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George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw

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Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini

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Brave New World
Directions: All of the following items are
important allusions to understand during the
reading of Aldous Huxley's science fiction novel,
Brave New World. Write a brief explanation
or definition of each on a separate piece of
paper. Use computers, dictionaries, other
teachers, etc. to find your answers.
1. Ivan Pavlov - Russian physiologist,
discovered the conditioned reflex with dogs
salivating at the sound of a bell
2. Sigmund Freud – Austrian creator of
psychoanalysis, known for his terms “id,” “ego,”
and “superego,” and for his belief that dreams
revealed the unconscious
3. Friedrich Engels – German socialist who
helped Karl Marx develop Marxism
4. Rothschild – European banking family
5. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von
Helmholtz – scientist who made important
discoveries in physiology, optics and math
6. John B. Watson –
psychologist/behaviorist, did experiments at first
on animals then on children
7. Henry Ford – maker of first car – the
Model T, developed the assembly line, paid his
employees the high base-wage of $5/day (in
8. Herbert Hoover – 31st president of the
US, was in office during Wall Street crash of
1929. Was blamed for the Great Depression.
9. J. Edgar Hoover – head of the FBI,
turned it into a large, powerful agency.
Captured many mobsters. After WWII, went
after “communists” and put them on a
10. Benito Mussolini – founder of Italian
fascism and premier of Italy (1922 – 43).
11. Karl Marx – German economist and
revolutionary who founded Marxism
12. Nikolai Lenin – head of Soviet
government who founded Communism
13. Thomas Malthus – studied human
population growth as it relates to human welfare
14. George Bernard Shaw – essayist and
15. Eton College (place) – private secondary
(high) school for boy in Eton, Berkshire,
England – VERY prestigious (children are
registered at birth!)
16. Thebes - Egypt (place) – capital of
ancient Egypt. Home of several royal families
from 11th dynasty
17. Babylon (place) – 1st millennium capital
of southern Mesopotamia. Story of the Tower
of Babel from the Bible
18. Odysseus of The Odyssey (character) –
king of Ithaca, epic hero, lead Trojan War
19. Job of the Book of Job (person from the
Bible) – chapter in Bible that explores the
problem of suffering and God’s justice.
20. Pascal, Blaise – French thinker, scientist
21. Charing Cross (place) – one of London’s
major traffic centers.
22. Westminster Abbey (place) – church
where English sovereigns are crowned and (in
the past) buried.
23. Big Ben (place) – great bell clock tower
at the Houses of Parliament in London.
24. Romeo and Juliet – play by
Shakespeare. Tragedy about unrequited love.
25. Miranda from The Tempest (character) –
romantic comedy by Shakespeare; Miranda is
wooed by a young man and Prospero
relinquishes his power
26. Ariel from The Tempest (character) bound to serve the magician Prospero, who
rescued him from the tree in which he was
imprisoned, has magical powers and causes
the tempest
27. Othello (play) – tragedy by Shakespeare;
story of jealousy and revenge; Othello is made
to believe his wife has cheated on him, O gets
jealous and kills.
28. Desdemona, Othello (character) –
Othello’s wife who is accused of cheating.
29. Hamlet (play and character) – tragedy by
Shakespeare, tale of murder and revenge.
30. King Lear (play) – tragedy by Shakes.
Tale of human frailty and folly.
31. Antony and Cleopatra (play and
characters) – tragedy by Shakes. Antony is torn
between his political role and his love –
32. Mustapha by Greville– political tragedy in
33. Courtly love – code of romantic love,
always outside of wedlock and always a secret.
In literature, a knight was his lady’s servant and
would overcome any obstacle or undergo any
suffering to win her.
34. William Shakespeare – poet, playwright,

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