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Big Mouth sample media releases
Cue the music - Eminence Symphony Orchestra set to bring the
fantasy worlds of electronic games to life
The Eminence Symphony Orchestra will use the power of music to transport audiences into the fantasy worlds of
popular electronic games during three ‘A Night in Fantasia 2007 - Symphonic Games Edition’ concerts to be held
in Sydney and Melbourne in late April 2007.
Despite the common misconceptions of many, electronic gaming is not just about consoles and couches; it’s
about creativity - the creativity of images, characters, actions, game play… and music.
In fact, this burgeoning global industry currently contributes some A$852 million to the Australian economy and
Australians spend $2.3million per day on interactive games. Not surprisingly, the creation of the musical scores for
electronic games is a significant, credible industry in its own right.
Unlike previous ‘fantasia’ themed concerts, the three concerts in the ‘A Night in Fantasia 2007 – Symphonic
Games Edition’ series – two in Sydney and one in Melbourne - will ‘bring to life’ the musical scores from the latest
and greatest computer games, including Super Mario Brothers, Kingdom Hearts series, Metal Gear Solid series,
Final Fantasy series, World of Warcraft, Shadow of the Colossus, Tales of Legendia, Xenosaga, Chrono Cross, Soul
Calibur series and many, many more.
The 60 piece Eminence Symphony Orchestra will be accompanied by a 30 piece choir and visually supported by
live footage and memorable moments from some of the most popular videogames which will be projected onto a
giant screen.
The concerts will also be attended by some of the most famous composers and orchestrators of the video game
industry, including Yoko Shimoumura – composer of Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy Versus XIII; Hitoshi
Sakimoto – composer of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics; Yasunori Mitsuda – composer of Chrono
Trigger and Xenogeaers; Kow Otani – composer of Shadow of the Colossus and Haibane Renmai; Shiro
Hamaguchi – orchestrator and arranger of the Final Fantasy series; Masaru Shiina – composer of Tales of
Legendia, Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Ace Combat 3; and Junichi Nakatsuru – Composer of Soul Calibur series
and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
The Eminence Symphony Orchestra will present another concert series, focusing solely on anime music, later in
the year.
‘A Night in Fantasia 2007 – Symphonic Games Edition’ concert-goers will have the unique opportunity to meet
with the composers of their favourite gaming musical scores as well as the chance to win great door prizes and
purchase a wide range of Eminence’s merchandise.
‘A Night in Fantasia 2007 – Symphonic Games Edition’ is The Eminence Symphony Orchestra’s biggest and
boldest concert to date and is a ‘must see’, ‘must hear’ event for gaming enthusiasts and lovers of music alike.
Transport yourself to another world… experience A Night in Fantasia!
Big Mouth sample media releases
About Eminence Symphony Orchestra
Eminence Symphony Orchestra was established in 2003 by renowned violin virtuoso, Hiroaki Yura. Since then,
Eminence has become known for their annual ‘A Night in Fantasia’ events, in addition to other concerts and
recordings for games, anime and films.
Eminence Symphony Orchestra comprises 60 elite musicians under the conductorship of Philip Chu. Eminence’s
team of musicians have had experience with a large number of established Symphony Orchestras, such as the
Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra,
Queensland Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra and Malaysian
Philharmonic Orchestra.
Many Eminence musicians have also performed as international soloists with major orchestras around the world,
including the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, all major Chinese Eastern Coast Orchestras, all major Australian
Orchestras and major USA Orchestras.
Eminence aims to revitalise the current state of Australian orchestras and achieve a following across all
demographics, encouraging a wider appreciation of symphonic music in Australia. Eminence is the most
experienced orchestra in the world dedicated to gaming and anime music.
What sets the Eminence Symphony Orchestra apart from others?
Classical music should not be left to languish in dusty corners or to be appreciated only by an older
demographic. It needs to find a new face and be aggressively showcased into expanded genres in order to
capture a larger audience.
Eminence wants to challenge the ‘image’ of orchestral music, by aligning it with the things that are more familiar
to younger audiences, such as computer games. Eminence’s musicians want young people to really ‘hear’
orchestral music, to believe in the strength of music and connect with it.
This is the Silverchair of Classical!
Big Mouth sample media releases
Get a Taste of Byron Bay - in your own kitchen!
If you long for the feeling of sun on your skin, sand between your toes and the tastes of cuisine featuring local
delicacies and the freshest of ingredients…then stroll through the pages of the new cookbook, ‘A Taste of Byron’
and you’ll transport yourself into the true heart of Byron Bay – the local cuisine!
The brainchild of the Byron Youth Service, ‘A Taste of Byron’ is an exciting and ‘tastebud tantalising’ collection of
recipes contributed by the finest local chefs from Byron Bay and surrounding areas, many of whom are award
winners. A range of unique, ‘Byron-esque’ recipes have also been submitted by other local cooks who were also
keen to share their own culinary interpretations of Byron.
All proceeds from sales of ‘A Taste of Byron’ will go to funding the Byron Youth Service, an initiative that offers
opportunities and guidance to young people in the Byron shire who may otherwise find themselves with little, or
no direction in life.
The Byron Youth Service provides youths from Byron Bay and surrounding areas with hospitality training and
teaches them the practical skills that they need to build a positive career and a bright future for themselves.
Unfortunately, a cut in the funding allocated to local youth projects in the Byron shire have had a detrimental
effect on the number of lives that these projects are able to touch. ‘A Taste of Byron’ may help change the
situation for the better.
“The Byron shire is a small community that is intent on preserving its identity, sense of community and spirit, while
at the same time fostering high levels of creativity and excellence,” commented Steffie Sims, Project Manager, ‘A
Taste of Byron’ cookbook.
“We are proud of the fact that our local produce is getting better all the time, which means that as well as a
unique way of life and awe-inspiring surrounds, we also have award winning cuisine to offer. We thought that by
capturing the culinary essence of Byron, we could share a taste of Byron with the rest of Australia and help our
youths and the wider community to grow at the same time,” she added.
‘A Taste of Byron’ will be officially launched on Sunday 15, October 2006 at ‘The Taste of Byron Carnival’. Steffie
and her team of volunteers hope that this is the first of many publications.
‘A Taste of Byron’ cookbook will retail for $19.95 and can be purchased by contacting
Byron Youth Service (BYS) on 02 6685 7777 or visiting
Jamie Oliver would be proud!
Big Mouth sample media releases
iAwards program promotes Victorian ICT companies
to the world – nominate now!
Victorian ICT companies are encouraged to act quickly and nominate for the 2007 iAwards - before nominations
close and they miss the opportunity to showcase their innovative ICT products and services to the nation.
Each year, the iAwards program provides ICT innovators with national and international recognition and increased
brand awareness for their new, leading edge ICT innovations.
Presented by AIIA, the Australian Financial Review, the CSIRO ICT Centre and MIS Australia, the national iAwards
program embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of the Australian ICT industry, promotes the contribution that ICT
makes across all sectors of the Australian economy and encourages the industry’s continued growth and
Over its 13 year history, the iAwards has helped put many Victorian ICT innovations front and centre on the world stage.
The Victorian Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Tim Holding, encouraged Victorian ICT
companies to nominate for the iAwards, if they hadn’t done so already.
“Victorian ICT companies have been very successful in the iAwards over the past decade, and with the local
industry thriving and leading the way with innovative thinking and creative solutions, I have no doubt Victoria’s
companies will again be strong contenders.
“With the ICT sector underpinning every other sector in the economy, it is more crucial than ever to strive to be
the best. I commend the AIIA for continuing to provide a platform to showcase the imagination and skills of the
Australian ICT industry,” Minister Holding said.
George Parthimos, CEO of Torian Wireless Limited is full of praise for the iAwards program:, “To have won an
iAward in 2005 was a great achievement. It gave us some excellent exposure in Asia Pacific and in doing so,
helped to show that we have a product with global reach. We have now been recognised with awards around the
globe, which, when mentioned in addition to our iAward win, has meant that people in our local market have
taken notice of what we have to offer.
“Just last week, our InFusion wireless internet radio, for which we won the 2005 iAward, went on sale at Dick
Smith Electronics. The iAward winners logo which is featured on all our packaging and promotional material has
helped us build global brand recognition,” he added.
The InFusion wireless internet radio allows users to listen to any radio station in the world that streams through
the World Wide Web, without the need for a computer. Compact and stylish in design, this ‘business card size’
radio allows maximum portability to travellers and people stationed abroad who want to stay in touch with local
news, sports, and music.
Big Mouth sample media releases
Winners of the 2006 iAward for Communications Applications, Momentum Technologies are equally as thrilled
with the doors that their iAward win has opened for them. “Winning the iAward provided us with a level of brand
recognition and credibility that has directly helped drive business growth through both our direct client channels
and our partnerships. There’s no other awards program for the ICT industry that has the same credibility as the
iAwards,” commented Adele Whish-Wilson, CEO, Momentum Technologies.
“The iAward program enabled us to benchmark our product against others on the market and in doing so, gave
us a good idea of where we stand in our industry sector in comparison to our competitors and where we can go
for the future. We are now preparing a submission for another of our products for the 2007 iAwards and look
forward to being part of the program again,” she added.
Momentum Technologies Group was awarded the Communications Applications iAward for m-View : Live mobile
video Streaming. The m-View system uses a Momentum-designed wireless transmitter fitted to a video camera to
instantly send the video images and audio taken by the camera to a receiver that’s attached to a computer,
eliminating the need for cumbersome cabling and freeing the user from the restraints of lengthy download times.
The m-View broadcast software then captures, compresses and streams the video to a web server and on to the
There are eighteen categories for the 2007 iAwards, representative of the markets that ICT directly impacts such
as agriculture, e-government, industrial applications, media and entertainment, healthcare and tourism. The
customer and the developer of the ICT innovation are encouraged to nominated for an iAward.
Nominations for the 2007 iAwards program close on Wednesday 21 March, 2007 at 5pm AEST.
The 2007 iAwards program is sponsored by CSIRO, Australian Financial Review, MIS Australia, Microsoft, Telstra,
International Business Wales, Australian Computer Society, Manpower Professional, Cliftons, KPMG, Big Mouth
Marketing Communications, Spruson & Ferguson., KPMG and ZDnet Australia.
The 2007 iAwards program is also endorsed by The Australian Industry Group, The Australasian Institute of Mining
& Metallurgy, The Australian Computer Society, The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association and The
Restaurant & Catering Industry Association of Australia.
For information about the 2007 iAwards please visit or call 1300 665 145.
About AIIA:
The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is the leading national body representing suppliers of
information technology and telecommunications goods and services. AIIA has over 370 member companies
generating combined revenues of more than $40 billion, employ over 100,000 Australians and have exports in
excess of $2 billion.
The Victorian ICT industry
The ICT industry in Victoria employs over 70,000 people, boasts a revenue of $20 billion, exports products
annually to the tune of over $1billion and spends approximately A$265 billion each year on ICT R&D.
Big Mouth sample media releases
Internet fraud can only be stopped if banks and
consumers collaborate
Sydney Australia, January 19, 2007 - Consumers play a huge part in thwarting online fraud as most fraudulent
activity can be attributed to compromised computers. Today, the exponential rise of phishing and other
sophisticated threats such as invisible trojans, viruses and other lures are proving to be serious and very real threats
to banks around the globe. While the convenience of online banking offers a massive ‘cash-cow’ and is also a
significant cost-saver for the banks, the amount of online fraud losses are increasingly getting out of control.
Today, countries are looking to strengthen their ‘Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Legislation’, while
banks in Australia are now trying to hold the customer liable for parts of their fraud losses – under a review of
Australia’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) code of conduct.
The Australian Financial Review wrote on Jan 12: “However, the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment
Commission) discussion paper refers to financial services industry representatives who have lobbied to make
customers fully liable for internet fraud if they do not install minimum security on their computer or if they
respond to phishing attacks with ‘extreme carelessness’ “.
It seems that banks haven’t been doing themselves any favours by downplaying for years the security risks
involved in online banking. This became apparent in a recent report in the UK Guardian Newspaper which
reported that Metropolitan Police officer, Detective Superintendent Russell Day told a group of MPs who were
investigating the fast-growing problem of identity theft, that banks were keeping quiet about attacks on their
systems - either because of concerns over public confidence or because they lacked confidence in the ability of
the police to deal with such crimes. In fact, one MP commented “the true cost of identity theft to the UK
economy could be much greater than the official figure of £1.7bn a year.”
Andreas Baumhof, Chief Technology Officer of TrustDefender notes “there is no question that banks have
invested heavily into the security infrastructure that protects data once it is inside the banks control, however, they
have failed to educate the user in order that they understand that they are still at risk and have a duty of care
when it comes to the security status of their PC.”
“This is where the real dilemma arises. Nobody – apart from security specialists – can know for sure whether or
not his or her PC is safe. It is important that people ask themselves some very important security related questions
such as, Do I have my Windows Update turned on? Is my Antivirus Scanner up-to-date? Have I checked the
Fingerprint of the SSL Certificate? Is my DNS Server properly configured?” he added.
People may feel safe in the assumption that existing Security Vendors provide a solution to the problem.
Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is quite brutal. Despite the fact that security solutions are cumbersome
and still rely mainly on blacklists and heuristics, most have a complicated update mechanism and are therefore
unable to detect the most sophisticated trojans. This means that they fail to deliver a true end-to-end solution, as
the bank is not able to get a view on the state of the security of a consumer’s PC.
Antivirus Software has been available for more than 10 years, yet viruses and trojans are still incredibly successful.
Big Mouth sample media releases
Further, despite all anti-phishing efforts, phishing attacks are still highly successful as was proven in the recent
Myspace phishing attack where more than 60,000 user identities – email addresses and passwords – were stolen.
Mr Baumhof added, “there is only one solution to the problem - integrate the consumer’s PC into the overall
security chain with the bank and use a white-listing method for online transactions. TrustDefender is the only
solution capable of doing this for consumers, banks, financial institutions and any other company relying on users
interacting with them online.”
The TrustDefender approach solves all the important security problems:
Firstly - the bank can perform a security health check of the consumer’s PC and educate the user within the online
banking user-interface. This would enable the bank to reliably inform the user that it has checked the firewall,
Windows Update, DNS System and the Antivirus product and that everything is correct and up-to-date. Further,
the bank can integrate this information into the risk engine of its core banking application and, for example, defer
transactions if any unknown and potential malicious software is found on the consumer’s computer.
Secondly, the computer needs to be scanned with a white-listing method. Today, to circumvent existing antivirus
technologies, trojans are released in huge variations (sometimes as many as 10,000 variants). The only way of
knowing that a computer is safe and secure is to make sure that no unknown software is present.
The TrustDefender Enterprise Server (TES), together with the TrustDefender Client is capable of delivering exactly
the solution outlined above. The On-Demand Endpoint Security Suite is designed to enable banks and online
businesses to solve the ‘root cause’ of the problem with minimal TCO and immediate ROI.
With TrustDefender, there is no reason for banks or consumers to fear online fraud any longer. When
TrustDefender’s consumer and enterprise solutions are installed on a computer every online fraud and identity
theft problem has a solution. The solution is TrustDefender.
Try TrustDefender today
Consumers who want to try TrustDefender should visit and download the free 21 day trial
of the consumer solution from the online shop.
Banks, financial institutions and online businesses can email [email protected] to get a free trial of the
Enterprise version.
About TrustDefender:
TrustDefender is the leading provider of ‘On Demand Endpoint Security Solutions’ to safeguard online business
transactions. With its GAP protection, TrustDefender is able to guarantee the authenticity of a website. The secure
lockdown, safe & secure mode, two factor authentication and the TrustedSurfing database complete the holistic
security solution.
The secure policy engine allows online businesses to educate and enforce the compliance of a home user’s PC to
their security policies. TrustDefender is the world’s first security solution which enables online businesses to
integrate the home user’s PC into the overall security solution.
TrustDefender was founded in 2005 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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