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Pasadena Showcase House of Design
Interior Designers
Powder Room:
After Night Design
Kassy Dieujuste
11125 Sarah St.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
B: (818) 482-5909
C: (818) 842-5909
F: (818) 762-6683
[email protected]
The Italian Renaissance is the inspiration for this bathroom, creating a nice and elegant
look for the powder bath that you can escape to while you’re at home. Entering the
bathroom, you are greeted by the soft tone of patina creek – a soothing color for the eye, as
the chandelier cascades its divine light to open up the space while the natural light seeps
through the sheer drapery to indulge your sense to the mosaic floor design, that
encompasses and elegant border with rounded edges to soften up and keep balance in the
As your eyes wander around the room, the touch of comfort and elegance is surrounding
you as you take a glimpse of the small settee and an antique Italian carved salon table. The
settee provides the comfort while the Italian carved salon table with a marble polished
finish that holds a Versailles faucet provides the elegance in the room. As you take a
glimpse into the toilet stall, you are showered with a petite, but matching, chandelier that
is centered to the room and paneling that encompasses a delicate floral pattern in the
room to enhance this luxurious experience in the Powder Room Bathroom getaway.
Amy Devault Interior Design, Inc.
Amy Devault
Abby Albreight
509 Santa Clara Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
B: (310) 450-6626
C: (310) 383-8099 - Amy
F: (310) 450-6667
[email protected]
The Library will embrace the beauty and character of the house. The metallic leather
upholstered ceilings with nail head accents that mimic the scroll pattern of the leading
fabric will immediately excite every person who enters this space. Beautiful pythonprinted fabric on the wall will give texture, a slight sheen and warmth.
A gorgeous area rug that floats over driftwood-toned hardwood floors will add balance,
while the dark-stained bookcases and paneling will accentuate the owner’s contemporary
book collection along with worldly treasures collected throughout the years. A goldthreaded linen fabric will line the bookcases to pop up the accessories.
The library will be filled with exquisite furnishings with heavy textures to welcome guests
to relax and pick up a book. The stunning printed linen drapes accented in the beautiful
silk-scrolled fabric in colors of the palette surround the room and add warmth and depth.
Now, slow down, have a seat and lose yourself in The Library.
Lower Level Kitchen:
CTR Builders, Inc.
Irma Clark-Johnson
3518 Ocean View Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91208
Young Adult’s Bedroom:
David Dalton Inc.
David Dalton, Designer
Meg Rottman, Marketing Director
5447 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019
B: (818) 249-3281 ext.22
F: (818) 248-7935
[email protected]
B: (323) 525-3155
F: (323) 525-3156
C: (562) 440-9055 - Meg
[email protected]
[email protected]
A bold, dramatic new line of indoor/outdoor fabric prints has been chosen by interior
designer David Dalton, ASID for use at the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House. He
will be creating the personality for “Guest Sweet,” the upstairs bedroom/bath suite at the
top of the grand staircase. Assisting him with the bath space is designer Cory Pernicano.
The fabrics, which will be showcased for the first time by Dalton, are from the premier line
created for F. Schumacher & Co by renowned fashion designer Trina Turk.
Inspire by the multicultural mix, architecture and landscape of Los Angeles, the Trina
Turk fashion collections have incorporated the best of classic American Sportswear. In
addition to her fashion lines, Turk owns stores in Los Angeles, New York and Palm
Springs. Her brand new Schumacher line of interior/exterior fabrics were inspired by
vintage fashion from Trina’s collection.
David Dalton, Inc., established in 1987, is a Los Angeles-based interior design firm
specializing in both commercial and residential design projects. Dalton has designed
homes, offices, spas and retail spaces in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville,
Miami, and New York for the past 20 years. He has been seen on such design television
shows as Designer’s Challenge, and Dwell Living; and has been featured in Architectural
Digest, Western Interiors, Elle Décor, Interiors and Robb Report.
Young Adult’s Bathroom:
Cory Pernicano Design
Cory Pernicano
2041 North Vermont Avenue, Suite 20
Los Angeles, CA 90027
O/F: (323) 667-1390
C: (323) 578-3994
[email protected]
Media Room:
David Reaume Construction & Design, Inc.
David Reaume
Dawnette Whitcomb
Jim O’Halloran
Lily Hoang
Marc McGuan
161 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105
C: (626) 215-7810
B: (626) 795-7810
F: (626) 793-1687
[email protected]
The David Reaume Design Team transformed an unused basement to a functional living
space for the owners. The space was turned into multi-purpose room which will be used as
a media/theatre room, family room, and wine cellar. The design concept of this room is
“transitional,” a mix between traditional and contemporary designs. The walls are covered
by custom panels designed by Dawnette Whitcomb. The custom paneling incorporates
crushed velvet, silk, antique mirror, and wood. The fabrics used are in tones of sea foam
green and brown with gold-accented accessories and trim.
A coffered ceiling with crown molding creates a library feel, painted in medium walnut
and gold. Cream Venetian plaster on the walls tie the light and dark colors together.
A 36” high pony wall allows for a floating u-shaped sofa in the middle of the space. This
sofa creates creative seating and separates the rest of the room from the dedicated theatre;
creating a setting ideal for viewing movies and singing karaoke, however without
completely secluding one area from another during large gatherings. This u-shaped sofa is
on a raised platform and faces the 92” projector screen.
A wet bar was added in between what used to be two exposed structural columns. This
gives purpose to the columns, makes use of the unused space and provides functionality
making it easy for the home owners to entertain guests. On the opposite side of the room
the two exposed structural columns were transformed into a bench seat to provide
additional seating.
To provide an open feeling and take advantage of the media room’s close proximity to the
backyard and patio the designer incorporated infinity Doors. These doors were provided
by NanaWall Systems and provide a large accessible space that flows right into the back
Wine Cellar:
David Reaume Construction & Design, Inc.
David Reaume
Dawnette Whitcomb
Jim O’Halloran
Lily Hoang
Marc McGuan
161 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105
C: (626) 215-7810
B: (626) 795-7810
F: (626) 793-1687
[email protected]
A wine cellar was a smart choice for an addition to the basement because of the natural
cooling system. It is located at the opposite end of the media room from the infinity doors.
Custom cabinets were created along the walls to display wine while adding décor and
ambiance to the room. The flooring used in the cellar was made from recycled wine
barrels. The cellar also features two large temperature controlled Thermador wine
refrigerators. To help label and locate all the wine, a wine locating system was included.
The cellar holds about 1,000 bottles of wine and was created to be big enough to include a
wine tasting table and chairs, providing an intimate place to entertain guests.
Massage Room & Spa Bath:
David Reaume Construction & Design, Inc.
David Reaume
Dawnette Whitcomb
Jim O’Halloran
Lily Hoang
Marc McGuan
161 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105
C: (626) 215-7810
B: (626) 795-7810
F: (626) 793-1687
[email protected]
The massage room and spa bath was created to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The
massage room and a spa bath are separated by four paneled shoji screens, which is a
Japanese door made of rice cloth.
The two rooms are tied together with the use of natural pebble stone, stone slabs, and dark
wood. This not only creates the flow, but the contrast of the dark flooring and natural tile
and stones creates a tranquil and refreshing environment.
A built-in waterfall was included in the massage room to create a relaxing spa-like feeling.
Hidden speakers allow for soothing music without the bulky equipment.
Kohler’s brand new Aromatherapy fixture line was used to the give the bathroom a spalike atmosphere. The therapeutic tub is uniquely placed in front of the one-of-a-kind
custom shower. The shower is enclosed with intricate hand carved 31 x 31 imported
emperador rose panels, a full overhead rain shower, hand held sprayer, steam shower, and
a soothing color changing system.
Debutante’s Bedroom:
Design & Style
Preston Lee
Jennifer Dyer
1630 Hasiam Terrace
W. Hollywood, CA 90069
B: (310) 358-0953
F: (310) 358-0953
[email protected]
[email protected]
This space will be designed to reflect a sophisticated motif and rich color palette. Using
deep jewels tones, Design and Style will create a feminine canopy bed with fabric
cascading down from the ceiling at the corners. The same fabric will be used on the
drapery. It is the designers’ philosophy to have unique furnishings and therefore, they
often use vintage pieces that are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. The same will
hold true for this space as they have selected pieces from top vintage stores around Los
Angeles. Dramatic wallpaper will be used on the entire ceiling. The designers have
selected black and white photography from a top NYC gallery to be used as the artwork.
Back Stairway, Landing & Hallway:
Designs of the Interior
Genaro Lagdameo, Designer
Karen Schoener, Owner
Wendy Huffman
Cynthia Cady
21723 Vanowen St.
Canoga Park, CA 91303
B: (818) 346-3684
C: (818) 400-5342 - Genaro
C: (661) 253-4243 - Karen
F: (818) 346-3609
[email protected]
The passageway from the second floor bedroom to the main kitchen will be an elegant
journey that soothes the eye and eases the mind. As one talks through the hallway, one’s
path will be illuminated by two Regency wooden plaque wall lamps, mounted on customupholstered wall panels. An Asian-inspired fabric suggests feng shui and harmony
between the traveler and his environment. Most walls will be light in color, textured with a
strie pattern, but some will work as contrast to stimulate interest.
A carved beechwood bench with double-weave caning is featured on one wall. Its graceful
swan-like curves will surely capture attention and will offer a quiet moment of respite.
Two pedestals of different heights in the grandest Corinthian style will stand next to the
bench to fill the corner and add drama. A luscious silk stripe material, faithful to the color
palette and style, will tie the window treatment to all of the other elements in the
passageway. To add balance and storage functionality, a stunning, French-styled cabinet
will be positioned adjacent to the window treatment.
Dining Room:
Interior Devine
Paul Devine
30 South Oakland Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
B: (626) 795-5025
C: (626) 644-5444
F: (626) 795-1978
[email protected]
When Alice Grows Up.
When Alice slips through her adult looking glass, she will not be holding a teacup, but a
fine cut crystal wine goblet. Her new world will be a sumptuous dream attained.
The room's walls will be covered in dark grey antique cut velvet.
Grand 18th century engravings by Peter Paul Rubens will fill the walls, skillfully framed in
the same fabric as the wall upholstery. A two-toned Art Deco table will be in perfect
balance with the newly refinished ebonized floor. The designer will commission several
top fashion designers to create a white couture slipcover based on their fashion
collections. It will be like inviting beautifully dressed ladies to dinner. WHAT WILL OUR
CHAIRS BE WEARING? The table will also be dressed in its finest dinnerware reflecting
the colors of the room. A fine modern version of a crystal chandelier will be hung under a
hand painted mural inspired by a favorite child's toy - the Spirograph.
Tea House: Sitting Room/Bath/Koi Pond:
Interior Spaces, LLC
B: (310) 399-4033
Laurent Pingault
C: (310) 435-7906 - Laurent
Jerome Thiebault
C: (310) 968-8212 - Jerome
2444 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 503
F: (310) 435-7906
Santa Monica, CA 90403
[email protected]
The Tea House benefits from its unique setting as the sole freestanding accessory
structure amidst luxurious terraces and water ponds. When penetrating through the
entrance door, the koi basin, where golden carps swim freely, instantly captivates the
visitor. The carps have naturally become the main source of inspiration from which the
designers have drawn this year’s proposed scheme.
Indeed, the floor tile has been carefully selected for its rich silver and bronze tones
reminiscent of those found on a carp’s scales. The ceiling color, a deep bronze, was chosen
to create a mirror image that would surely emphasize the color palette.
The inspiration for this room came, as well, from the bygone era of the “Hollywood”
designers, prominently Tony Duquette, for his use of rich tones and chic eclecticism,
significantly inspired by European and Asian styles.
To reflect Duquettes’ bold design choices, the walls will be painted in a deep blue that will
noticeably complement the bronze tones. The bar will be modified and enriched with
warm veneered panels. The furnishings will provide a sophisticated blend of styles and
cultures while aerial hand-sawn shades will flank each French door and window. Fabric
choices will combine linens and silks in a variety of intriguing tones to create a unique
scheme that will surely not go unnoticed.
Artist Bonita Helmer will draw her inspiration from one of her beloved themes, koi fish, to
create unique commissioned pieces that will adorn the walls.
In conclusion, the Tea House will be an eclectic blend of rich tones, textures and
furnishings that will create a luxurious habitat for the golden carps, and, surely, a soothing
heaven for the homeowners, where they and their friends will likely linger while sipping
exotic teas.
Jean Horn Interiors
Jean Horn
532 West First Street, #215
Claremont, CA 91711
B: (909) 621-1444
C: (626) 390-1055
F: (909) 621-1446
[email protected]
This understated, yet elegant kitchen features classic furniture styled cabinetry with a
hand-glazed khaki finish paired with limestone countertops and flooring as a backdrop for
the stainless steel and black Viking appliances. A Regency inspired interlocking pattern
celadon ceramic tile backsplash shares the main focal point on the range wall with the
custom Mansard shaped Venetian plaster hood. A lighter colored hand-glazing also
appears on the walls and existing coffered ceiling. Traditional satin nickel plumbing
fixtures, a biscuit farmhouse sink, and a hammered brushed nickel sink add a finishing
Living Room:
John Cole Interior Design
John Cole
8866 Collingwood Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Grand Entrance:
Karina Oldemans Interior Design
Karina Oldemans, ASIA, CID
Kelsey Mitchell
Christine Kristoffersen
12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1170
Los Angeles, CA 90025
B: (310) 659-9034
C: (310) 560-9034
F: (310) 659-9267
[email protected]
B: (310) 820-0320
C: (310) 245-5789 - Karina
F: (310) 442-9390
[email protected]
The Grand Entrance of the Showcase House will be a welcoming space that sets the tone
for the rest of the home. The existing classic design will be brought up to date with today’s
taste. The large picture window facing the entry doors is framed by an understated, but
elegant, window treatment in shimmering silk velvet to highlight the view. In front of the
window is a unique piece, a Chinese coral lacquer musical instrument table, updated to a
bench. The neutral color palette of pewter and pale gold, accented by cream white, ebony
and coral will be highlighted by rich furnishings that do not distract from the grandeur of
the architectural details.
As one progresses up the stairs, one will be greeted by a Louis XIV-style gilded console
table. The color of the walls is the continuous thread that connects the space, catching a
sparkle off the pale gold tea leaf paper inserted inside the existing wall panels. The light of
the chandelier will catch a glow from the mirrored black lacquer screen on the second
floor landing; the screen is flanked by a pair of elegant pedestals. The three different levels
of this grand entrance bring together a sense of history mixed with a modern sensibility.
Grand Entrance Terrace:
Lawrence J. Rizkowsky Interior Design
Lawrence Rizkowsky
8619 Fennell Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069
B: (310) 358-0771
C: (310) 776-0771
F: (310) 358-0779
[email protected]
The designer has taken a rather large terrace and transformed it into the perfect living and
dining environment – an interior space under the stars. The living room will be complete
with a concert grand piano and the dining room will be housed inside the canvas walls of a
dining pavilion complete with chandelier. It will all be done in black and white – a “Black
and White Ball” under the stars.
Sun Room:
Mark Cutler Design
Mark Cutler
Karen McKenzie
Jack Browne
8656 Holloway Plaza Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
B: (310) 360-6212
[email protected]
F: (310) 360-6213
The Sun Room is a cozy retreat where you can slip away for a relaxing cup of tea or to read
a good book. The trellised walls enhance the garden ambience and the balanced symmetry
speaks to the architectural design of the house.
Family Room:
NDA Interiors
Mireille Parseghian
James Blakeley
1107 Crowne Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91107
B/C: (818) 429-5200
F: (626) 798-8370
[email protected]
This is a casual, informal space for the family to gather and watch TV, play games and
have conversations. Easy furniture and draping all the walls will create an intimate space
for the family to relax in.
Grandparents’ Suite w/Bath:
Roberta Martin Interiors
Roberta Martin
1479 Locust St., #2
Pasadena, CA 91106
B: (626) 449-9968
C: (626) 298-1100
F: (626) 449-9968
[email protected]
Master Bedroom/Bath/closet/sitting room & Terrace:
Saxony Street, Inc.
B: (818) 623-8001
Joshua Cain
C: (818) 388-8311
Sue Potter
F: (818) 623-8006
Jeff Gudbold
[email protected]
11659 Riverside Dr.
Valley Village, CA 91602
The Master Suite has been re-modeled and re-invented numerous times over the years,
without great planning and leaving scars. Ultimately, the designers have decided to demo
the space entirely, and completely reconfigure each area to give it the integrity and the
beauty that it deserves.
Their plans are to have a much more inviting flow for this 1,400-square-foot space, and to
eliminate the steel beam in the middle of the floor. Finally, the layout will make the space
the most livable with an amazing design.
The designers will be using gorgeous dark wood flooring for the sitting room and the
master bedroom. The Master Bathroom will contain exquisite Kallista bathroom fixtures,
and an advanced AV system that controls the windows, sound system, and the televisions.
In addition the master suite will have a grand walk-in closet and a picturesque outdoor
All furnishings were carefully chosen to complement the architecture of this Grand Italian
Renaissance Revival house.
Lower Level Guest Suite #2 w/Bath:
Sensi Design
Dennis Rosas
Didi Levinsohn
3373 Rowena Ave. #6
Los Angeles, CA 90027
B: (323) 660-9741
F: (323) 660-4348
[email protected]
This grand guest suite is a perfect stopping-off point for the sophisticated traveler. Its
classic lines blend seamlessly with the home's historic character, while this newly
constructed space also incorporates the modern amenities that the discerning guest
From its coffered ceiling to its comfortable furnishings inspired by Europe, Asia, and
South America, the bedroom exudes a sense of balance and practicality. The mingling of
period and contemporary details give nods to the past, present and future. The weary
traveler can slip into the beautifully carved Indonesian four-post bed for a restful sleep, or
relax in the comfortable sofa at the foot of the bed and catch up on the latest news on the
wide-screen TV. Rich fabrics, as well as traditional and modern art from around the world,
provide inspiration for the next leg of the journey.
The attached bathroom is not only functional, it's beautiful. At its center is a dam-less
shower, which offers roll-in wheelchair accessibility for elderly or disabled guests. It's clad
in stunning Italian aqua forte-etched patterned marble tiles from Walker Zanger. The
bathroom floor is a sophisticated Italian marble in an elegant chevron pattern, while sleek
and glossy ceramic tiles are repeated in perimeter of the space to unify the elegant shower
and bathroom.
Even the most ardent traveler would want to stay awhile.
Breakfast Room:
Suzi Reader
Scot Barr
639 South Reese Place
Burbank, CA 91506
B: (818) 953-9534
C: (818) 516-2881 - Suzi
C: (818) 399-6824 - Scot
F: (818) 953-9197
[email protected]
[email protected]
For the 2009 Showcase House, co-designers Suzi Ann Reader and Scot Barr of SUZISCOT
design are creating a space suited for both breakfast and intimate dining and inspired by
the famous feast of Lucullus. Lucullus, an early Roman figure who is touted to be the
world’s first true gourmand, held a feast for Roman society of such opulence that it cost
the equivalent in today’s currency of $30,000 per person.
The walls will be covered in eco-friendly paper, reminiscent of parchment in shimmering
pewter. Bordering the room will be a frieze (ornamental band) with a combination of
European dishes, corbels and vases adding to the room a sense of importance and relief
that mimics the more decorative crowns and moldings that appear in other areas of the
house. Set above a hand-painted recycled sisal rug, the dining table, surrounded by
sumptuous chairs upholstered in a new addition to the SUZISCOT textiles eco-friendly
line, will be adorned in Italian Murano glass, china, glassware and statuary in colors
reminiscent of Renaissance foods: dates, almonds, pears, butter and cream. The pewter
and neutral tones of the room will add elegance, while the pear tones and casual hemp and
organic cotton fabric will keep it fresh for informal dining.
In the corner flanking the large arched window, a tall pedestal urn planted with olive
bushes will add life to the space. Atop a sideboard skirted in SUZISCOT textiles and
featured throughout the room will be statuary, artwork, glass and pottery reminiscent to
the Italian Renaissance. As with last year’s Showcase House, designers Suzi Ann Reader
and Scot Barr have taken on the challenge to execute the space using at least 90% ecofriendly materials.
Girl’s Bath & Closet:
Lady’s Office:
Wendy Weiner Interior Design
Wendy Weiner
1014 South Wilshire Blvd., Suite 14-146
Westlake Village, CA 91361
B: (805) 494-0820
C: (805) 338-7492 - Wendy
F: (805) 494-0642
[email protected]
The Lady’s Office was designed to be a comfortable work space and a sophisticated retreat.
The inspiration began with the traditional pattern and contemporary soft colors of the
Tibetan area rug, setting the tone for the room. The blending of luxurious fabrics with
varied and rich woods, gives the room a feeling of casual elegance.
While the house is built in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, this office is designed to
be functional, and serve as a restful sanctuary for the woman of the house. The custom
armoire, with pocketed doors, behind the desk has been designed to accommodate the
equipment necessary, yet when it is closed it is an exquisite decorative cabinet with
antiqued mirrored panels. The two mirrored chests flanking the cabinet were designed for
additional storage.
The overall feeling that is created in this room is a play of textures. This is achieved by
using many layers of different fabrics and textures. The ribbed fabric on the sofa, coarse
texture of the wool sisal carpeting and the bold iridescent leaf pattern of the drapery
panels are all tied together by the design and color of the hand-knotted rug.
The result is a home office that inspires productivity in a tranquil and elegant

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