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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan

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Study guide for The Middle Ages 1066-1485
Additional Studies Included:
Medieval Ballads: Twa Corbies, Get Up and
Bar the Door, Lord Randall, and Edward,
From the article “The Middle Ages” by David Adams Leeming
1. In ______________, the Battle of ____________, in which Duke
___________ from _____________ defeated King ___________ of England,
began the ________________Conquest which affected the development of
English ____________________, ______________ and language.
2. Because William wished to rule the ______________, not ___________
them, the present day culture and language is the result of blending of
both _________________ and _________________ elements.
3. The strengths of the Normans, which were their great
__________________ ability, emphasis on _____________ and
_____________________, and _____________ unity.
4. The strengths of the Anglo-Saxons which were their _____________ and
______________ tendencies blended with the Norman influence and
resulted in the national temperament that is uniquely British.
5. Explain several of William’s great administrative feats.
6. Summarize the changes the Normans implemented in England.
7. What was the Domesday Book? When was it written?
8. What was the purpose of the Crusades?
9. What was the purpose of the Knights Templar?
10. What occurred in 1163 and 1170?
11. Who was Genghis Khan?
12. What occurred in 1232?
13. What was allowed in 1250?
14. When did the Crusades end?
15. Who was born in 1343?
16. What began in 1337?
17. What killed a multitude of people in England in 1348?
18. What did Chaucer begin to write in 1387?
19. What was translated into English for the first time in 1380?
20. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in the year…
21. Who died in 1399?
22. What did Caxton print in 1485?
23. Who died in 1400?
24. Who was burned at the stake by the English in 1431?
25. What was the War of the Roses?
26. Who was born in Germany in 1483?
27. Why was Henry VIII unique in 1485?
28. Define and describe the term Feudalism.
29. When the feudal system broke down, population shifted more to________.
30. The feudal system carried a sense of ________ and manners that
influenced __________, __________, and __________ in the Middle
31. This sense was fully developed in the institution of __________ and its
code of ___________.
32. -35. Describe the process of Knighthood.
36. Why was the feudal ideal of loyalty important to a Knight?
37. Describe the status of women at all levels in medieval society.
38. What is chivalry?
39. -41.List three of chivalry’s main aspects.
42. Discuss the origin of courtly love.
43. -44.List 2 main contributions of chivalry to medieval society.
45. Define Romance.
46. While the medieval society centered around the castles, an increasing
number of people began living in ____________ and ____________.
47. This development would eventually cause feudalism __________.
48. In the development of city classes lower, middle, and upper middle – were
found people who ____________ outside the castle/feudal system in a
world which is not defined by _________ but by _________________.
49. The tastes and the ability to pay for such tastes of emerging __________
class resulted in the development of certain styles of _______ and
50. The people of the cities were free from the __________ and restrictions of
__________ and __________.
51. Specifically, the __________ and __________ plays were forms of
literature which developed in the cities.
52. To understand English literature from King William to Henry VIII, one must
be aware of the __________ system and several historic events (The
Great Happenings) that influenced English history and life such as
__________, __________, __________, and __________.
53. Describe the Crusades.
54. -59. The significance of the Crusades to Medieval life was:
60. -65. Explain what led to the killing of Thomas Beckett.
66. -68. List three results of his martyrdom.
69. The language of the Church is __________ which also became the
language of ___________ and international __________.
70. The role of the monasteries was as ____________ and ____________.
71. The Church maintained a unified system of beliefs and __________ which
was more important than _______________.
72. The signing of the Magna Carta by ____________ at ____________ in
1215 signaled a change from papal power to constitutional ___________.
73. The signing was forced by __________ and was a defeat for central
74. Later, this document became the basis of
75. In the early Middle Ages, no __________ as we know them today existed.
The first great national war was between the __________ and the
76. The wars were fought in Europe because of
77. These wars lasted ___________ years.
78. List 4 significant results of this warfare.
79. The Black Death or ________________ struck England in ________ and
reduced the population by one third.
80. Explain how this event contributed to the end of the feudal system and the
increasing power to the lower classes.
81. One long-term result was _______________.

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