Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

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Gerunds and Gerund Phrases
Phrases) • Practice 1
Gerund Phrases A gerund phrase is a gerund with modifiers or a complement, all acting together as a
noun. In the chart, notice the words before the gerunds in the second and third examples. Remember that
the possessive form of a noun or pronoun is used before a gerund.
Working hard usually pays off.
We were grateful for Mary’s careful planning.
Our arriving so late caused a stir.
Paul surprised us by hitting the ball so far.
Exercise 1
Recognizing Gerund Phrases. Underline the gerund phrase in each sentence. Then
write whether each one is used as a subject, direct object, indirect object, predicate nominative, object of
a preposition, or appositive on each line to the right.
EXAMPLE: The comedian told the joke without cracking a smile.
object of a preposition
1. Debby enjoys working in the garden.
2. Darryl’s hobby is collecting old coins.
3. Practicing for several hours a day is not unusual for a musician.
4. Until the day before, we continued changing the menu.
5. Driving along the mountain road was a frightening experience.
6. This ice pack will reduce the swelling around the injury.
7. The candidate was gracious in thanking all her campaign workers.
8. Tonight’s homework is writing a rough draft.
9. Her great love, cooking gourmet meals, delights her friends.
10. Damian dreams about becoming a rock star.
11. Tess entered the house without disturbing anyone.
12. His honesty gave running for office a new respectability.
13. Recognizing shapes and colors is important for preschoolers.
14. Everyone rose for the singing of the national anthem.
15. My chores include setting the table before each meal.
16. All the guests raved about his exquisite cooking.
17. She was reprimanded for taking far too much time on the project.
18. Decorating the gym was one thing the committee looked forward to.
19. Beyond everything else, she liked working crossword puzzles.
20. He was intensely annoyed by her yawning so openly.
Exercise 2
Writing Nouns and Pronouns Before Gerunds. Fill in each blank with the correct
word from the parentheses at the right.
singing the lullaby put the baby to sleep. (She, Her)
1. Everyone appreciated
3. We were surprised by
working so hard. (we, our, us)
reading of the poem gave it new meaning. (He, His, Him)
repeating that comment. (Tom, Tom’s)
snoring so loudly kept us all awake. (She, Her)
being ready early amazed the family. (I, My, Me)
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Gerunds and Gerund Phrases (Gerund Phrases) • 77

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