How Metamorphic Rocks Form

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Metamorphic Rock Notes
Metamorphic Rock Story Notes
Directions: Visit the following three sites to learn how metamorphic rocks are formed and to find out the names
and properties of some common metamorphic rocks. Then complete the table below.
Metamorphic Rocks
Exploring Earth: Observe an Animation of a Metamorphic Rock Forming
Rock Hounds: How Metamorphic Rock is Formed
How Metamorphic Rocks Form
You’ll need to describe the process by which metamorphic rock is formed when you create your rock cycle
book, so visit these three web pages to learn about how metamorphic rock is formed. Explain the process
Types of Metamorphic Rocks
You’ll need to include examples of metamorphic rock in your book, so tell all about the type of metamorphic
rock you want to use in your story. Include any information about the rocks’ characteristics and/or ways to
identify it. Include information about how it was formed. Use vocabulary words such as: coarse grain,
medium grain, fine grain, banded, layered, no layers, foliated, and non-foliated.
Type of rock:
How formed:
Rock’s characteristics (color, crystals, grain size, composition)

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