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6th Grade Social Studies
Course Syllabus
Mr. Brash’s Contact Information:
Room: 122
School Phone: 323-4650
E-mail address: [email protected]
Team Website:
What will we study in 6th Grade Social Studies?
Students in sixth grade Social Studies will use a hands-on, project based,
inquiry approach to learning ancient history and geography. Our topics this
year will consist of a variety of activities from the geography of the world to
the government, people and cultures of the Ancient Civilizations. We will
discover the past and see its influences on our modern world today. Our
curriculum is called Social Studies Alive! and is web-based. We will be using
netbook computers in addition to text books and you will be able to access our
book online by using the following:
Email: [email protected]
Username: your school username (ie: tsmith)
Password: your lunch #
Social Studies Topics by Quarter
World Geography
Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Egypt
World Geography
Ancient Greece
World Geography
Ancient Rome
World Religions
World Geography
Middle Ages
Ancient China
How will I be graded?
Grading: A standards-based progress report is used for the 6th Grade Social
Studies Standards.
Score of 1: The student has limited understanding of the benchmark/goal.
Score of 2: The student has partially met the benchmark/goal.
Score of 3: The student has met the benchmark/goal.
Score of 4: The student has applied their knowledge beyond what was taught.
Late & Missing Assignments: All assignments must be handed in to show progress for
standards based grading. Late assignments will be completed after school and you will call to
notify parents that you need to stay to complete your work.
What if I am gone from class?
Absences: If you are planning to be absent, please let me know at least one
day in advance so I can prepare your assignments. Remember that if you
have a cut slip for an absence, you are expected to have your homework
done when you return to school. You will have 2 days to make up
homework for each day you are unexpectedly absent (due to sickness, etc.).
Useful Social Studies Links
 (maps)
Please have this signed and keep in your folder to refer to throughout the year!!
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