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The Roman Empire
Chapter 14 Outline
Seventh Grade Social Studies
Mr. LaBrache
Read Lesson 4 on The Roman Economy in your textbook (pgs. 447 – 451). Answer the questions that are
asked below, but do it in outline form. All of the print that is in bold you should copy exactly onto your
paper. The type that is not bold, are the questions. They should be answered as if you were taking notes
on the chapter, again, in outline form. Remember, your answers should be able to stand by themselves,
without seeing the questions.
The Roman Economy
A. An Agricultural Economy
i. Agriculture backbone of Rome’s economy
ii. Gaul, Spain, N. Africa produced olive oil and wine
iii. Farming in Rome not advanced b/c:
a. Crops were small, many worked them
b. Taxation; most surplus went to emperors no money was
iv. Most surplus of grain went to the emperors, farmers make no
1. The Market for Roman Industry
a. most people can buy simple clothes and inexpensive pottery
b. wealthy can buy decorated pottery and fine jewelry
c. main concern of Rome economy: feed people
B. Trade in the Empire
i. Ships haul wine, grain, exotic animals
ii. Carts transport lumber, clothing, household goods
iii. Culture improved through trade b/c news and info. came from
other cultures and foreign places
1. Feeding the Empire
a. grain important b/c used to make bread which was basis of
Roman diet
b. by A.D. 100’s: about 1 million people lived in city
c. Rome got extra grain from: N. Africa, Egypt, Gaul, Sicily
d. Poor/homeless people given free food to keep peace in city
2. Manufacturing and Mining
a. Largest industry in empire: mining
b. different metals in Rome used to make weapons and coins;
also given to foreign lands for luxury goods
c. Italian communities make: pottery, glassware, weapons,
tools, textiles
3. Luxury Trade
a. not enough money in the empire for luxury items
b. ostrich eggs and ivory came from the Sahara
c. blond slaves were rare, some Romans even wore wigs
d. silks came from China, spices and gems came from India

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