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Bob Peralta
ISA Certified Arborist, WE-7150A
BrightView Tree Care Services
4677 Pacheco Blvd
Martinez, CA - 94553
925-525-3795 tel
925-957-8833 fax
Tree Care Services
August 24,2016
Jeff Olsen
City of Pleasant Hill
Planning Department
Associate Planner
100 Gregory Lane
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Subject: Arborist Peer Review for DeNova Homes, Inc. Project
Dear Jeff,
Thank you for asking me to review the Arborist Report provided to the City ofPlea~ant Hill on the DeNova Homes
Project. The report was written by Baefsky & Associates Environmental Landscape Consulting & Contracting for
DeNova Homes, Inc., dated March 16,2015. The site is located at Taylor Boulevard and Mercury Way in Pleasant
Hill, California. The purpose of my review is to confirm the findings on the tagged 164 trees listed in the report.
During my site visit on August 22, 2016 I used Appendix A to confirm the data collected on 164 trees and
confirmed the recommendations using Appendix B. The site is 9.89 acres, and on page 3, under SETTING,
paragraph 3; "Oaks are the most common tree on site and are scattered in between dense shrubs woody vines, with a
few older separate trees. Monterey pine (Pinus radiate) trees, not native to the site, are the next most prevalent, and
are planted above Taylor Blvd. Toyon (Heteromels arbutifolia) shrubs are the dominant plant on site, and occur in
dense stands, mixed with trees, other shrubs and vines". This was confirmed on my site walk evaluating and
confrrming tag numbers.
I confrrmed all the trees listed in Appendix A Data as accurate and complete. I agree with The Notes on the
condition of all the trees and confirm them as accurate and complete. Appendix B lists the recommendations for
preserving and removing unhealthy or dangerous trees. I confirm the removals as accurate and complete and agree
with the preservation recommendations on the remaining trees. The root crown excavation and pruning
recommendations on the oak trees will preserve the healthiest species to last and thrive for many years.
The map and numbers do match the rest of the report and the pictures provided are also accurate by species and tag
number. I confirm and agree with all the fmdings in the report by Baefsky and Associates to deNova Homes. In
this preliminary report tree protection has not been included. For the healthy trees not being removed it is
recommended that all of the remaining trees be fenced for protection. This protection will need to be installed by a
Certified Arborist and include staked orange protective fencing outside the drip-line of the canopy. The contractor
will need to meet on-site with the Arborist before grading and construction to cover the purpose of protection for the
remaining trees. Any grading within the drip-line will need to be approved by the Arborist, any roots that need to be
cut two inches or greater will need to be performed by the Arborist. I do recommend a brief report and pictures be
submitted to the contractor after the fencing is installed.
Bob Peralta
ISA Certified Arborist, WE-7150A
BrightView Tree Care Services
4677 Pacheco Blvd
Martinez, CA- 94553
925-525-3795 tel
925-957-8833 fax
. If you need further information or have any questions please give me a call.
Bob Peralta
Certified Arborist WE-7150A
ASCA Consulting Arborist #505

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