Chapter 5: Demand and Supply Section 5.1 – Introduction

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Chapter 5: Demand and Supply
Section 5.1 – Introduction
Directions: Plot the 10 points from your demand schedule and connect them to create a demand curve.
Now answer these questions.
1. Why might some students be willing to pay $10 for this product?
2. Why might some students choose not to pay even $1 for this product?
3. You have created a demand curve for the product. What happens to the quantity demanded for
this product when the price goes down? When the price goes up?
4. 4. Most demand curves look similar to the one you created. Given this, what do you think the
“law of demand” might say? See page 75 side right bar.
Section 5.2 – How Do Demand and Price Interact?
1. What two conditions must buyers meet in order for there to be demand for a good or service?
2. Create a demand schedule for yourself for a good or service you regularly consume. Include 10
different prices, in equal increments. Use the data to graph your demand curve for that good or
Number of
Good or
3. Does the demand curve you graphed support the law of demand? Cite and explain three reasons
why the law of demand works.
Section 5.3 – What Can Cause Demand to Change?
1. If only the price for a good or service changes, does the demand curve shift? Why or why not?
Demand Shifters: Factors that Cause a Change in Demand: Define EACH demand shifter below.
a. Changes in income –
b. Changes in the number of consumers –
c. Changes in consumer tastes and preferences –
d. Changes in consumer expectations –
e. Changes in price of substitute goods –
Changes in the price of complementary goods –
Section 5.4 – How Do Supply and Price Interact?
1. What two conditions must producers meet for there to be supply of a product?
2. What is a supply schedule?
3. What does a supply curve show?
4. What is market supply?
5. Explain and give two reasons WHY the law of supply works?
Section 5.5 - What Can Cause Supply to Change?
1. What are the six factors that can cause a change in supply of a good or service?
Section 5.6 – What Is Demand Elasticity? What Factors Influence It?
1. What is elasticity of demand?
2. Think of two goods or service that you consume regularly. For EACH item, do the following:
a. Name the item and identify whether your demand for it is elastic or inelastic.
b. Explain WHY your demand is elastic or inelastic.
Section 5.7 – Elasticity of Supply: A Measure of Producers’ Sensitivity to Price Changes
What is elasticity of supply?
2. What are the factors that influence Elasticity of Supply?

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