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Title:5-1 Discover Atomic Structure (part 2)
Students will know
1. Names of atomic models
2. What the atomic models represents
Teacher notes and overview of daily lessons
This is the second lesson of atomic structure series. After students think about the atomic
models in lesson 1, today students will learn the name and the meanings of each atomic model
Detailed Daily Plan
Warm-up/Entry Task
“What do you know about atom?”
Atomic model:
Students will take out the atomic model worksheet and present their interpretation. Teacher will go
through individual models use the guiding question
Materials (per station or group of students)
Atomic model hand out key
Exit Slip
Show video amazing atom
What are the subatomic particles of an atom?
Atomic models
Simple atomic model: The atom can be divided into
a small nucleus and surrounding electrons moving at
different energy levels. The nucleus consists of
protons and neutron.
Cloud Model: The atom can be divided into a huge
cloud space covering a tiny nucleus at the center.
The nucleus consists of positive charged protons
and neural particles called neutrons. Electrons
move so fast around nucleus that a cloud-like
region is proposed to show where the electron is
likely to be found.

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