Less than 500sq ft
(1) Residential$100.00
(2) Commercial-
$0.50 per square foot for all areas, but not less than $50.00 minimum
Plan Review
(1) Residentiala. Single family
b. Townhouses- per structure
c. Apartment Buildings
d. Additions or second stories
e. Garages
f. Decks
$500.00 per floor
Plus $50.00 per unit
(2) Commercial-
$0.15 psf
MIN $600.00
Where the Building Official requires the review of building plan and
specifications by a professional engineer or architect, the builders or developers
shall pay the actual cost of the plan review plus a $50.00 administration fee.
Building Code Appeal Application fee
Permit refund processing fee
Occupancy Inspections
Commercial/ Industrial
(ADD) Section 108.5.1. Clean-Up Bond:
Prior to the issuance of a building permit in respect to new work, alteration and
repairs to existing buildings, or the moving of a building or the issuance of a permit for
demolition of a building or structure, the party making application for such permit shall
deposit with the Village of Monee a cash bond in the amount of $500.00 for any work
with a valuation in excess of $2,000.00, to assure that all refuse, rubbish, building
materials or other items resulting from the work for which the permit was issued, shall be
removed or cleaned up upon completion of the project, and basic landscaping is
completed. Said bond shall be refunded by the Village to the party depositing same upon
final inspection by the Building Inspector, provided that the Building Inspector shall
certify to the Village that there is no such item remaining upon the subject property upon
the completion of the project, and basic landscaping is completed. In the event that such
items remain upon the subject premises at the time of final inspection, or in the event
basic landscaping is not completed, the party making said deposit shall be given written
notice mailed to said individual at the address shown on the building permit, notifying
said individual that unless said items are removed within ten (10) days from the date of
mailing of said notice by regular mail, the Village shall, at its option, cause said items to
be removed or basic landscaping completed and deduct the cost thereof from the cash
bond deposit. Any action taken by the Village under this section shall not relieve any
party subject to this ordinance from liability or responsibility in removing such items
described in this section and/or taking any other action under any other provisions of this
(Ord. 988, 9-10-1997; amd. 1999 Code)
Section 110, entitled "Certificate of Occupancy". Amend by adding after section 110.4,
the following:
Section 110.5 Certain Facilities Required Before Granting of Occupancy Permit.
110. 5.1 Final Certificate of Occupancy. Except as hereafter provided, no
occupancy permit shall be granted by any governing official for the use of any building,
structure or Land Improvement within a subdivision approved for platting or replatting or
for the use of any building, structure or other improvement upon unsubdivided land or
upon land exempt from the provisions of the Illinois Plat Act (765 ILCS 205/1 et seq.)
until all required utility facilities have been installed and made ready to service the
building, structure or Land Improvement, and the roadways providing access to the lot,
lots or unsubdivided tracts containing such improvements have been constructed or are in
the process of construction and are suitable for vehicular traffic. Provided, however, that
to be declared eligible for vehicular traffic, paved roadways shall have been completed,
up to but not including, the application of the final surfacing.
110.5.2 Temporary Occupancy Permit. The Village official authorized to issue an
occupancy permit for the use of a building, structure or Land Improvement is authorized
to issue a temporary Certificate of Occupancy allowing use and/or occupancy of the
building, structure or Land Improvement for a period of up to, but not in excess of, six (6)
months in duration, provided that each of the following conditions have been satisfied:
1. The applicant has deposited adequate security with the Village in an amount of
not less than 150% of the cost of completion of that portion of construction and/or
landscaping remaining to be completed IAW the approved plans and specifications.
2. The applicant has demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence, to the
satisfaction of the Building Official, that allowing temporary occupancy or use of
the building, structure or Land Improvement will pose no hazard to the potential
users or occupants thereof or to the public in general. The foregoing requirement that financial security be filed with the Village
to ensure abatement of violations may be waived by the Building Commissioner or by his
or her designee for those property owners who have achieved a demonstrated record of
bringing their property into full compliance with all requirements of the Building and
Housing Code in a diligent and timely manner. The requirement of adequate financial
security, however, shall be strictly enforced in instances of repeated non-compliance,
demonstrated bad faith, or lack of due diligence on the part of a property owner.
Add Section 110.6 Failure to Timely Complete Landscaping.
If all landscaping is not completed prior to the permit within the allowed time, the Village
shall complete the landscaping, either itself or by its agent, and deduct all actual costs and
expenses from the deposit of 150% over the estimated costs being held by the Village of
Monee. In addition, the Village shall have other such remedies to require the property
owner to complete the landscaping as required.
Add Section 110.7 Failure to Complete Sidewalks.
If all exterior concrete flatwork is not completed prior to the permit within the allowed
time, the Village shall complete the exterior concrete flatwork, either itself or by its
agent, and deduct all actual costs and expenses from the deposit of 150% over the
estimated costs being held by the Village of Monee. In addition, the Village shall have
such other remedies to require the property owner to complete the exterior concrete
flatwork as required.
Add Section 110.8 Penalty.
If the applicant (General Contractor) fails to submit the Final Grading Certificate to the
Village of Monee within the time permitted under this Ordinance, the General Contractor
shall be subject to a fine of not less than Hundred ($100.00) Dollars nor more than Seven
Hundred Fifty ($750.00) Dollars for each day the violation occurs and in addition thereto,
such failure is prima facie evidence for the revocation of the General Contractor's license
to conduct business in the Village of Monee.
Replace the whole Section 112.3 “Qualifications” with “Section 112.3 Membership of Board:
The Board of Appeals shall consist of the members of the Zoning Board of Appeals of
the Village of Monee, Will County, Illinois, acting from time to time.
ADD to end of Section 113.4 Violation penalties “IAW Village Code 1-4-1 A.
ADD Section 708.2.1 Fire separation Requirements: All structures of Residential Group
R shall be constructed of concrete/ masonry material. Interior walls thereof separating
units or apartments shall have a minimum of a two (2) hour fire-resistance rating.
Section 708.3 Fire resistance rating. - Exception #2 Change (½ hour) to (1 hour)
Section 710.3 Fire resistance rating. - Exception Change (½ hour) to (1 hour)
(ADD) Section 901.8 KNOX ELECTRONIC CUT OFF SWITCH: A Knox Model (KS2P) pre-emptive cut off switch is required in all buildings of all Use Groups with multiple
electric panel rooms or locations or in buildings with a service of 800 or more amps. The
cut off switch shall be Located at the main front entrance or vestibule in which the Knox
Box is located or other approved location in accordance with the Monee Fire Protection
District Fire Prevention Bureau and Mounted not higher than 6 feet off the floor.
Section 903.2 Where (sprinklers) Required. (Add) “In all construction Use Group’s, if
the building area exceeds 5,000 square feet, an approved sprinkler system shall be
provided unless an area less than 5,000 square feet is specified for that grouping.”
(Add to the end of Section 903.3.1 Standard) MULTIPLE STORY BUILDINGS: In
multiple story buildings, provide floor control valves with water flow switches for each
(ADD) Section 903.3.5 WATER SUPPLY: The fire protection system water supply shall
be separate from the domestic water supply. Provide separate lead-ins from the public
water main.
Section 907.2 Where required(Fire alarm and Detection System) (ADD) In new and
remodeled /renovated building a monitored automatic fire detection system shall be
installed and maintained in full operational condition in all use groups in this code.
(Add) Section 911.2 FIRE PUMPS: All fire pumps shall have an outside test header.
Provide an OS&Y gate valve on all fire pump test headers. Provide a ball drip between
the OS&Y control valve and the outside test header. The test header shall have the
minimum 2 1/2 foot test valves required by NFPA 20.
(Add) Section 905.2.1 STORAGE HOSE VALVES: In all warehouse storage areas,
where storage exceeds 12 feet high, provide inside 2 1/2 inch fire hose valves with 1 1/2
inch reducer to a 1 1/2 inch connection with 100 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose and fog nozzle
shall be spaced at each door entrance to the warehouse and/or storage area. Provide
additional fire hose valves so that no portion of the warehouse and/or storage area is more
than 120 feet maximum travel distance to a fire hose valve. Show the location of all
obstructions and/or racks on the drawing.
The fire hose valves system piping shall be:
a. A separate piping system.
b. Hydraulically calculated for a minimum of 250 gpm at 75 psi to the most
hydraulically remote fire hose valve.
Section 912.1 FIRE SUPPRESSION: All automatic fire suppression systems shall be
supervised by connection to the Peotone Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in
accordance with NFPA 72.
1. Underground gate valves with roadway boxes.
Section 912.2 FIRE PROTECTION SIGNALING SYSTEMS: All required fire
protective signaling systems shall transmit alarm and trouble signals to the Peotone
Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in accordance with NFPA 72, and the Fire
Prevention Code listed in Chapter 35.
1. Single and multi-station detectors as required by section 920.0.
2. Smoke detectors in patient sleeping rooms in building of Use Group I-2 (see
section 409.5.1).
(Ord. 988, 9-10-1997; amd. 1999 Code)
Section 1612.3 Establishment of Flood Hazard Areas.
Insert jurisdiction: Will County, Illinois
Insert Date: September 6, 1995
Section 1808.1 UNDERGROUND CONNECTION REQUIRED: Sump pumps for all
residential buildings shall discharge to a storm sewer or drainage line, if one is available,
to serve the property. Connections are to be made by a contractor licensed by the Village,
including the connection to the storm sewer and the entire pipe from the house to the
storm sewer.
(Ord. 1123, 2-14-2001)
Section 1808.2 DISCHARGE LINE: The sump pump discharge line shall come out of the
house above the ground and turn downward using an elbow. It shall then extend just into
a gravity receiving pipe that is sticking out of the ground a few inches. The gravity pipe
shall be four (4) inch diameter PVC and shall have a minimum of one (1) percent grade
to the storm outlet location.
Section 1808.3 CONNECTION: The tap into the storm sewer main shall be made based
on the type of receiving storm sewer pipe as follows:
N-12 STORM SEWER (Heavy Black Plastic Pipe with a Smooth
Interior): An "INSERTA TEE" by Advanced Drainage Systems shall be used for
connection of the four (4) inch PVC gravity sump pump line to the N-12 storm pipe.
CONCRETE STORM SEWER: A hole shall be sawed into the existing
concrete storm sewer or storm structure. Three galvanized metal screws, a minimum of
two (2) inches long, are to be installed in the end of the four (4) inch PVC sump pump
discharge pipe, at a distance from the end equal to the thickness of the concrete, to create
a stoop barrier. The screws shall be equally spaced around the PVC pipe and screwed in
no more than 1/4 inch. The four (4) inch PVC pipe is to be inserted into the concrete until
the screws rest against the outside of the concrete causing the end of the PVC pipe to be
flush with the interior of the concrete pipe or structure. The PVC pipe shall then be
concreted and/or grouted in place with care taken to prevent the cement materials from
entering the pipe or structure.
Section 1808.4 INSPECTIONS REQUIRED: Trenches and connections are not to be
backfilled until an inspection is made by the Village Inspector.
(Ord. 1117, 1-10-2001)
Section 3410.2 Applicability (Compliance Alternatives)
Insert Date: (Date to match adoption date.)

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