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kane school teacher training registration
comprehensive pilates mat training
• Core Muscle Anatomy (workshop $375 – includes Trail Guide to the Body) or Anatomy entrance
exam. See attached anatomy review sheet for details.
• Students should have a strong familiarity with the intermediate mat exercises. We suggest
students attend a minimum of 10 mat classes.
These classes do not have to be taken at The Kane School/Kinected and do not count
toward course requirements.
course requirements:
• 10 hours Supervised Teaching at Kinected.
• 10 hours Self Practice at Kinected.
• 10 group classes at Kinected.
• 5 hours Assistant Teaching Mat classes taught at Kinected.
• Teach 3 Community Classes at Kinected.
• A passing grade on the exam, which is administered on the last day of the workshop.
• Viewing of the Kane School Core Principles DVD Series:
• Disc I: Respiration and Pelvic Stability
• Disc II: Core Stability and Hip Differentiation
• Disc III: Cervical Nod and Curl and Scapular Stability
• Total cost of the program is $1055:
• $895 tuition
• A $447.50 deposit is due at the time of registration.
• The remaining balance of $447.50 must be paid on the first day of the workshop.
• $160 Student Mat Class Card
• Students are to purchase this package at the front desk on the first day of the
workshop. Note: students should only begin taking these classes after the workshop
begins so they have a chance to integrate the workshop materials into their classwork.
cancellation policy:
• If cancellation is made at least one week prior to the first day of the workshop, the initial deposit is
transferable to another Comprehensive Pilates Mat Training workshop only. This credit must be
used within one year. Cancellation with less than one week’s notice will result in forfeiture of the
initial deposit.
refund policy:
• Tuition payments are non-refundable.
After attending the workshop and completing all course requirements, students will be awarded a
certificate of completion.
kane school teacher training anatomy review
comprehensive pilates mat training
Prerequisites: a passing grade on the Anatomy Entrance Exam or attending Core Muscle Anatomy. The
following is the information that will be included on the Anatomy Entrance Exam, and part of what will be
included in the anatomy course.
For the Anatomy Entrance Exam you will be required to know
• Planes of Motion: Sagittal, Coronal, Frontal, Transverse
• Terms of Location: Example: Proximal, Distal, Superficial, Deep
• Joint Types: Example: Ball and Socket, Hinge and Saddle
BONES Know and be able to identify the following bones and bony landmarks:
• Pelvis
• ASIS, PSIS, iliac crest, ischial tuberosities, pubic symphysis
• Spine
• Posterior spinous processes, transverse spinous processes and vertebral bodies; the 7 cervical
vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and coccyx bones
• Femur
• The femoral head, neck, shaft, and condyles; the greater and lesser trochanters
• Scapula
• Inferior and superior angles, spine of the scapula, acromion and coracoid processes, and the
glenoid fossa
• Humerus
• Humeral head; greater tubercle and intertubercular sulcus (biccipital groove)
• Clavicle
• From the sternoclavicular joint to the acromioclavicular joint
MUSCLES Know the origins, insertions, and actions of the following:
• Muscles of Spinal Flexion: Abdominals: Rectus Abdominus, External Obliques, Internal Obliques,
Transversus Abdominus
• Muscles of Spinal Extension: Erector Spinae, Quadratus Lumborum, Multifidi
• Muscles of Knee Extension: Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius
• Muscles of Knee Flexion: Hamstrings: Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosis, Semitendonosis
• Adductors: Pectineus, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Longus, Adductor Magnus, Gracilis
• Muscles of Hip Flexion: Rectus Femoris, Sartorius, Psoas Major and Iliacus
• Muscles of Hip Abduction: Tensor Fascia Latae, Iliotibial Band Tendon, Gluteus Medius, & Minimus
• Muscles of Hip Extension: Gluteus Maximus
• Muscles of Plantarflexion: Soleus, Gastrocnemeus, Peroneals, Flexor Digitorum Longus
• Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle and Upper Arm:
• Serratus Anterior, Trapezius, Deltoids, Biceps Brachii, Triceps, Pectoralis Major and Minor
• Rotator Cuff: Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Subscapularis
• Muscles of the Neck and Cranio-cervical Juncture:
• Posterior Suboccipitals: Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor and Major, Obliques Capitis Superior and
• Anterior Suboccipitals: Longus Capitis, Rectus Capitis Anterior, and Rectus Capitis Lateralis
• Rectus Capitis Posterior
• Sternocleidomastoid
• Longus Colli
• Scalenae - Anterior, Medius, and Posterior
• Muscles of the Pelvic Floor: Pubococcygeus, Iliococcygeus and Ischiococcygeus
The Kane School Core Principles DVD Series - *Required*
This DVD series is an invaluable tool in re-enforcing the anatomy and biomechanics that will be
presented in the workshop. Anatomical illustrations from Frank Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy are
provided for further visual aid, as well as a complex glossary of terms.
The set is a three part series:
• Disc I: Respiration and Pelvic Stability
• Disc II: Core Stability and Hip Differentiation
• Disc III: Cervical nod and Curl and Scapular Stability
Kane School Recommended Reading:
Biel, Andrew, Trail Guide to the Body, Books of Discovery, Boulder, 2005
Trail Guide to the Body is the text used for Core Muscle Anatomy, which is the prerequisite for
this and all other teacher training courses at the Kane School. This text provides a regional
examination of the anatomy studied in this program specializing in locating musculature by
palpation and superficial landmarks; as well as a practical reference for how these structures
relate to movement.
Muscolino, Joseph, The Muscular System Manual, JEM Publications, Redding, 2002
The Muscular System Manual is a basic anatomical text and gives clear images and precise
origins, insertions and actions for practically all muscles/muscle groups to be studied.
Calais-Germain, Blandine, The Anatomy of Movement. Eastland Press, Seattle, 1993
Kapit, Wynn, and L.M. Elson, The Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Edition. Harper Collins, New York,
Anatomy of Movement and The Anatomy Coloring Book are valuable beginner resources. The
anatomical illustrations are not realistic, but more stylized and graphic, which is useful for
learning the basics of origin, insertion and action.
Netter, Frank, The Atlas of Human Anatomy, 2nd Edition. Novartis East Hanover NJ, 1997
The Atlas of Human Anatomy is a standard for students of anatomy involved in any field. The
text includes beautiful color illustrations of musculature on its own as well as in relation to the
surrounding bones, vessels and viscera.
kane school enrollment contract
comprehensive pilates mat training
The following is a list of the Kane School’s requirements and conditions for participating in our teacher
training program. Both the tuition deposit and this completed form must be sent in or this registration will
not be processed. Please read carefully and if you have any questions please contact us.
Name: ______________________________________________________ Date: __________________________
______1. The student acknowledges that he/she is enrolling in a 36-hour lecture course. Other
certification requirements include 10 hours of self-practice, 10 hours of supervised teaching, attendance
of 10 hours of group classes at Kinected, 5 assisting hours and 3 Community Class teaching hours at
Kinected. For successful completion of the workshop, the Kane School requires that at least 33 of the
36 hours of lecture be attended. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any material missed. Missed
material must be obtained from fellow students. It is not the responsibility of the Kane School or its
teachers to allocate extra teaching time for missed classes.
______2. Copying or redistribution of any and all materials distributed to the student by the Kane School
is prohibited. This includes photocopying, recording, electronic or mechanical transmissions, or any
information storage or retrieval system.
______3. The student acknowledges that he/she is enrolling in this course at his/her own risk. It is solely
the student’s responsibility for maintaining his/her own physical and mental health in order to complete
the course.
______4. The Kane School and Kinected reserves the right to terminate any student from our teacher
training program for misconduct and/or any other verbal or physical abuse, property damage or theft.
______5. The student agrees to release collectively all Kane School and Kinected employees from any
and all liability.
______6. The Kane School requires that a deposit be made when submitting this enrollment contract for
registration. Registration is not guaranteed if this form and a deposit are not submitted simultaneously.
______7. The student acknowledges and understands all of the financial terms he/she is agreeing to by
enrolling into the teacher training program at the Kane School. The student agrees to abide by all of the
terms of his/her financial agreement with the Kane School.
______8. If a payment is not made on the scheduled date, the student will not be able to attend the
course that he/she is registered for until payment has been made.
______9. If cancellation is made at least one week prior to the first day of the workshop, the initial
deposit is transferable to another Comprehensive Pilates Mat workshop only. The credit must be used
within one year. Cancellation with less than one week’s notice will result in forfeiture of the initial deposit.
Tuition payments are non-refundable.
______10. The student will receive his/her certificate of completion only after all logs as described in item
number one have been turned in to the front desk. The Kane School reserves the right to withhold the
certificate if the independent study hours are not completed satisfactorily or according to our policy. All
course requirements must be completed within one calendar year of the first date of the first workshop.
______11. Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.
______12. Students who do not pass the exam given at the end of the course must schedule a Mat Test
Review Private with an expert instructor at Kinected. They are responsible for the full cost of this
session. After having this review session they must reschedule a retake of the aforementioned exam; if
they do not pass their retake they will be required to retake the course at full fee.
______13. I understand that in order to maintain a current Kane School certification, after the end of the
initial certification year (December 31, 20xx), I must complete 5 hours of Continuing Education annually
at Kinected or with Kelly Kane at any trade conferences occurring offsite. I understand that students
have the option of completing these hours at workshops hosted by other studios or organizations;
however, these hours will be counted at a ratio of 2 hours offsite to 1 hour Kane School CEC.
kane school teacher training student health form
comprehensive pilates mat training
* This is your confidential student/client history form. Please fill out as much as possible and sign.
Name: ______________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Email: _______________________________________ Tel: Date of Birth: _________________ Occupation: Company Affiliation (if any): Emergency Contact Name: _________________________________ Tel: ________________________
SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________________ DATE: ______________________
kane school teacher training registration form
comprehensive pilates mat training
Course date ______________
Name o
City, State, Zip
 I would love to receive Kane School email blasts!
Have you taken the Core Muscle Anatomy workshop and when:
List other workshops related to this work that you have attended and when:
How long have you been studying Pilates? With whom do you train?
Are you considering taking the Basic Training certification at the Kane School? If so, when?
Agreement with Our Policy:
I, the undersigned, ______________________________________, have read and understood all
requirements and policies listed in the enrollment contract, and agree to abide by all of the Kane
School’s requirements and policies while enrolled in the teacher training program at the Kane School.
Staff Signature
Date Date Please return this form with your deposit to:
kinected 151 W 19th St 2nd Floor  New York, NY 10011  Phone 212-463-8308 
Fax 212-463-8309 

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