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Fun Facts:
The average human being is composed of around _________ trillion individual cells!
It would take as many as _____ cells to cover the area of a dot on the letter “i.”
Cell: the _________________ _________ of life that can perform ________ life processes.
The History of the Cell:
1. Robert Hooke: Used the first _______________ (magnifying glass) to look at dead cork cells
from bark of oak trees. He was not looking at living cells when he gave them the name
“_________.” It was ________ years later before the term cell took on its current meaning.
2. Anton Van Leeuwehoek: Developed the first simple ________________ that we recognize
today. He observed tiny living things in pond water. He called them “___________________.”
He also discovered _______________ and looked at ______________________.
3. Robert Brown: He observed that many cells have a dark structure near the ______________
of the cell which we now call the _______________.
4. Matthias Schleiden: He studied ________________ as a hobby and concluded that
_____________ are made up of ______________. He is the cofounder of the ______________.
5. Theodor Schwann: He concluded that ________________ are made up of cells. He was a
cofounder of the Cell Theory. Other major contributions include his discovery of
_____________ cells and the digestive enzyme, ______________.
6. Rudolph Virchow: He proposed that cells come from ___________ ________. This
completes the Cell Theory. He is considered the “____________________________________”
and the founder of “____________________________.”
7. Janet Plowe: She discovered that the ___________________________ is a physical structure
of the cell and not an interface of two liquids.
8. Lynn Margulis: She proposed a theory that certain organelles were once ________
____________ cells themselves.
The Cell Theory
1. All ___________ _________ are composed of __________.
2. ____________ are the __________ _______ of _________________ and _______________
in living things.
3. New cells are _______________ from __________________ cells.
Modern Cell Theory:
Modern Cell Theory contains _____ statements, in addition to the original Cell Theory:
1. The cell contains _______________________________ (DNA) which is passed on
from cell to cell during _________________________.
2. All cells are basically the same in _____________________________________ and
3. All basic ____________________ and _____________________ functions are
carried out inside the cells. (movement, digestion, etc.)
4. Cell activity depends on the activities of ______-__________________ structures
within the cell (organelles, nucleus, plasma membrane)
Scientists Divide Cells into TWO Categories:
Prokaryotic Cells
_____ nucleus, only genetic
Eukaryotic Cells
Have a _______ ______________
and ________________ but not
other organelles
Example: __________________
Have a cell membrane, cytoplasm
and _________________
Can be ________________ or
Very __________ organisms but
can carry out all life processes
_______________ surrounded by a
Examples: Plants,
_________________, Fungi, and

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