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Volume !" Issue #: April $%&$
In This Issue:
Good things happen when creative energy and innovative talent collide.
Big Ideas Start Here…
To stand out among the multitude of marketing messages that today’s consumers receive by the
minute, you need more than catchy slogans and slick design. You need ideas. Big ideas. Creative ideas
that generate powerful marketing, which in turn generates attention, recognition, new business and
new opportunities.
Rudkin Productions is an innovative advertising and website development agency whose passion is
finding new ways to share your story with the world. We are a team of creative writers, designers, brand
strategists, big thinkers, technology gurus and lifelong learners with a keen awareness of our everchanging marketplace and a heartfelt desire to see you succeed.
Find out for yourself what makes our agency different… and how we can make a difference for you.
Graphic Design Marketing Plans Advertising/Promotional Campaigns Magazines Publications Books Logo Design
Direct Mail Web Development Programming E-Commerce Development E-Blasts Mobile Apps Digital Magazines
Social Media CD/DVD Replication/Duplication Packaging Copywriting Print Production Large Format Printing
Mailing Services Radio & TV Production Specialty Items Media Buying Exhibits/Trade Booth Design Outdoor
Media Photography Services Printing Services Envelope Printing
34910 IH-10 West
Building #701
Boerne, Texas 78006
(830) 249-1744
[email protected]
#9 & #10s are our sweet spot!
You’ll also get
and guaranteed sanity!
830.816.5306 | fax 830.249.2624 |
Rudkin Productions
creAtes A voice for
by Denise R. Marcos
s an avid problem solver, a dedicated worker and
an innovative thinker, Kathy Rudkin often found
herself in the midst of great things. Her passion and
commitment to do something spectacular isn’t simply
a way of thinking though. For this entrepreneur, it is a
way of life. What began as a few extra hours of hard
work, turned into the development and growth of the
Hill Country’s premier advertising agency. Welcome
Rudkin Productions.
The Texas-based firm services more than 60+ clients nationwide
through a variety of advertising campaigns, direct mail, graphic design,
magazine design and production, printing and mailing, radio and TV
production, and web development. Rudkin assists a wide range of
businesses from mortgage companies to urgent care clinics, law firms to
photo by West Vita
pictured (left to right): Greg Jones - Graphic Designer, Olga Garces - Graphic Designer, Melissa Brown - Office Manager, Meg Guillory - Account Executive,
■ April Irene
Kathy Rudkin
Alan Belcher
- Creative Director,
2012 Maag-Hernandez - Graphic Designer, Josh Cervantes - Graphic Designer
photo by Jon King Keisling
homebuilders, and restaurants to ministry organizations.
Kathy Rudkin, owner and lead account executive for
the firm, graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in
advertising with a minor in marketing. She began her journey
to entrepreneurship in the early 1990s in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma. Having started out as a receptionist, she made
her way up the corporate ladder to become assistant account
executive and then became broadcast production manager.
After two and half years at the agency, her well-rounded
experience motivated her to open Rudkin Productions.
“I was young, eager—ambitious,” she said. “My background was in broadcasting and that’s what I was selling
people. But a lot of the small mom-and-pop businesses I was
marketing to needed advertising on a smaller scale, and something that worked. So instead of radio or TV ads, I created
brochures, flyers, and business cards for these companies. I
had no idea what I was doing, but I basically learned to do
everything full circle—from selling to design, copywriting
and photography. You name it, I did it.”
A short while after venturing out on her own, Rudkin
pitched a proposal for a large account in Oklahoma. And she
got it. Ecstatic and anxious at the same time, she delved into
the world of advertising head on and in full force.
“I came out on top. It was an overwhelming, but great
opportunity to take my business in that direction,” she said.
In 1995 Rudkin packed up and moved to the Texas Hill
Country. It was in Boerne that the company skyrocketed to the
successful business it is known for today. Keeping the clients
from Oklahoma and building a new base in this historic town
was a challenge Rudkin welcomed with open arms.
“I traveled back and fourth to Oklahoma until 2001. I
moved out of my bedroom, which was my office for so many
years, and into a real space five or six times before finally
settling down here,” she laughs. “My staff of one has since
grown into nearly a dozen full and part-time employees.
We’ve definitely come a long way.”
Rudkin Productions made its permanent home in the
two-story, 4,800-square-foot, industrial-chic space in the
corner of Bandera Road and IH-10. After nearly three years
of searching, Rudkin stumbled upon the property and plans to
custom build were underway. Step inside the space today and
you’re instantly greeted with a welcoming hello. Surrounded
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photo by Gary Perkins 17
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by warm tones and contemporary design elements, it’s hard not to be immediately engulfed in
confidence of what’s in store from this team of professionals. Lining the stairway walls are a
compilation of industry awards—a true accolade of accomplishment.
“The awards are just reminders of the hard work we put into every client we encounter.
If I had to name one thing we strive for at Rudkin Productions, it’s to have great customer
service. We know we can do our job well, but the way you treat people has an entirely different
value. And it’s an important part of our everyday,” Rudkin said. “You never know the sort of
relationship that comes from taking care of someone. What deemed itself a small job of adding
a swirl on a logo actually turned into 14 separate accounts for several different businesses.”
But Rudkin Productions isn’t your ordinary advertising agency. Aside from the 20 years
experience and vast client base the company has established, one major advantage Rudkin
Productions has for Hill Country businesses is that the team really knows their market. How
so? Many of them live here.
“Our families are here. Our kids go to school here. We pass through the streets of Boerne
every day. We attend the events around town. We know what works, what doesn’t, and why,”
Rudkin points out. “Marketing to Hill Country consumers is interesting. There aren’t a lot
of ways to reach customers in this area. The broadcasting media is limited. But newspapers,
magazines, direct mail, websites, social media outlets all seem to well work for businesses
trying to get their message out there. And the best thing about it—we do it all. We come up with
marketing proposals for your niche market. No job is too big or too small.”
With the boom of technology-driven business, Rudkin notes that there is a surge of clients
expanding their reach through digital media. Rudkin Productions specializes in establishing
completely interactive digital magazines, advertisements for the popular streaming media
player Roku, and smartphone and tablet applications. And with the addition of several new
employees the team continues to get stronger and more diverse.
“There are 12 of us now. What started out as a one-man team has grown so much throughout the years. And with the surge of the digital age and the effects of recession, businesses
have really come to know the value of
advertising. Getting your name out there
is the only way to continue to reach
customers,” Rudkin said.
But an increase in staff isn’t the
only positive change Rudkin has
made recently. A newly added print
shop located on-site, houses a Halm
Jet Press, two-color printer, which can
print 60,000 envelopes per hour. Rudkin
notes that businesses such as city municipals, which require a lot of envelopes
each month, can take advantage of the
pricing versatility because of the mass
quantity; but smaller jobs of a thousand
are certainly welcomed.
“Having a printer in house and a
full-time press employee have really
been huge assets to the company. Not only do we place strong
emphasis on our customer service, but we are also proud of
how fast we turn projects around,” Rudkin said. “What took
two to three weeks to get, now only takes a couple of days.”
As the company proceeds in a positive direction, the team at
Rudkin Productions continues to produce one great product after another.
“At the end of the day we’ve created something incredible for a company—something
that can change the entire way a business is perceived,” Rudkin said. “Clients walk out of here
proud of what we’ve done. It’s nice to put your blood, sweat, and tears into a project to get a
gorgeous product in the end.” BBM
photos (this page) by Gary Perkins

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