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Halifax Harbourside Rotary Club
Assembly Notes
“Service above Self”
Criteria for a Signature Local Project
• Hands-on
• HRM or less
• We take lead – then add partners or group effort with
other local clubs
• Volunteer driven partners only (no paid fundraisers)
• 3 “ish” year window
• Disadvantaged community focus – St.PA area?
• Young women and/or youth focus
• Rotary naming/awareness building
• Needs assessment/RFP  clear measureable need
Local Club Suggestions for
Collaborative Projects
• Dart East – Metro Paul Harris Gala Night –
community recipients – PR tool
• Dart – RFP; Municipal Election Event  $
• Hfx – Rotary Float in parades
• Hfx – Accessible Park
• Hfx Harbourside – Bullying
• Hfx NW – Spring Cleanup Day
• BridgeCAT – Centre for Arts and Tech H.S.
PALS – Partners Assisting Local Schools
We = catalyst to get it going
Ongoing project
Get businesses involved (e.g., Irving, Aliant…)
Companies provide staff to give time to school to
participate as mentor, or with breakfasts, clubs,
reading etc. – 80 volunteer hours/week – 500
volunteers in 7 schools
Demonstrated results in St. John
Full-time Coordinator in St. John would come to
speak to us
Link to “Ships Start Here”
Not sure about Rotary branding opportunity
Youth Exchange for Disadvantaged
• Send young person who will come back as
an influencer
• Sponsor them
• Significant preparation involved
• Need to ensure supports in place
• Look at smaller projects to prep them in
Extra Curricular Activity for Young
Junior high level – foundation
Club for girls – extra-curricular activity
Self-esteem, field trips, etc.
Also women for same development – selfesteem, GED, entrepreneurship etc. and
then they take over clubs – self-sustaining
• Don’t forget young men who have not had
role models
Provincial discussion under way
No one “owns” the problem
Education needs
Victim support – self-esteem etc. (bullies
Family Services
• Annual event - Juke Box Mania – fundraiser for
FSA – music trivia game in teams
• Pizza or sit down dinner – up to 300 players
• FSA needs help to stage the event
• FSA can make from $10-50K
• Need help from volunteers to do it
Canadian Learning Bond
• Families that qualify for low income child-tax
credit (~$35k)
• $500 into RESP for child and $100/yr to $2k – all
government $
• Child born after 2003
• Most families that qualify for this, don’t get
financial advice or know about it or know how to
complete forms
• Clarke – go to families to tell them about it and
help them complete paperwork
• Rotary “Scholarship” for additional schooling
National Youth in Crisis Program
• Yoga – self-esteem, calm
Next Steps
• Girls, PALS, bullying…
• All interrelated – build A PROGRAM that addresses
them all – life-changing
• Taking ideas from them all and create a Rotary
Signature Program
• Catalyst – get others involved, partners – other clubs,
• Lay out details from start to finish, resources, skills –
advance commitments & honest expectations
• Young members – take on piece of bigger program
• Bonnie – filter and consolidate  proposal
• Speakers – PALS etc.

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