Islam teaches that nothing that happens to you during life on earth is

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Islam teaches that nothing that happens to you during life on earth is accidental. It is
believed that Allah (God) is testing you and the way were act will determine what
happens after we die. A key teaching of Islam is that you remain in the grave until the Day
of Judgement (Yaymuddin) (5). Allah judges everyone not just Muslims, so therefore
Catholics, Jews and everybody else in other religions (5). When dying and being close to
dying it is too late for you to ask for forgiven at this point. You are judged on three main
things; character so your personality and how you act, reactions to good and bad events
so it's a constant test, way of life so how you have lived from the time you have born (6).
Everything is the word of Allah so there is no point in moaning about it and dwelling on the
happenings. You cannot know why things happen and you don't know what Allah wants
out of it but it is important our
reacting in
the right way (6). The good place of
afterlife is Paradise-the Gardens of Delight (5). In this place there are flowers, birdsong and
it's a bright, happy, vibrant place. If you don't believe in the teachings or you sin and are
bad you go to Jahannam (Hell) where it is all just scorching fire and hot winds with black
smoke and darkness. If you fail you are punished for eternity and have the worst afterlife

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